Sun Square Jupiter Natal and Transit: Moderation and Discipline

  • With a square between the Sun and Jupiter in the natal chart, you need to focus more on what you live at the present and leave day-dreaming aside.
  • When the Sun square Jupiter transit takes place, we feel the need to impress others and may spend more than usual.
  • The Sun occupies a key role in astrology, encouraging us to meet our potential and be creative.
  • In astrology, the square aspect is considered a hard and tense aspect, as the two planets fight for the supremacy of their effects.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the most benevolent of all planets, and naturally associated with luck, fortune and wealth.
  • Celebrities: Princess Eugenie of York, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Kourtney Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Dolly Parton, Ronald Reagan, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra.
  • Transit dates: 15 April 2020, 11 October 2020, 21 May 2021, 15 November 2021, 28 June 2022, 21 December 2022, 06 August 2023.

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Sun square Jupiter Natal

People born during the Sun square Jupiter transit may be a little bit obsessed with material possessions, meaning they’re big collectors of either art, stamps or coins.

Their morals and views on life are likely causing them trouble with others, not to mention they tend to sometimes make excesses.

Being too confident in their forces, their friendships may not last for too long. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and exaggeration, so it needs to be handled properly when in a birth chart.

It’s okay for natives born during the Sun square Jupiter transit to have a big ego, just as long as they’re not allowing their pride to damage their connections with their loved ones.

As a matter of fact, Jupiter is famous for testing the ego of human beings. Many arrogant and boastful people can hide a hurt ego or the fact that they’re not at all confident in themselves.

Those who were born during the Sun square Jupiter aspect want to be important and to gain fame so that their public and friends can praise them for good reason. Aside from being moderate, they need to deal with this transit in their birth chart by being less enthusiastic.

Their energy should be focused on the mundane and the ways they can integrate their most special talents with everyday life. When doing this, they’ll manage to attract a lot of good luck, more rapidly than others.

If they decide to do the opposite, it would be a good idea for them to work very hard on their improvement, and happiness will come their way.

Some of them who haven’t done anything to earn their right to being proud are still going to have a false one because it’s in their nature to be like this.

These natives don’t have to do too much to achieve success: it would be enough for them to establish their priorities in life. They have a lot to give to the world, not to mention the way they’re expressing themselves is quite eccentric.

They’re the risk-takers of the zodiac, also those people who need a healthy diet for their health to not get damaged.

If they’d be more disciplined and not exaggerate anymore with a white lie here and there, their life would take the right turn. Not the best judges of characters or situations and very generous, they still have hidden motives when giving.

These natives need to no longer be so foolishly optimistic and agitated if they want their loved ones to appreciate them more. They like traveling, but being on the road may not be the best lifestyle for them.

Furthermore, they shouldn’t get involved in schemes that are promising them to earn fast and without too many efforts because they risk getting scammed, not to mention they tend to become scammers themselves.

When provoked, they’re inflating their ego even more as a defense, but this is an attitude they should change sooner or later.

Natives having the Sun square Jupiter aspect in their birth chart should strongly believe failure doesn’t last for too long and that success is never a guarantee.

In other words, they should keep their optimism and enthusiasm balanced. It would be easy for them to turn their approach to life and focus on big opportunities, so they should avoid perpetuating any conflict and focus more on their dreams. This is the only way for them to reveal their true value and potential.

More than this, they need to be consciously moderate and balanced because of their excessive temperament and even the extravagance of their habits can have them in ruins at some point.

The more they’ll exaggerate on one side, the more another one will compensate by failure. For this reason, they need to dose their energy and the time on their hands by doing only what’s important.

It can be difficult for these natives to unlock their potential, but as soon as doing it, many doors will start to open for them and the energies they need the most will be liberated for them to achieve the successes they desire.

When it comes to relationships, they need to no longer be manipulative because this can only work in their disadvantage.

As said before, they can be too proud of themselves for no reason whatsoever, but they can build some of the reasons after setting up their priorities. Their love and extravagance can fascinate many, also their readiness to take any risk.

However, they need to be careful and not get sick due to the many excesses they’re doing.

Discipline and refraining themselves from exaggerating may be the perfect formula for them, together with honesty and directness. When generous, they sometimes have hidden motives, thing that has to be changed, just like their exaggerated positiveness and restlessness.

They may want to travel and to get involved in all kinds of schemes meant to make them rich, but these are not at all the best ways to go for them.

People born during the Sun square Jupiter transit need to deal with their deepest frustrations by changing many things about themselves.

Jupiter’s influence to expand is strong in them, this being the reason why they’re exaggerating with every response and action they’re taking.

They tend to over-appreciate their capabilities and are impatient, unable to plan, undisciplined and never persisting, meaning they’re most of the time working against their benefit without realizing it, even if their motivations are always strong.

It’s not like they’re not meant for success, they just have this tendency to fail as a result of their attitude. Those of them who are realizing all this should only make a few changes when it comes to their inner drive and success will surely follow.

Sun square Jupiter Transit

During the Sun square Jupiter transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac tend to take on more responsibilities than usual and to deal with them without investing too many efforts.

Their increased enthusiasm for this period can cause them to be agitated and to need a lot of space to be themselves. More confident than normally, many can overestimate what they can do.

However, those who are never sure of themselves will need trustworthy people around them to succeed. The day of the Sun square Jupiter aspect is known to teach lessons about going over the limits and discovering unusual truths.

The Sun square Jupiter transit is considered to be a two-way street. It’s making natives feel more confident, fortunate and positive, not to mention it relies a lot on the way they’re expressing their exuberance when it comes to obtaining the best results, which can be either wealth and fame, or poverty and feelings of embarrassment.

Many may feel like the circumstances during this transit are preventing them from expanding and growing.

They’ll want to spend more than usual and to live a wild life, this way, generating the most unhappy consequences for themselves. When someone will compliment them, they shouldn’t act proudly or boast because others may not like this about them.

It’s also possible the Sun square Jupiter placement is going to force some natives to act against their convictions. This period is not at all good for signing contracts or going to authorities. It would be a good idea for everyone to be moderate and disciplined during it.

No one should take on more responsibilities than they can handle because they’d only end up wasting all of their energy for nothing. Their focus should be on a few projects, not to mention they need to avoid stressing too much for everything.

Finances need to be kept in check because many people may tend to buy things they don’t actually need. More than this, they can be more tempted to abuse drugs and alcohol, or to gamble until there’s nothing left in their wallet.

They should do their job and not hesitate to work normally, but they need to know good luck simply won’t come to them for as long as the Sun is in square with Jupiter. This period is meant for moderation, regardless if talking about behaviors or opinions being expressed.

It can make many natives more generous than usual, meaning they shouldn’t just give until they no longer have anything left for themselves.

Their attitude during the day of this transit will be expanding, optimistic and focused on progress, so they’ll have enough confidence their goals are going to be achieved.

However, being so sure of themselves can make them take more risks than usual, meaning discipline and a realistic approach are the only ways for them to become successful.

Being tempted to take on more than they can handle, they shouldn’t do it because they’d obviously end up being limited, just like anyone else. Furthermore, many natives need to avoid being arrogant and to believe they’re the only ones right during the Sun square Jupiter aspect.

This period is not known as too beneficial because it brings about many difficulties in both the domestic and social sector. Many will lose a lot and experience all kinds of delays when working on their projects.

At least Jupiter is not at all an evil planet, even if in a malefic aspect, meaning things won’t get to be that bad after all. However, everyone must be ready to lose some money, to be cheated and to have problems at home or with their friends.

No one should lend too much money while this transit is happening, whereas most of the people need to be on guard to not get deceived, lied to or cheated on.

These unhappy circumstances can be turned into beneficial ones if the natives are realizing their pride conflicts with what their spiritual needs.

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