Moon Square Uranus Natal and Transit: Interacting with Loved Ones

  • Someone with a natal Moon Uranus square has a special and fun personality but can be quite rebellious too.
  • The Moon square Uranus transit makes us more impulsive and moodier, with no patience and no willingness to compromise.
  • The Moon rules our emotions and hearts, our mood swings and how easily affected we are by others’ actions.
  • When two planets square, they share the same astrological quality but act in their own interests, meaning that tensions and drama are likely to surface.
  • In astrology, Uranus gives a strong impulse for rebellion, independence and technological advance.
  • Celebrities: Barbara Windsor, Louis Braille, Justin Bieber, Mel B, Penelope Cruz, Kathy Bates, Oscar Wilde, David Beckham, Mark Knopfler, Ryan O’Neal.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Uranus Natal

The Moon square Uranus natal is known for giving its natives an obsessive need for being all the time stimulated. These people will most likely have a life full of excitement and interesting events. Many will see them as intriguing and at the same time challenging due to their eccentricities and need for independence.

Those who happen to be born during the Moon square Uranus transit are subconsciously attracted to everything that’s new or shining, also easily disturbed by their own compulsory emotions.

While doing things in an original and sometimes strange manner, they have an open mind and can handle any change without struggling. Their domestic environment and family may act around them according to the unique and exciting ways of the planet Uranus.

It’s common for natives with the Moon square Uranus aspect in their birth chart to move home more often than others. If not doing things this way, their family may stand out from the crowd more than often for being eccentric.

The Moon is the representative of the public or the reactions others are having to peculiarity. Because they’re chaotic and fun, many may see people born during the Moon square Uranus aspect as rebellious, turbulent and uncaring.

While able to develop emotional connections very rapidly, these natives don’t seem to know how to keep others by their side for long periods. This may happen because one of their parents has been emotionally detached from them when they were young, most likely their mother, or because they’re getting bored too easily.

Regardless of their gender, those with the Moon square Uranus aspect in their natal chart are usually working with unorthodox methods that allow them all of them to have all the freedom they’re so much craving.

As parents, they may take care of their little ones in the strangest ways. The biggest challenge of their life is to find a balance between their own emotions and the need for independence.

If one of these two is more present than the other into their life, they may grow to have many problems with their relationships and a strange behavior.

The characteristics of this square are very much alike with the ones of the opposition between the same two celestial bodies and therefore, focused on energies coming from different directions and multiple personalities.

Those with the Moon square Uranus transit in their birth chart will make battlegrounds from their relationships and face many unsettling issues at home due to their inner struggles.

While intelligent and fast-thinking, it’s very likely for them to have no idea about how their talents could be exploited, meaning they need to find what makes them happy to have some balance in their life. If failing to do just so, they may become even more erratic and unable to deal with everyday life.

These natives know how to escape any limitation from their past, but this doesn’t mean they should just give up doing things the way they’re used to because the Moon won’t allow them.

On the other hand, Uranus may constantly ask them to be free and to explore every new horizon. It can be very difficult to balance the relationship between these two celestial bodies because it’s necessary to pay attention to the past and at the same time to enjoy the new, which can be disruptive and even painful for many.

Allowing Uranus to take over would only cause any foundation to destroy itself. The Moon square Uranus aspect is beneficial for those who are required to work with their imagination, even if it also brings many mood swings and a tendency to take advantage of others’ goodness.

Those born during it are known for getting bored too easily and for needing to be constantly stimulated.

Change and excitement doesn’t seem to bother them at all, but their quick-temper can sometimes cause trouble, especially when they’re interacting with others.

This aspect is known to bring about tensions, but for the most mature individuals having it in their birth chart, it can be beneficial because it makes them think more deeply. They may need to learn what diplomacy is if they wish to be accepted by society for who they are.

Too much honesty and their urge to speak about hurtful truths may cause them too many problems anyway. While big intellectuals, they’re also too stubborn, obsessive, intense as far as their emotions are going, agitated, sensitive to harsh words and impulsive.

Possessing a rich imagination and being able to quickly adapt to anything, they’re most of the time looking to have strange emotional encounters, which can bring some problems into their love life and make them unfaithful.

Suddenly changing their emotions and moods, they can start acting erratically that no one understands. Their eccentricities and disruptive ways are not of any help when it comes to their domestic life, also the fact that they’re looking to change their residence too often.

When bored, people born during the Moon square Uranus aspect become restless and begin to look for the strange or to get intellectually stimulated.

They have this need to let go of their past and to enjoy new emotions. Even if facing misfortune coming from their surroundings, they’re able to remain positive and hopeful about the future.

It would be a good idea for them to not rush into marriage, also to avoid being nervous and too agitated as parents.

Possessing some broad moral values, they should sometimes compromise and allow their relationships to be smooth. The men born under this transit are known to attract unpredictable women whose emotions are all the time shifting.

Regardless of their gender, all the natives having the Moon square Uranus aspect in their birth chart love combining their scientific approach with the humanistic one. Since they’re not too fiery or unrealistic, it’s very likely for them to always find the best solutions to problems.

For this reason, they should pursue a career in the scientific world, not that being homemakers wouldn’t put all of their talents to good use and make them feel like their life is exciting when having to take care of their children.

Moon square Uranus Transit

When the Moon is in a square to Uranus, people will start to pay more attention to the unusual and to activities they normally wouldn’t. More than this, they won’t be able to focus for too long because they’d be more unpredictable and resentful towards following the same behavioral patterns.

During the Moon square Uranus transit, people are more impulsive and moodier. They don’t have enough patience for any commitment and become vocal whenever someone is criticizing them.

During this period, natives of all signs need to be stimulated more than usual and to live on the edge because otherwise, they can rebel against anyone who’s making them feel tied down.

This period is not at all beneficial for boredom and routine, neither important responsibilities, because people can get distracted by any new activity during it.

Furthermore, they shouldn’t relax too much because they’d have a restlessness saying there’s something fun for them to do.

They could find themselves at home, desperately looking for some stimulation and excitement. This aspect is considered to be evil because it brings about sudden changes and many surprises.

While happening, people should avoid making decisions too fast or changing anything in their life as they may feel great about what they did for a while, only to regret everything afterward.

They need to remember that they’re more impulsive, random and attracted to anything that shines for as long as the Moon is in a square to Uranus, which means they’re also too eccentric and incapable of discipline.

They can be attracted by more magnetic individuals in less than a second, so they should be cautious when approaching members of the opposite sex as it’s very likely for them to only act out of impulse and to do regretful things.

This aspect goes against any domestic affair and brings about the tendency to be sarcastic or to act harshly around loved ones.

The strange urges in natives during this period are known to make them take action without even thinking about what they’re doing. Those who are advancing in life may see it as an opportunity for reform because many of the old circumstances would become new, even if bringing with them more challenges.

It is a good chance for progress, especially for those who know how to use it. While instincts and quick reactions are stronger when the Moon is in a square position from Uranus, they’re not quite accurate. Therefore, people shouldn’t suddenly decide on making changes, especially when it comes to their closest relationships.

At the same time, all of their new encounters will offer them the thrill of the moment, but have a negative impact on the connections with their most loved ones.

Many may witness their friends and family having emotional outbursts, which means they should give their best to be as patient and sensitive as possible.

Their instincts may tell them to run away from any demanding emotion coming from others, but they can themselves become very dramatic if provoked. However, they’ll be able to rapidly clean the air and no longer be upset.

The Moon square Uranus transit makes people more spontaneous, but this isn’t quite the best thing for those who don’t like flirting for a short period and not making anything of it.

Therefore, if they want longer-term connections and a stable partner, they should just be reserved during this period as their romantic instincts would simply not work for them as supposed to.

They’d be subconsciously drawn to irresponsible individuals and not obtain what they want the most from their potential soulmate.

They’ll flirt with a person and be promised a call, only to end up disappointed for never receiving it. Some will arrange for a date and not get to have it because the one they were supposed to see won’t show up.

At the same time, they wouldn’t be too stable themselves either. On the contrary, they may have many changing feelings, which means they should think twice before deciding to see their new date as a soulmate.

Others may do the opposite and end great relationships before these have even had the chance to begin. However, most of the time, the connections established during the Moon square Uranus transit are not meant to last.

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