Venus Trine Saturn Natal and Transit: Romance Comes Naturally

  • In a natal chart, the Venus Saturn trine suggests you love with passion and loyalty and would do anything for your loved one.
  • The Venus trine Saturn transit helps us build new friendships and gain the admiration and respect of those around.
  • Venus is the planet of love, relationships, beauty, and finances.
  • In astrology, the trine aspect means that the two planets reside in signs of the same element, and are placed at a 120 degrees angle.
  • The planet Saturn is all about responsibilities and focus, pushing us to work with whatever limitations life throws upon us.
  • Celebrities: Sean Penn, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zara Phillips, Benny Hill, Ricky Martin, Jason Alexander, Tiger Woods.
  • Transit dates: 04 April 2020, 24 October 2020, 19 May 2021, 23 August 2021, 13 July 2022, 14 October 2022, 13 May 2023, 05 December 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus trine Saturn Natal

This aspect generally provides ideals oriented towards traditionalism as well as an unbreakable faithfulness. People under the influence of this planetary positioning tend to have ethics, morals that they do their best not to break and value greatly.

Part of them are unfaltering fidelity and general appreciation for what one has and their loved ones as well.

These people tend to keep to themselves, simply because they prefer to keep their business into their inner circle. They do socialize, it’s just that their true self is known only by a select few.

Those under the influence of Venus trine Saturn in their natal chart are usually individuals filled with morality and brimming with civility.

Masters of social endeavors, they tend to meddle with only people that are close to them, avoiding larger crowds in the process. Large gatherings are simply not comfortable for them.

Their love life tends to be filled with loyalty and seriousness so more often than not, they’ll shy away from taking too many lovers or completely passing by any possible side flings.

They have deeply rooted aptitudes for harmony, aspect and sequence which enables them to easily dabble in the artistic field. Their appreciation of integrity and rationality, tied with their analytical minds make them perfect and willing to aid those unluckier than them.

Their faithfulness expends to their friendships as well. But their generally somber attitude gives people the impression that they are detached and aloof.

In childhood, they were victim to severe fits of desolation. Eventually, they do come around and understand that it is only part of the process of spiritual and mental evolution.

A feeling of obligation towards those close to them is somewhat of a constant in their daily life.

They tend to analyze most things they come in contact with, even people, as such they can easily understand what a person’s desires and needs are and will do anything that they can to help when required.

Success in career and all endeavors they engage in is not only based on their diligence and determination, but also on the relations they have built throughout the years due to their charisma and kindness.

Parenthood is another field in which they excel due to their attentive nature. They will provide their children with all the tools required to be their own individuals and make efficient and humane decisions.

For those affected by this aspect, their love life tends to be rather serene and slow-paced. They don’t enjoy going fast with a partner, on the contrary.

The preference would be for them to build trust and intimacy throughout time, building the foundation of a long-lasting relationship based on loyalty and compassion. During this period, one might even stumble upon true love and a soulmate.

Their pragmatic nature is strongly intertwined with all of their relations in the sense that they might share work or career paths with their friends and maybe even their partner. Even with all the practicality they exude, they can still enjoy a good joke from time to time. Especially the darker ones.

The efficiency and diligence they show at work wins over all of their colleagues and even their superiors, enabling them to easily climb up the ladder of hierarchy in their careers. Due to their skills they would do wonders in investments and trading of property or designers and sellers of aesthetics.

Venus trine Saturn Transit

This transit represents the perfect period for one to engage in romantic endeavors and overall expenditure of one’s own time or assets. Relationships that start during this period might very well be the everlasting type.

You’ll be able to enjoy life’s joyous wonders through the prism of love and affection. This is a period for flourishing romance and relationships.

The connections you build with your partner and your friends will have the strongest of foundations and that is loyalty and trust. Communion is achieved through hard work, patience, communication and understanding.

This transit is beneficial for your mind and spirituality. Overall, due to all of the people and situations surrounding you, development and inner growth are bound to take place.

Monetary issues will also be solved seeing as how some funds will be gathered through wise investments, diligent work and the advice of close ones.

Bonds of all kinds are the blessing this aspect comes with. Whether you’ll be creating new ones or deepening already existing relationships, that depends on circumstances and yourself. Nonetheless, any current connections you may have your full and undivided attention!

Matters of finances are also not an issue during this period seeing as how you tend to make the best out of your work and investments, gaining the respect and admiration of your peers in the process.

In an ever-changing environment and society, where everything that you know may one day change completely or even disappear, you’re pretty much the only constant, aren’t you? The unmovable mountain! Now that’s a title befitting your character!

These very traits of yours are mainly what attracts such a multitude of people towards you. So making friends or engaging in a romance will come naturally.

Others that don’t really share in your interests might appear knocking on your door, but you won’t really waste any time with people that have nothing to do with you or that would cause conflict and turmoil in your daily life.

Your love life will be blessed with what would seem like your soulmate! Someone that have morals quite similar to yours and the same strength of character.

While socializing won’t be your main hobby during this period, your overall looks will still be part of your daily occupations. Mainly because you care about how you present yourself in public, the image that is left in those that witness you in your endeavors.

Your nature also urges you to lend a helping hand to any that you find need it. If by chance your investments end up popping a profit for you, then you might think about using part of it for charitable events.

Getting your friends in on it wouldn’t hurt either. You could be a big happy and compassionate group of superheroes. Only the powers you have are pretty much just being normal and kind I suppose.

This planetary transition might signal the queue for a long-term commitment. What do I mean by that? Well, exactly what you’d think! It’s time for you to get ready for the rings, friend!

Marriage is waiting for you and you ought to be ready by now, don’t you think so? It’s also the perfect time to think about your own home so think wisely on how you spend your money during this period.

It’s of great importance for you how others see you as a person. Your character must always be that of a diligent and sincere individual, that cares for integrity and show compassion and understanding at every opportunity.

You’ll be gaining some socializing skills and polishing already existing ones. When out with our friends, you’ll know exactly when your word is needed or when it would do more harm than good.

Your strategies for investments will also gain a solid foundation, bringing you more time and funds to explore your artistic and imaginative sides and maybe even gaining some revenue off of them.

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