Jupiter Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Conflicting Situations

  • The birth chart opposition between Jupiter and Pluto is suggestive of a big ego and a personal magnetism that leaves people conflicted.
  • When the Jupiter opposite Pluto transit occurs, people can find themselves being stuck in different conflicts with their loved ones.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is linked to the ninth house, where good luck, expansion, education and long-distance journeys are controlled.
  • When two planets are in an opposition relationship, tensions rise and exaggerations are very likely as the two energies compete.
  • Pluto is the governing planet of changes and transformations, of creation and destruction, of power plays and manipulation.
  • Celebrities: Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Johnny Carson, Bethany Nolan, Jason Connery, Alexandre Dumas, Peter Gabriel, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Spitz.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Jupiter opposite Pluto Natal

Natives of the Jupiter opposite Pluto transit are incredibly dynamic, meaning they can achieve great things and have their actions recognized by many of their peers.

The strong energy this aspect is holding is usually difficult to be kept under control when these people are maturing. Those who are opposing their big plans can have them feeling even more determined to be forcefully willful, moment in which they’re starting to employ all the strategies they can make use of.

These natives are definitely capable of using the power of this aspect, yet the most interesting results they can achieve are coming from the way they’re paying attention to the advice received and are tempering their extremism or their insistences when it comes to convincing people.

If they’re not accepting what’s righteous, this opposition in their birth chart can intensify and bring about even stronger forces. Their wish to be someone important and the tendency of exploiting others can stay in the way they’re developing relationships with others.

People born during the Jupiter opposite Pluto aspect can use all kind of means that aren’t honorable, in order to become rich and gain the power they’re so desperately looking for.

Wanting to rule themselves and not being humble, these individuals are as well unpopular and capable of digging their own grave. They’re oscillating between being self-confident and doubt, not to mention they can become destructive when trying to compensate for their personal defects.

For this reason, they should learn how to take advantage of the results of their own experiences. These people have one of the strongest belief systems, which they can often take to the extreme.

This is obvious when being challenged because they’re continuing to insist on their own opinions and can become emotional when discussing them.

One of the factors related to this process is linked to their inner concept that they’re the only ones right and that others don’t have the right to be.

This way of thinking is not meant for this century, so their methods of spreading war into the world can have them rejecting, even demonizing one of their sides.

When it comes to the unlucky truth about these natives, this is that they’re rigid when it comes to the divisive personality they’re having and that they may never find their balance. What this is indicating is that they’ll always be firm in their position and not accept the opinions of others.

Because their magnetism and deep confidence in themselves are strong, many are drawn to follow them, meaning they can end up in a successful position as leaders or religious figures.

These natives should be all the time incredibly aware of circumstances in which they’re starting to be abusive, so they should regard this awareness as a test for their moral growth. Being able to compromise, little by little, they can attain their objectives and have the support of others in order for their dreams to become a reality.

The tact and diplomatic ways that they can prove to have are usually the answer to the question: “How are the Jupiter opposite Pluto natives harnessing the tremendous energy and influence of the aspect they were born in?”.

Jupiter opposite Pluto Transit

The Jupiter opposite Pluto transit is known to intensify people’s strongest ambitions so that they can succeed in their career and philosophical projects.

Those who have been working hard and for long to achieve their goals can take advantage of this time because their efforts are culminating with them being on top and attaining success, or with them realizing they need to change their beliefs and objectives. Different situations or other individuals can pressure them to expand their resources.

Whereas some natives can discover their strength is increasing during the Jupiter opposite Pluto transit, they can become exhausted when interacting with forces larger than themselves. It’s very likely they’re taking on responsibilities that are making them feel more stressed than usual.

When it comes to the events happening for as long as Jupiter is in opposition with Pluto, these can have natives of all signs stretched to the extreme.

There is the potential for many to feel unbalanced, but at least the circumstances are perfect for changes of direction to take place.

What is being modified has a positive influence, even if some things have to be let go of. Getting rid of what’s inappropriate and unnecessary becomes something essential for progress to take place.

However, what’s very important seems to become essential, whereas the circumstances involving other people can bring the root of any issue into the picture.

Whereas some can meet with very strong people who are able to accentuate conflicting situations, they’re somehow being sustained and encouraged to identify what truly matters in a sea of opportunities. All this can make all of their choices clear, no matter if they need to lose for them to gain back.

The months following the Jupiter opposite Pluto transit can be very difficult. People can find themselves being stuck in different conflicts with authorities and even their loved ones.

This way, no one can oppose them during this time because situations are calling everyone to action, as well to question their strength or the resources they’re having.

Those who haven’t done anything wrong will find this time as inconvenient, but things from their past they aren’t too proud of can catch them up from behind, as well events that have been happening 6 years in their past.

Ambitions are most likely increasing for as long as Jupiter is in opposition with Pluto, but it may look like others are conspiring against them being achieved. Some may get promoted at work just to find out they’re in fact disrespected.

For this reason, their subordinates have to gain their respect and to be honest, pushy and hardworking because many things can happen before this transit is over.

Its influence is about imbalance, so people should not become in any way obsessive. They could do this by not involving other people into their business deals and by sharing their worries with others. This cycle is one of abundance, so many may become very successful during it.

It’s, in fact, the result of pursuing long-gone wishes and having motivations without being distracted, which can lead to wealth. As a matter of fact, prosperity can come from anything that seems really interesting.

Keeping this in mind, some natives should start making plans in order for them to accomplish great things in the future.

It’s important for them to see what’s best when it comes to any situation, as expecting what’s the worst can lead some people to no longer enjoy the prosperity and to have only needs.

In spite of the possible development of obsessive behaviors, this transit is generally beneficial and active.

Its tests are all about managing its manifesting power and not being in control because the forces involved aren’t about individuality, but about constructing and productivity.

This could indicate individuals should start to renovate and throw away what can no longer be used. The steps that have to be taken are in everyone’s best interest and meant to increase their motivation.

When it comes to their ambition and desire to succeed, these are very strong during this time, as well the levels of energy, together with motivation and optimism, but they all need to be dealt with care.

Whereas many can achieve success in the career field, they as well have to find balance as far as their relationships are going.

They may want to fight authority structures and reform in order to make their dreams come true, but this can only put them in conflict with others, more precisely with those who are feeling threatened by their actions.

For as long as Jupiter is in opposition with Pluto, natives of all signs in the zodiac believe their plans are the right ones and that their actions are justified.

However, they’re also risking using their convincing abilities in order to dominate other people and to obtain their support.

In case they’re arrogant, any extreme situation can put them into legal trouble. For this reason, cautiousness should be applied when contracts are being signed because the parties may end up fighting for power.

Many aren’t moderate and as said before, the tendency for obsessing or ruthlessness is more than obvious.

It’s essential an eye is kept on what’s best for the macro structures, and that natives aren’t acting all alone, only because they’re tempted to.

The positive outcomes won’t cease to appear if the personal powers are used in an attentive manner and the power of others is being as well respected. This time is good for reaping out results and the rewards of good deeds.

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