Mars Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit: No Wasted Energy

  • If the natal chart contains a Mars Jupiter opposition, you can be very open and friendly with anyone when trying to obtain something.
  • When the Mars opposite Jupiter transit is in full action, balancing things in your life becomes a real struggle.
  • In astrology, Mars is all about action and restlessness, aggression and impulses, desire and self-awareness.
  • The opposition astrological placement takes place when the two planets face each other on the horoscope wheel.
  • Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and so it is considered to bring great fortune upon those who are respectful, kind and positive in their actions.
  • Celebrities: Dennis Rodman, Sigmund Freud, Debby Boone, Mohandas Gandhi, David Copperfield, Esther Ralston, Malcolm Turnbull, Lorenzo Carcaterra.
  • Transit dates: 29 July 2021, 28 October 2023, 10 January 2026, 10 March 2028, 09 May 2030, 22 July 2032, 20 October 2034.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars opposite Jupiter Natal

People having the Mars opposite Jupiter aspect in their birth chart are charming and physically attractive, even if their rudeness can sometimes bother others. They may be overwhelming when trying to get things done their way and ignore that others are feeling, meaning they can seem aggressive and truly selfish.

These natives are inflexible, full of prejudices and even aggressive when expressing their religious opinions and views on life, making others feel somehow badly.

If their Sun sign is fixed, they can cause many conflicts with their rigidness. When looking to make more money, they can start real wars and become egotistical, often exaggerating how important they are.

For this reason, astrologers consider them to be true soldiers of fortune. They know what hard work is, but they have this tendency of overdoing things. Some consider them to be unreliable and wasteful, not to mention they tend to spend others’ money, as well as their own.

It’s easy for them to counteract toxicity in their blood and to get liver diseases because they’re not paying attention to what they’re eating and how much alcohol they’re consuming.

Open and very friendly when trying to obtain something, they can as well be deceiving and too greedy. They may try to do many new things when their resources are limited, which can cause them to lose money and to make poor decisions.

This is why they should avoid financial speculations and decide to collaborate with dependable business associates.

Agitated and adventurous, people having the Mars opposite Jupiter in their birth chart want to travel more than others. Their optimism is very high, meaning they should be less enthusiastic.

If not being disciplined, they may waste all of their energy and skills on impulsive actions that aren’t taking them in the right direction in life. They’re not constant, meaning only steady efforts can help them achieve their goals, which need to be well defined.

They’re the happiest when involved with people or things bigger than themselves, becoming more powerful if having to deal with someone twice their size, from both a physical and metaphorical point of view.

The more they possess a virtue of their own defiance and rebellion, the more their stature gets to grow. This would only help them develop more from a personal point of view because it would have them putting themselves in too bigger shoes.

Their closed ones could benefit from their rebellious nature, so they’re very efficient at helping.

Natives born during the Mars opposite Jupiter aspect have strong morals and can become angry when someone is opposing them, which is one of their biggest challenges in life. Therefore, they should avoid taking part in debates or answering back when others are contradicting them.

It’s like they can’t be tolerant no matter what. When it comes to their physical energy, they seem to have a lot of it and even something more to share. However, it can alternate and sometimes completely disappear.

For this reason, they should all the time to take advantage of the moments when they’re feeling zipped and eager to get things done.

It’s very likely for people born during the Mars opposite Jupiter aspect to overestimate what they can and can’t do, meaning they have this tendency to take on more than they can handle and to back down from different situations, ending up feeling embarrassed.

They want to evolve by being all the time offensive, so it’s essential for them to retreat when having to, especially if they want to win the wars they’re fighting and not just a few solitary battles.

Knowing how to control themselves, to be humble and patient, they’ll no longer have any problem when it comes to romantic relationships and their feelings of exhaustion. They should balance their competitiveness with their cooperative nature because this is the only way for them to become successful.

Talented, productive and confident, they can reach the highest peaks of any career. They’re highly efficient in competitive environments, for example, business, sports or politics and why not, the military.

There’s never an issue for them to attract new lovers and friends as they’re open and possess a magnetism that can’t be seen in others.

Mars opposite Jupiter Transit

The Moon opposite Jupiter aspect is considered evil, meaning during it, natives of all signs should be more careful because they may lose a lot when dealing with their opponents and not keeping an uplifting spirit, not to mention they can also get robbed and be made all kind of threats because they’re too extravagant, liberal or extreme.

For as long as this aspect is in place, they should avoid being assertive and avoid having a big ego or a pragmatic view as they may step over some boundaries.

Furthermore, they shouldn’t allow themselves to be very emotional or even zealous because such tendencies can be very dangerous for them.

This Moon opposing Jupiter transit is known to bring about a critical moment in their career, after which they may end up in ruins, in case the lunar aspects are evil.

Therefore, everyone should be more careful when doing anything during this period, giving their best to study what being temperate means and think twice before acting.

Balance is very important, so those who will struggle to obtain it for as long as Mars is in opposition with Jupiter will manage to enjoy it through the rest of the following year. It’s true they may have a passion burning inside that’s making them want to just go out and do all kinds of wild things, but they should realize how important it is for them to keep learning new things and developing from a mental point of view.

For this to happen, they’ll have to be patient and to do mindful things. They should realize that tempering their passions and high energy will only make them slow down and respect everything more, all this while using their mental abilities to the maximum.

Fast-thinking and productive, many may let opportunities go during the Mars opposite Jupiter transit because they’d think it would be necessary for them to become studious and to adopt a boring attitude if taking on more responsibilities.

More importantly than anything else, they should make sure their own beliefs aren’t putting them in any danger.

Everyone will be more opinionated, yet this doesn’t mean they should all become preachers.

On the contrary, they must be tolerant when it comes to other people’s views and accept their own beliefs aren’t necessarily the most correct ones, especially for others. In case they may need to act defensively, they should keep in mind words can hurt more than bullets or fists, especially when standing up for themselves.

During the Mars opposite Jupiter aspect, people who are wasting their energy too much may end up being exhausted. When feeling at their best, they can’t refuse any new project coming their way, meaning they may end up taking on more than they can handle.

People should adopt a healthy pace and trust they’re going to be repaid for all the efforts they’ve invested in all of their endeavors. This transit can be very lucky, yet it can also cause damage for the more selfish, too confident and pushy individuals.

Many are feeling more adventurous, stronger and eager to compete during it, so they should temper themselves a little, as well to remember how to be in control, humble and patient. Their instincts may tell them to act according to what’s happening in their surroundings and to risk everything.

Many will feel more confident as a result of their increased boldness, power and friendly reputation. Their sex appeal would also be increased, meaning they’d attract all the attention on them when going to parties and socializing.

However, they should pay attention to what others need and cooperate instead of competing. This way, they’ll succeed at whatever they may be trying and have their dreams come true.

They shouldn’t overestimate what they can do because this would impede them from having a successful career and romantic life.

The Mars opposite Jupiter aspect is known to last for 3 weeks, period in which people are ruthless with those standing between them and their goals.

Having ambitions is a good thing, but many should avoid seeing others as provocative and challenging.

It’s true they’ll want more to stand up for themselves and to fight, no matter if with their colleagues at work or someone from a completely different environment who’s just trying to help them refine their ideas and views on life, but they should just decide to work together with others because this way, they’ll get to enjoy the rewards of a fruitful collaboration afterward. More than this, they shouldn’t become too passionate and stress too much.

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