Mars Trine Neptune Natal and Transit: Time for Adventure

  • When in a natal chart, the Mars Neptune trine makes the individual more sensitive and attentive to details.
  • As the Mars trine Neptune transit takes place, you can take advantage of better energy to travel or try new experiences.
  • The planet Mars is responsible with how we act out our energy and desires, with our impulses and inner aggression.
  • The trine aspect means that the planetary energies of the two governing bodies flow smoothly and a beneficial connection is formed.
  • The planet Neptune is in charge with the world of dreams and spirituality, altered states of unconscious and our desire to escape reality.
  • Celebrities: Michelle Pfeiffer, Russell Brand, Louisa May Alcott, King Louis XVII of France, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Page, Paul Keating, John Belushi, Thomas Mann, Angelina Jolie.
  • Transit dates: 31 May 2021, 29 November 2021, 15 May 2023, 17 November 2023, 28 October 2024, 12 January 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars trine Neptune Natal

People born during the Mars trine Neptune aspect are sensual, passionate, imaginative and more combative when having to fight for important causes. They are able to motivate people in an effective manner, without forcing anyone or being authoritative.

This method of theirs is giving them the non-threatening character, a good magnetism and honor.

The energy of this trine has to enable them to be idealists, whereas their personal connections and diplomatic skills are being expressed through their life experiences. Mars will give them a lot of power, and Neptune is going to send them the directions they need to choose when having to express themselves.

This will make them more sensitive to others’ problems, either on their own or with the collective, not to mention they’ll feel motivated to share everything if asked to be more responsible. Most likely, all of their personal objectives will be achieved keeping their own strategies working, therefore, they’ll be more interested in social work, voluntary as well, medicine and therapies.

This way, they’ll be good enough to share their energies by being supportive of those who are struggling, perhaps with illness, poverty and other issues. Sympathy is something in their blood because their approach is compassionate, and they’ll often want to talk about different problems with others.

They should sometimes just cleanse themselves of all the sufferings they’ve accumulated from all of painful sharing. Otherwise, they may have their energy levels going down under the burdens they’re choosing to deal with.

They’re full of life, good psychics and this energy of theirs is good for any type of service, especially when it comes to helping those less fortunate.

These natives are able to see any danger, they also know how to run away from it, this meaning they’re always victorious. Their psychic energy and usefulness usually have no secondary effects because their own karma is functioning as a guardian.

Natives born during the Mars trine Neptune are very sensitive and emotional, this allowing them to know their act when others are being insincere.

Their ideals are practical and therefore, backed down by their own dreams, even if their actions can be secretive and decisive, especially when trying to avoid any interference coming from another individual.

They have an acute psychological reception, healthy regimes, control when it comes to emotions and a lot of energy.

People born during Mars trine Neptune, are interested in arts and expressing their creativity through physicality, but only if there’s chemistry with their partner because they’re attracted to the organic sciences and the work with liquids.

All this means they’re masochists in bed. They’re always looking for what’s best in other people, but it’s very difficult for them to keep up with their own high standards.

These people need to sometimes recharge their batteries and stay hidden. Strange situations at home, with their partner are possible as well.

Passionate about their drives and own imagination when it comes to a profession in arts and other physical requirements, such as ballet, sculpture and the way they can fully express their rhythm and smoothness.

They have a wild tendency to become the underdogs, meaning their political views and activism-oriented mind would be what’s helping them succeed. Their spirituality and morality are asking them to serve selflessly is making them more charitable and gentler.

It will be a natural tendency for them to get involved with very large communities and shared spiritual and therefore, altruistic views. Their faith is extreme, but they aren’t necessarily religious.

They would be suited for some practices that are more or less important, from Tarot to vegetarianism. While strong in spirit, their physical aggressiveness would seem distasteful to them.

However, they would never back down from anyone’s side, be it one for one of their loved ones or even causes they believe in. They’re very likely to become the winners in any psychic battle through kindness.

Their sensuality is making them sensual and very attractive, so they shouldn’t have no problems attracting any partner. They need to be sincere and compassionate; they’re truly mystical or perhaps ethereal when it comes to making love.

Mars trine Neptune Transit

While not at all a transit of high energies, they should have enough motivation to express themselves their creativity and rhythm by dancing, singing, sculpting, as well other physical outlets meant to develop their imagination.

They may as well have a need to be involved in religious and spiritual development, if hanging out with many people. This is a great period for them to learn a lot about how astrological influences are affecting their life and others’. Many are more connected with the subtleties and vibrations coming from the stars.

The Mars trine Neptune is a favorable influence, similar to the sextile, yet working with their own feelings and internal balance.

This transit is great for traveling and going on adventures, also for hazard, financial speculations, emigration and all kind of joint projects where new fields need to be initiated, while other aspects should be considered as well.

More body vigor is surrounding them to be assisted in their plans, as well as many ideas and plans that will be in front of them and into their minds.

There’s just one disadvantage to all this and the same transit of Mars and Neptune, their personality is good enough for them to be in their advantage and against a personal approach.

As a consequence, there’s a tendency for many to compose essays and to write a lot, being perfectly honest. While they may not understand it, their potential to influence others is strong. They need to understand this and to use it for the greater good.

Those of them who are depressed should find something to do and perhaps train to become actors.

If some of them are aspiring to become entertainers, the following year will be full of aggressiveness, and their persistence will have them out the door.

Their dramatic abilities will take them out to play for different local productions, in case Hollywood is at distance for them. If they’d like to give a hand, they should take some time and work as volunteers for different organizations.

They’ll know more about others’ needs, and their skills as negotiators will help them have many guarantees. No matter what direction they may decide to take in life, they’ll become successful by their next birthday.

They can do anything without having an agenda can help the day go by, and they’ll eventually they’ll arrive where they have to go. Whereas their route may be tricky, their journey is very fun, depending on what they may come across.

Since it’s easy for them to act openly and kindly, for them, helping people comes easily to them. Fantasies and their intuition can have them going in the proper direction, they can achieve what they want by letting of any hope and expectation.

This type of energy is not at all aggressive, but people can get their courage and their spirit as fighters, by defending their loved ones.

They can win any battle nowadays, more by kindness than by attacking other people. These people should feel encouraged to stay next to the underdog and those considered banned by society.

This transit is excellent is making them active and involved in charities for causes of human rights and the ones of groups.

These people’s energy levels are never too high, and they’re not very ambitious, not to mention driven either. They appreciate the inner and spiritual aspects when it comes to life, and they have a bigger need to be fulfilled in their work.

For this period, people may help others by supporting and encouraging them, or by giving to charity.

They may as well as be able to receive all the assistance and sympathy of others. Many people’s egos are going to be healthy, but they don’t have the tendency to prove themselves and demand too much attention, as well as content to give a hand to others, as well as bring their contribution to the greater good.

They may inspire many through their fantasies, such as acting and marketing products. For this reason, they can be great salespeople, but they need to have their best interests at heart.

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