Sun Square Uranus Natal and Transit: Make Sure You Think Twice

  • The natal Sun Uranus square suggests a rebellious and complex personality, someone who is often thinking differently from the crowd.
  • The Sun square Uranus transit prompts us to stand on our own two feet and not let anyone disrespect us.
  • The Sun is seen, symbolically, as the provider of life and energy, an epitome of one’s will and vitality.
  • The square aspect is one that stimulates action and reactivity, the planets acting in their own best interest, and so creating quite some tension and drama.
  • Uranus is about activism for change, original expression, new inventions and unconventional ideas.
  • Celebrities: Galileo Galilei, Bono, Dustin Hoffman, Julian Assange, Gigi Hadid, Bob Geldof, Michelle Pfeiffer, Oliver Stone, Orson Wells, Billy Crystal, Susan Miller, Bill Gates, Stephen King.
  • Transit dates: 23 January 2020, 02 August 2020, 26 January 2021, 06 August 2021, 30 January 2022, 11 August 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Uranus Natal

People born during the Sun square Uranus transit want to display their ego through their career and personality, which is often causing them to be in conflict with others. Many are seeing them as rebellious, direct and strange.

For this reason, they’re usually facing problems when it comes to their relationships. While usually not having any intention to provoke or challenge, they seem to do it unconsciously.

Therefore, they may live constantly under pressure and be accused of being too rebellious. The more they’ll age, their self-awareness will grow, making them able to recognize the way their behavior is bringing out what’s worst in others.

More than this, they’re complex personalities with great intelligence and a need for independence, which always makes them stand out of the crowd. The paths they’re usually deciding to take in life are bringing them the most surprising results, all the time.

Having a strange and sometimes offensive sense of humor, they should refrain from exposing it, especially if they want to enjoy stability in their relationships.

However, they shouldn’t restrict themselves until their talents are no longer expressed or used. The square aspect between the Sun and Uranus is pushing them to express themselves creatively, but at the same time, it makes them selfish, erratic, agitated, wishing to be independent and free from any social restriction.

Wanting to express their individuality too much, they can become isolated and oppose any group that promotes different ideas than theirs.

In case they’re not controlling their energy and are expressing themselves too radically, they can cause too much trouble, not to mention playing the Devil’s advocate can have them confused or no longer being themselves, meaning they can lose their own beliefs and individuality.

They should continue opposing the majority when feeling like doing so. Those who will take their time to pay some attention to them will understand where they’re standing and the truth behind their views, which will make them believe the popular belief is not always the best one and that the truth can be separated according to individual opinions.

Natives having the Sun in square with Uranus in their birth chart are disorganized and hate routine, also irresponsible and never ready to commit.

They never give too much importance to rules because they’re feeling restrained by them. For this reason, they’re always following their own beliefs and don’t care too much about the consequences of this attitude they’re having.

These people will never listen to others’ advice and continue to stubbornly assess themselves before dealing with any experience and problem.

In case they decide to give a closer look at their life and what they’ve done, they may conclude people have misjudged them and continue to make mad decisions that allow them to express their individuality rather than going with what the majority is telling them to do.

They have a strong will, a rebellious nature and a directness that’s making them seem rude. In case they refuse to control their powerful will, their life will likely be full of surprises.

Being chaotic and unusual, they need to keep their impulsiveness and changing behavior in control because otherwise, they may end up destroying what they’ve struggled to build, not to mention how much tension they can cause when acting irrationally, this being something more present in the men born during the Sun square Uranus aspect.

Very proud and independent, these natives are always refusing to listen to others’ advice.

They may impose their religious beliefs and high ideals in an extreme manner, which won’t bring them any good until they’ll learn how to respect other people’s opinions.

Not at all practical, they’re still very original when coming up with an idea. It’s also likely for them to imagine others are working against them, while the most willful ones can live their life without having any principle. When it comes to their health, they’re prone to accidents and nervous diseases.

Sun square Uranus Transit

During the Sun square Uranus transit, people don’t have a problem standing on their own two feet and confronting anyone, they also have this tendency to do what seems impossible and impact others.

It looks like during this period, unexpected disturbances are in order. Everyone seems to feel the mundane stress more intensely, especially if being limited.

The Sun square Uranus aspect is asking all people to have an open mind and be flexible, no matter how insecure they may be feeling.

Many are nervous and stressed during this transit, which can cause them to act unpredictably and to be too straightforward.

Making sudden changes in their behavior and acting too fast can have them involved in accidents of all kinds. However, it wouldn’t be entirely their fault because others would act the same and the atmosphere would be ruled by the square between the Sun and Uranus to be chaotic.

Since Uranus is ruling over science, engineering and technical instruments as well, this transit is not at all beneficial for making experiments and inventing. Therefore, those whose car or computer broke should just call a specialist and not take care of the problem themselves.

Many will act rebelliously during this period, going against the norms of society and authoritative people, not to mention this aspect will influence them to make changes for the whole year following the transit.

They’ll question everything, even themselves and their own decisions, but they need to pay close attention to this attitude of theirs because while it can be helpful when it comes to finances, it has them making hurried decisions that can greatly impact their life for years, after the transit has ended.

Some will get bored with their job or relationship, but they need to think twice before quitting or deciding to break up with their lover.

It would be a better idea for them to spice up things by taking their partner to vacation or getting involved in new projects at work.

Their mind will be full of thoughts and creative ideas anyway, so they should take advantage of this situation.

Acting out just because they’re feeling bored is not at all a good idea for anyone when the Sun is in square with Uranus.

People may become angrier than usual, showing some sides of themselves no one has ever seen, not to mention their ego is stronger than usual and they may want to express their individuality in a more direct and nonrestrictive way.

If they don’t want to be involved in too many conflicts with others, they should control their impulsiveness and rebellious tendencies, especially when dealing with their superiors at work.

Those who don’t want any problem during the Sun square Uranus transit should stick to a routine because only this way, things will go smoothly for them.

However, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make any change if their life is stagnating in one of its aspects. On the contrary, they’d have the necessary energy to do what’s best for them and to bring some excitement into their everyday living.

It’s not a bad idea to welcome positive changes during the Sun square Uranus transit because people should determine why they’re feeling nervous, dramatic and erratic.

In case they’re involved in a relationship that’s bringing tension into their lives every step of the way, they need to keep an open mind about it and to make the positive changes or a breakup becomes inevitable.

This aspect is favorable for making changes in appearance and feeling good about one’s self because this kind of attitude can help many be more open to new opportunities.

Those with bad habits or different addictions should discuss what they’re feeling because this way, they’d only succeed at escaping limitations and show others they’re strong enough to talk about their problems. Needing to be free and unrestricted, many will avoid any responsibility and look to have more fun.

Their rebellious nature and stubbornness can make them intolerant to any interference. Because all natives are full of energy during this period, they may do things too fast and end up hurting themselves as a result of an accident.

This is why they should avoid acting recklessly or working with any dangerous machinery. If not taking the Mars square Uranus into consideration, the Sun square Uranus one is the evilest aspect of this planet.

Everything tends to go the wrong way during it because life is surprising every step of the way.

Natives of all signs will have to deal with sudden changes and may get disappointed by any disagreement. More irritable than usual, they may end up suffering from nervous breakdowns and all kinds of unusual diseases.

The Sun square Uranus aspect is not at all favorable for making changes, yet it may be required for many to do them. However, this may cause these people to have different feelings than usual, to be easily annoyed, even disgraceful and feeling sorry for themselves.

The Sun square Uranus aspect is quite evil, meaning natives should solve their most important matters some other time and avoid traveling as much as possible because they may be surprised by too many unfortunate events and a feeling of estrangement.

They need to wait for this evil period to pass because better aspects will arrive, and they’ll enable them to get things done the way they’re intending to.

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