Venus Trine Neptune Natal and Transit: Wise Decisions and Luck

  • With a Venus Neptune trine in your natal chart, you are compassionate and generous and will start to show these traits as you get older.
  • Observe how during the Venus trine Neptune transit, compassion and generosity help everyone progress.
  • The planet Venus is the ruler of beauty, sensuality, sophistication and romance.
  • The trine aspect is said to inspire easy expression and creativity but also push the individual to break their limits to achieve these.
  • Neptune is in charge with our connection to spirituality, our dreams and fantasies and what we do with our imagination.
  • Celebrities: Ariana Grande, Kurt Cobain, Hans Christian Andersen, Queen Victoria, Rudy Giuliani, King Louis XII of France, Guillaume Apollinaire.
  • Transit dates: 27 August 2020, 05 December 2020, 21 June 2021, 29 September 2021, 27 August 2022, 10 November 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus trine Neptune Natal

People under the influence of this aspect tend to put a high price on their love life. A relationship filled with compassion, love, and kindness is their main yearning. However, due to standards that they set in stone for their lovers or partners, it might be difficult to find their soulmate.

Such a partner must resonate with their own loving, selfless nature and that might be hard to come by, as such their expectations might leave them frustrated in the end.

If by any chance there are other more sexually or bodily oriented aspects affecting these individuals, then they might trade their desire for tenderness and affection for a more fired up sexual relationship. But generally, the soft, loving side of romance is what they wish for and prefer.

Hobbies and even career choices tend to be directed towards the art department, mainly music. Those blessed by this aspect are generally seen or in this case heard, to have a lovely voice that can reach quite a variety of notes. A career in the music industry and a tad bit of fame, in this case, are not farfetched dreams.

The compassion and kindness these people tend to show also enables a future in aiding others. Endeavours including charity or social help belong to fields they would shine in.

Generally, anything that means them helping others in need will put their skills to good use. One of their strongest desires is helping the world become a kinder, better place and what better way to start than by helping those that are in need.

The insight of those influenced by the Venus trine Neptune becomes amplified. So much so that others might think it’s some sort of supernatural power.

But in truth, it’s simply their empathetic soul and analytical mind doing all the work, enabling them to get accurate reads off of anybody they encounter. While it might be considered as a cheating trick, they can even use this clairvoyance of theirs to find their perfect partner.

Due to their standards being somewhat realistic, they might have a hard time finding this said perfect partner.

Their stubbornness in getting the perfect soulmate won’t help either. It’s better if they simply view their partner realistically and appreciate them for what they are. If they aren’t engaged in a relationship, then the list of prerequisites that a possible lover should have ought to be shortened to find someone to share in on the affection with.

The matters of the soul and inner self are areas that should be explored during this period. Business and careers are important, but while under the influence of this planetary positioning, one should concentrate on developing their spirituality.

Especially seeing as how connected they are with those around them and how in tune with nature they are. The bonds they have with others are intensified by their empathy and yearning to help those in need.

One of the downsides of this aspect is that those affected by it tend to be rather lazy and while they are good at bringing solutions to problems, their efforts are usually short-lived due to their carefree attitude.

Venus trine Neptune Transit

During this transit, you might feel the urge to simply get out there and be of help in one way or another. This is because your empathy and compassion are dialed up to eleven with this aspect. Any activity involving charity, donations or that helps with making the world a cleaner, more loving place will be your top pick.

Towards this end, you’ll be spending a great deal of time helping whoever seems to be in need of it. Whether it’s by simply spending some of your time with someone, visiting old friends or taking out your grandparents for a good old family dinner, you’ll feel a hundred times better connecting or in some cases, reconnecting with people who are important to you.

The joy you feel generally comes from situations involving your feelings. Compassion, affection, bonding, these are the stuff of dreams for you.

Showing others that you care for them comes a long way and receiving the same sort of attention and affection is sure to bring a contagious smile on your face.

Your romance will be enhanced and your relationship will reach a deeper, more meaningful level than ever before. While sexual activities can be great and everything, this period will be all about love, affection, and compassion.

If only you could count all the times that you’ll be spending cuddling or watching movies with your partner. Anything that spells out intimacy and love is right down your alley.

Productivity won’t be that good of a friend to you during this transit. And that might not even be a bother for you. You’re all about laying back and enjoying life. Trouble might even arise but you don’t really care now, do you? You’re just too busy sipping on a Margarita and relaxing.

Going out, having a good time with your friends or family. Bonds and relaxation are what’s truly important for you and you waste no time in taking full advantage of this period. Relighting old flames or getting in touch with old friends is not out of the question.

While your originality wants a chance in the spotlight, you’ll be more focused on your fantasies and will live out your dreams in your imagination rather than trying to turn them into reality.

And you’re perfectly fine with that. Being so in tune with your inner self also helps you connect with others on a deeper level, providing you with what seems like a psychic power of clairvoyance.

This transit also brings fortune in wealth. Funds won’t really be an issue here and you’ll be able to invest them either in materialistic matters or in domains related to the soul.

It’s all in your hands! Whether you invest in a business or go on a trip with your honey is up to you. Donating for charity isn’t out of the question either.

All in all, most of your time will be spent dealing with people who are in need of help. Making the world a better place is part of your quest, isn’t it? While you have good intentions, your techniques might be lacking in the effort department sometimes, since sometimes you prefer dreaming up the perfect world rather than making it a reality.

Even if you do attempt at it, your methods are rather unproductive and might not offer results. Financially, it’s best to ask before you spend as one would say, since you might be tempted into investing for one of your visionary dream worlds which might not be bountiful in the end. So either be wise or stick to the relaxation part of this aspect.

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