Moon Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Unlimited Communication

  • The birth chart square between the Moon and Pluto indicates someone who needs to take responsibility for their emotions and live more at peace with them.
  • When the Moon square Pluto transit occurs, some of our most hidden feelings could surface and provoke some conflicts.
  • The Moon governs our emotions, instincts, inner thoughts and how we feel about the surrounding world.
  • The square aspect occurs when the two planets are 90 degrees apart from each other and their individual harmony is disturbed by this hard angle that they form.
  • In astrology, Pluto is full of a chaotic energetic load that can manifest through deep transformations and changes.
  • Celebrities: John Edgar Hoover, Michael Caine, Michael Jordan, Meryl Streep, Melissa Etheridge, Charles Dickens, Marlon Brando, Bette Midler, Dwayne Johnson, Mohandas Gandhi, Pope Benedict XVI, Jim Morrison, George Washington.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Pluto Natal

Those with the Moon square Pluto aspect in their birth chart have their emotions coming from hidden places in their minds, which means they don’t always have full control of their feelings as adults.

It may seem their intuition and changing moods are always sabotaging their life, especially as far as relationships are going.

The pain they’re usually feeling deep inside their soul is often about their own domestic life and the intimate connections they’re having with. In case their mother is obsessive or too nosy, they may be going through some emotional turmoil after each meeting with her.

Their emotional problems are most of the time starting at home, and since the Moon is also the ruler of the public, they may get to tremendously suffer when their most profound feelings and secrets happen to be exposed.

Natives born during the Moon square Pluto transit are capable of developing very strong connections with both other individuals and places they love the most. Many may think of them as smothering because they’re very devoted and have a need to protect, not to mention they can sometimes be too controlling and even manipulative.

Most of the time, they’re not even realizing that they’re destroying themselves by allowing their simplest feelings to turn into jealousy and self-pity.

The square formed by the Moon and Pluto in their natal chart is indicating their emotions are very intense and powerful, but also that they may have serious problems in relationships.

When it comes to being responsible from an emotional point of view, these people may feel burdened and resentful.

It’s very likely for them to forget about their past and to repeat the same mistakes all over again. Usually loners, they still possess a passionate nature and can appreciate relationships that aren’t imposing too many limits on them.

The Moon square Pluto aspect in their birth chart means they’re not too materialistic or curious about details and unimportant issues. As a matter of fact, they seem to be interested only in important matters most of the time.

Due to their intense emotions that can often become extreme, it’s very likely for them to have issues with intimacy. They may want to brood and because of this, they can send those who love them away.

Needing to be in control, this may be noticed in every decision they’re making and in the way they’re acting.

These natives believe that only by controlling their surroundings, they can avoid getting hurt by others. This indicates they’re domineering in relationships and expecting others to fulfill all of their needs and desires, which can only cause an imbalance in their connections with others.

They intend to lead and to never be submissive. In case someone is asking them to be the opposite, they may not give up until the dominant role is only theirs.

People having the Moon square Pluto transit in their birth chart can be violent against those who are trying to change them or extreme with their nasty behavior. Being lonely comes naturally to them, but their main problem is their uncontrolled impatience and aggressiveness.

Usually expressing themselves directly, they don’t seem to have any grace or to know what diplomacy means, not to mention how hurtful they can become when around individuals they’re not having any respect for.

All this indicates they may encounter serious problems at work and when socializing, especially for those of them who are all the time refusing to be only true to themselves.

What most of these natives have to do to keep their integrity is to have their relationships as positive as possible.

They’re probably hateful towards restrictive environments and imposing people because they don’t like being forced. Not interested in what already happened, they seem to not pay any attention to their past, even if they’re sometimes feeling strongly attached to it.

Since their emotions are very intense, natives having the Moon square Pluto aspect in their birth chart may develop some psychic abilities, with the women having such powers more than the men.

But all in all, all of them, regardless of their gender, tend to be aggressive in their communication and to act hateful when someone or something is interfering with their plans.

They’ll reject people who are trying to change something in their personality, mostly because their parents have tried to do the same when they were little.

These natives want to escape their past or any ties that are making them feel imprisoned in their own life. They can make sudden changes based on how their family life is going at any given time.

Many of them have clairvoyant abilities, but they’re also agitated, impulsive, possessive and eager to spend as much time alone as possible.

Resentful towards the materialistic side of life and anything that isn’t important, they’re only interested in big issues.

When dealing with an emotional problem, they may try and force people to be by their side and to take action towards their benefit. If their life is slowing down for a while, they’re becoming impatient, not to mention how intolerant and fanatic they can be when passionate about some ideas and concepts.

It would be better for them to eliminate any self-destructive feeling a behavior they may be having as soon as they’re becoming more aware of their subconsciousness, especially if they’re looking to evolve and to make everything work in their favor.

Connected with the underworld, they may travel into the deepest corners of their minds more often than others and discover some dark things about the human psyche. They’re very sexual creatures, so at risk of taking masturbation and even abuse to the extreme.

Having an obsessive-compulsive behavior, people born during the Moon square Pluto transit can have serious problems with their diet, addiction to drugs, or be racist and phobic.

The more they’ll become aware of the psychological issues they may be having, the more they’ll get to evolve as human beings.

Any dark experience from their past can help them transform, not to mention they could turn their compulsiveness into perfectionism and this way, become the best at what they’re doing for a living. These natives would be truly happy and successful if able to control themselves more often.

Moon square Pluto Transit

During the Moon square Pluto transit, people are becoming compulsive and self-destructive because all of their hidden feelings are getting exposed. It can be difficult for them to control their most intense emotions in their subconscious for any healing process to start.

Many will have power struggles with the ones they love the most and become ruthless when trying to prove they’re the only ones right.

This period seems to be perfect for feelings of guilt and jealousy, or for those who love to manipulate and to bully others, not to mention it can feature many events of sexual and domestic abuse.

While also offering many opportunities for change and transformation, the Moon square Pluto transit is known to turn melancholy into serious episodes of depression, especially for those who are more prone to suffer from this disease.

For as long as the Moon is in square with Pluto, the emotions of many may become extreme and more complex than usual. For this reason, it is a good idea to just ignore provocation and to react calmly when being crossed, all the time while this transit is happening and a little while after.

People are less considerate as well during it, so they may need to pay more attention to their loved ones if they want their relationships to continue being smooth.

Those more consciously aware of their hidden feelings will be able to resist becoming racist, phobic, fearful and addicted to substances or pleasure.

This is a period when secrets get revealed, so those who don’t want to be embarrassed in public should be careful with what information they’re sharing about themselves.

Regardless of what each individual may get to feel while the Moon is in square with Pluto, it would be a good idea for many to take advantage of this aspect and to transform themselves by eliminating any bad behavior and negative emotion from their life.

The day of this transit is not meant for pursuing dreams because individuals have more complicated emotions and can become obsessive or suspicious for no reason whatsoever.

If going out with someone new, they may have the wrong impression about that person and decide he or she is The One for them, but they wouldn’t even know this individual very well.

The Moon square Pluto aspect makes everyone more needy and emotional. Even those who are confident and successful may feel insecure and eager to manipulate others to receive affection.

Furthermore, many may misinterpret any message sent to them and become jealous for the wrong reasons. For this reason, the day when the Moon and Pluto are in square should be spent inside, watching a movie or reading a book.

Those who have to be at work may get to feel very uncomfortable at the office or while doing their job, also insecure about their results, which can lead them to believe no one likes what they’ve done and that their colleagues are only making fun of their efforts.

It would be a good idea to ignore such thoughts and to focus on completely different other worries. This has to be applied with relationships as well since many may believe their loved ones are mad at them and not saying anything, which can be completely untrue.

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