Moon Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Filled with Nostalgia

  • The natal conjunction between the Moon and Neptune suggests you need to guard yourself carefully from the negative intentions of others.
  • Be mindful of the Moon conjunct Neptune transit because you are more likely than ever to feel overwhelmed and give up on your plans.
  • The Moon helps us be open to our emotions, lets us express our temperament freely and controls how compassionate we are with others.
  • The conjunct aspect is the astrological placement in which two planets travel together in the same sign, so their qualities blend and their energies are magnified.
  • The planet Neptune is responsible with dreaming, illusions and the fantastic, everything that departs from the reality of the world we see with our eyes.
  • Celebrities: Charles Dickens, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Frank, Sting, Justin Timberlake, Richard Simmons, Ronald Greenaway, Brenda Frazier, Sean Lennon.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Neptune Natal

Those having the Moon conjunct Neptune transit in their birth chart are known for being emotionally sensitive. They seem to also be in tune with the subtle vibrations sent by the Universe, but also very vulnerable when disturbed.

These natives can be aware of every emotion and thought, also suspicion and bad intention. Their purpose in these situations is to filter information and to identify the truth when it comes to important matters.

Their environment can also greatly influence their balance, so it’s suggested for them to work in stable surroundings and with people they can easily get along with.

If not, they may notice how their good spirit and energy are starting to fade away in front of all the negativity coming from outside.

Those having this aspect in their birth chart need their time to just feel down because the bad energies from the outside world that have piled up in their psyche can become very dangerous if not flushed.

It’s difficult for these natives to deal with stress, so many of them decide to just escape reality and to dream when facing a problem. They possess a great imagination, but they’re using it according to what other aspects of this Moon-Neptune conjunction is featuring in their chart and to their maturity level.

A more complicated chart with this placement can make its natives dependent on others and to harmful substances, irresponsible, dreamy, feeling sorry for themselves and terrorized by an unexplained fear.

However, these traits are not known to last for too long in them, which is very good news. They can easily get upset when others are being mean with them, not to mention how much they can cry about it after retreating into their corner.

This means they need to learn that everyone has to deal with being criticized at some point, also with rejection and unfairness.

All the negative influences coming from outside their world shouldn’t have too big of an impact on them because they can easily become eternal victims, paranoid and annoying for their loved ones. Since they’re open to experience new things in life, they may be curious about what pain and disappointment can cause in different situations.

This is the reason why these natives need to learn how to protect themselves and to filter what makes them very sensitive.

Otherwise, they can end up having an existence full of pain and suffering. Compassionate and very understanding, they really know how to listen and their loved ones can trust them to keep all of their secrets.

However, people with the Moon conjunct Neptune in their birth chart need to learn how to detach themselves from others’ problems and how to be more impersonal if they don’t want to carry all the pain in the world on their shoulders.

They seem to have a strong need to express their creativity. Possessing great intuition and being dreamy, they seem to inspire others to do many amazing things.

These natives want to be in relation to things that are larger than life and to leave the mundane for others to deal with. They seem to have very high ideals, which means they can be truly low when disappointed and deceived, or when reality is starting to hit them hard. It would be better for them to have a small circle of friends because this way, they wouldn’t have to deal with too much negative energy.

Don’t think natives with the Moon conjunct Neptune transit in their chart are unable to handle unpleasant situations, they’re just more sensitive when it comes to this. They’ll discover at some point in their life that they have psychic abilities.

Learning to master these gifts can give them clearer visions about what’s going to happen and others’ thoughts, but the power of these talents of theirs will very much depend on other aspects in their birth chart.

Many will appreciate them for being compassionate, empathetic and sincere. When meeting cast outs and people who are in trouble with the law, they can become very sensitive to the reasons why these have done what they did.

If they want to make their dreams a reality, they should help others as much as they’re able to. Being practical with their talents and wit can help them escape the danger of becoming stuck in their fantasies and lies.

They should never feel sorry for themselves and complain because this may cause them to become anorexic, addicted to drugs and suffering from many mental problems associated with a lame self-image.

Incredibly sensitive, these natives seem to live in a world of emotions. Pain can make them feel ecstatic, but they wouldn’t dare to talk about this to anyone.

It’s normal for them to believe that all individuals are sincere, giving, nice and caring, so they’ll only pay attention to things that are proving their way of thinking is the right one and refuse to believe human beings can be evil as well. Tolerant, their friends and family members will feel free and truly happy when around these natives.
Many of their closed ones will realize how easy it is to make their world fall apart. It can be difficult to determine what emotions they’re having and they’d never judge or categorize any human being. While struggling to avoid hurting others as much as possible, they may still do it unconsciously and when not being able to commit or to be precise with their speech.

Moon conjunct Neptune Transit

When the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, all natives in the zodiac become more aware of emotions and can pick up any pain their loved ones may have, which means they’re becoming more irritated and ready to snap at any time.

If receiving positive feelings from their surroundings, they’ll feel the same and make the best out of it.

During this transit, people are much more sensitive and can perceive any subtlety, yet they shouldn’t trust their feelings that much, especially if they don’t want to end up disillusioned.

Their dreams can become fantasies, not to mention their suspicions can become paranoia. Feeling guilty for no reason at all, they may decide to use drugs or to comfort themselves with food.

While the day of this transit is making people feel overwhelmed by sex and love matters, it would be a good idea to not push their partners into getting married or committing to a more serious relationship.

More than this, questions about feelings and plans for the future shouldn’t be brought up either because the answers to them can be very hurtful. It’s just that the Moon conjunct Neptune transit is simply not helpful and enjoyable.

Emotions can be too strong and logic will completely lack in many natives during this period, regardless of their Sun sign.

For this reason, people should avoid making decisions and solving problems now because they may never find the right answers or choose what’s best.

Instead, they could try and work with their compassion, so they should invite one of their colleagues or friends to lunch and have open conversations, if possible about their feelings.

Being so compassionate due to the influence of the conjunction, many will be able to transmit their feelings to others and to make things better for those facing difficulties. People who love spending their time alone could take advantage of this situation beneficial for their imagination and just fantasize. However, they need to be cautious and not confuse reality with dreams.

There’s nothing wrong with them spending their day with the head in the clouds, where they can dream about love and closure. In case they’ve met someone really special and attractive, they could use this transit to determine if that person is their soulmate.

But they need to keep in mind that their perceptions may be altered and that they may not see things in a very realistic way, also that they could project onto others all of their own needs and wishes.

Being more sensitive when the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, individuals may forget to live in the present and just think about their past and their long-gone lovers, trying to relive past moments with someone new.

However, they may want to wait a day for this double-edged transit to be over if they’re determined to take some action in this direction. Being more self-aware while the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, people can leave behind what’s not important and invest their feelings into something worthy of them.

While their psychic abilities may be wrong sometimes, their compassion and love for others isn’t. They could assist those who are suffering or have been banned by society because they’re able to offer their emotional support to anyone who needs healing.

They should get involved in helping others and create something in art because they really have the talent for it. Their dreams will be extremely vivid, but almost impossible to interpret. They can live great love stories, yet they should be careful to not confuse fantasy with reality for this to happen and to not get rejected by some other people.

Many may become sensitive to harmful substances and infectious diseases, so good hygiene and the use of health supplements for their immune system are indicated before, during and after the Moon conjunct Neptune transit. Furthermore, others can develop intolerance to drugs and alcohol.

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