Mars Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Uncharted Territories

  • Someone with a natal Mars Pluto sextile is often so charming that they create a great first-impression straightaway.
  • During the Mars sextile Pluto transit, you need to take good care of your body and health and to avoid any excesses.
  • In astrology, Mars is associated with aggressiveness, action, survival instincts, desires and impulsivity.
  • The sextile aspect is a rather friendly interaction of the two planets involved, one that focuses the attention to the right direction in which energies should be spent.
  • Pluto is responsible with the area of life where you’ll personally face the intense powers of creation and destruction.
  • Celebrities: Henri Rousseau, Ross Perot, Immanuel Kant, Loni Anderson, Glenda Jackson, Rutger Hauer, Peter Seller, John Lennon, Konrad Adenauer, Keith Richards, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Winger.
  • Transit dates: 19 June 2020, 06 December 2021, 23 May 2022, 22 November 2023, 03 May 2024, 07 November 2025, 17 April 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Pluto Natal

The Mars sextile Pluto transit is making people having it in their natal chart more driven and determined to become successful and achieve their goals. They seem to possess a lot of optimism and can focus on particular tasks when they’re giving their best.

These natives are strolling through life and never hurry anywhere, not to mention they can’t be bothered by any problem. In spite of any drawbacks in their life, they have enough power to persevere.

They can take any initiative when having to go on the offensive, which is usually bringing them a lot of success. They can respond amazingly under pressure and know how to use all of their energy. Chasing after what they want in life, they can acquire many new skills, but only if focusing on their tasks very ardently. They’re strong and can resolve any problem when focusing.

Their stamina is making them stronger, not to mention they can easily recuperate after any disease. They perform when feeling independent and leading others.

They’re not rebels, but can rapidly be frustrated by not being able to achieve their true potentials, especially when working in an office or at a job that’s imposing restrictions on them.

There are times when others can be overwhelmed by how intense they can be. On the other hand, their impressive ethic and enthusiastic attitude is most of the time helping them have the support of others, as well their respect, especially of those who happen to be in a position of power.

They need to keep their body strong and perform in sports as much as they can, especially when having to endure, to perform karate and to fighting practices. They’re incredibly talented because their energy is focused on achieving.

As soon as starting to focus their mind on something important, they can become so passionate, to the point of obsessiveness-compulsiveness.

This will also work well for them when it comes to relationships, meaning they can make a very good first impression on others. When feeling more physical, lusty and sexual, they can be direct, but not in any way threatening.

In case they’re getting bugged or one of their loved ones are in any danger, the Mars sextile Pluto natives can take out their warrior side. Their boldness and amazing survival instincts can have them ready for the military or the law-enforcement sector.

Having the ability to see the twist of any situation, they can thoroughly perform any investigation and even become spies. This is giving them the opportunity to go even deeper and look for answers in ancient practices of illumination.

They’re able to project their spirituality, meaning they’re good psychics and warriors for worthy causes.

They’re expecting others to be honest and direct when dealing with others because they themselves want to hear nothing else but the truth, whereas evasive people can confuse them, also manipulative individuals and moments of intense assumption. Their honesty is the most appreciated quality.

They’re sensitive to the motives that others may have, and while very realistic about what’s the meaning of being a human for them, they have the tendency to pay a lot of attention to principles related to the Absolute Truth, meanwhile keeping an interesting look on their fellow men.

They can’t all the time live up to their own ideals, but at least they can try it. Besides this, they’re very good with words and convincing, meaning they can express their opinions and beliefs in a dramatic way, which can help them gain the attention of their public and to support their opinions.

Their physical energy should be all the time high and they may be interested in experimenting with their own body when Mars is in square or opposition with Pluto. Sex is for them perceived very naturally, which can have them compulsive and at the same time release a distorted type of energy.

Most of the time, other people are aware of where they’re standing, since they’re not timid when expressing their points of view in a clear and straightforward manner, expecting the exact same things of others.

In case their loved ones are starting to no longer be direct with them or liars, they can become ruthless and unforgiving, meaning they can forever remember how their trust has been broken.

They may need to be more self-righteous because being so direct and forcefully with their openness, clear in expressing themselves, they may start to believe that their perceptions are always the right ones and start to pay more and more attention only to their own opinions than to what others are saying.

Very passionate and having a strong libido, their mysterious air and magnetism are making them very attractive.

In an ideal world, they want a partner who’s as passionate about them as they are with themselves, to begin with, not to mention they’re up to exploring their own sexuality as much as possible and aren’t scared of any taboo subject.

Some of them may find it difficult to put up with their very strong urges. The fact that they sometimes need to rest and take a break from people is not indicating they’re not loving them.

They’re very courageous, energetic and willful, confident, more aware of themselves and their surroundings, also possessing great leadership skills. They can work very hard when they’re passionate about a subject and in a conscious or unconscious force are bringing them some benefits.
They’re more interested in meditative ways of regeneration, such as yoga and prayer. The Mars sextile Pluto can bring into their life matters related to the House Pluto is ruling and ways of expressing higher thoughts.

For this reason, they’re very talented writers. They have the ability to begin new projects each time in the mood for it and often doing just so. Committed to repair the social wrongs, they can get 100% involved when having to fight for a cause.

Mars sextile Pluto Transit

During the Mars sextile Pluto aspect, people are more energetic and able to achieve their goals and most passionate wishes.

Being more goal-oriented than others, they’re focusing their energy in a disciplined manner, not to mention they have a lot of endurance and special stamina. As soon as they’ve decided to take action in a certain direction, they’ll continue being determined until they’ll achieve their goals.

This is a period in which they’re more determined and intensely focused. They’re not the most persuasive people in the world, but their passion is most of the time enough for them.

It’s very likely for them to have very important conversations and to be interested in interacting with their most profound relationship matters, they’re also more capable of very intelligent conversations when it comes to any life mystery.

They can analyze and walk through all the uncharted territories or make a map for any financial venture coming their way.

More than this, they can use other people’s finances as their main income. Having high levels of energy and being able to work hard for long periods of time.

People should pay close attention to their own bodies; they need to eat well and to not burn themselves out.

Their sexual prowess is quite jumpy, so they can be lucky enough to not only have fun with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but they’ll also channel their energy in order to transform themselves.

This type of energy is very good when they want to spice things up in their romantic life, also for when they need to make changes with other aspects of their life.

During the Mars sextile Pluto transit, people should prepare themselves for action. Usually behaving only the way that they want to, no matter the opinion of others, they can get into trouble.

However, in this case, they’ll only be focused on rewarding results and self-improvement. This can become an obsession for them, yet as long as they’re using it to generate positive outcomes, it’s very possible for them to obtain what they want.

Every change they’re making will arrive soon and easily to them, as well those occurring naturally. They’ll be capable of adapting in an easy manner to anything that’s coming their way and discover that the more challenges are facing, the more reliable they can become.

There’s no one and nothing in their way and what they need to get done, which is giving them their ability to make transformations in their life and to resist pressure and any opposing force. This aspect is favorable when they need to handle difficult projects that they haven’t worked earlier.

It’s impossible for them to procrastinate and they can easily focus. Something in the profundity of their thinking connects them with their survival instincts.

This type of energy they’re having is making them strong, especially in front of others, especially their superiors.

They’ll project their physical and sexual strength, appearing more attractive when in this state of mind.

Their sexual strength seems challenging for others, as well their mysterious and dangerous air, yet not as offensive enough to go after the partner they want the most.

Their partner may encounter problems when having to keep their stamina, so they may need to relax from time to time.

While most of the time aggressive as an aspect, they can stand up for themselves and fight back when feeling threatened. Their sharp instincts and adrenal gland can have them victorious in any battle. They can as well project themselves in a very strong manner, no matter if it’s about the spiritual or the psychic realm.

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