Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit: Keeping an Eye Out for Drama

  • When in a natal chart, the Venus Jupiter conjunction means you can seem rather aloof, despite your warm and gentle approach.
  • The Venus conjunct Jupiter transit predicts love and abundance, concordance and good times, giving us opportunities to enjoy ourselves.
  • In astrology, Venus influences our aesthetic preferences, romantic relationships and charm.
  • The conjunct aspect indicated an intense merging and interaction of the two planets that are placed in the same zodiac sign, thus working as a team.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is concerned with matters of morality, good will and life expansion through education and spirituality.
  • Celebrities: Liz Greene, Ritchie Valens, Charles Baudelaire, Tom Waits, Steven Spielberg, Uri Geller, Jeff Bridges, Kenneth Williams, John Belushi, Herbert Hoover, Eddie Izzard, Guy de Maupassant.
  • Transit dates: 11 February 2021, 30 April 2022, 02 March 2023, 23 May 2024, 12 August 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal

People with Venus conjunct Jupiter in their birth chart are rather attractive individuals, more than pleasant to the eye, just like their respective arrangement in the skies. And as such, they’ll constantly be in the spotlight of society, always the hottest topic to discuss, always the ones people are talking about.

Social activities bring these people a feeling of fulfillment like none other. It is fellow people that bring joy in life and they’re well aware of that.

While influenced by this conjunction, people will be tempted towards becoming more liberal, idealistic, merry, neighborly, enchanting, imaginative and spiritually faithful.

While there’s something rather noble about the way they carry themselves, these people also seem to be rather aloof and detached from those around them and may often seem selfish, which in actuality might not be the case, seeing as how they go out of their way to help those in need.

The nature of these people makes it so that they never have a hard time with the public. They are kind and gentle souls that always keep an eye out for people in need so that they might somehow help.

They have a knack for catching the attention of the opposite sex, which enables them to sometimes close in on deals and entrepreneurial endeavors. They tend to get along more than well with their folks.

Seeing as how they appreciate sincerity; these individuals are prone to being taken for granted. While they are seen to have an orientation towards art, it is often of the religious kind.

This conjunction has people going through life with ease, getting whatever, they want without lifting a finger, which in turn makes them lazy and prone to over-indulge in too much consumption and pleasure.

This planetary aspect exudes peace and tranquility, and as such, individuals affected by it will do the same, straying away from conflict and fighting, and bringing with them the same healing and calming powers as these planets.

With Venus and Jupiter in a conjunction, people will have their love life, their joy, and financial status generally amplified.

Not in the way that they can simply benefit from abundance in these domains, but in a way that they have many more possibilities in obtaining prosperity from this point of view.

Their soul is of a gentle and affectionate nature and it often shines during a relationship, showering their partner with love and passion.

These people tend to stray away from work and anything involving effort, seeing as how what they cherish the most is pleasure and relaxation.

To not feel that their jobs are jobs, the best choice they could make is to build a career in a domain that they can appreciate.

Most people under the influence of this conjunction would do more than well in careers involving beauty. Make-up artists, fashion designers or art of any kind would make them feel rather fulfilled.

For them, romance is of great importance and is an aspect of their life that must be developed and cared for, nursing love into a mature and long-term side of their life and enjoying life with their partner, giving them all the love and affection that they can muster.

Their desire for peace and avoidance of conflict is emphasized by their need to surround themselves with calm and serene people in relaxing environments.

Creating and maintaining bonds of any kind, especially romantically inclined ones will come with ease. Seeing as how planet in the spotlight, Venus, handles prosperity, these people won’t have much of an issue when it comes to finances or good fortune. Their kindness will be plenty and their desire to aid those in need will be just.

Issues that will be often encountered will consist of over-indulging, over-spending and a tad bit too much relaxation, tied with a lack of diligence and determination.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

This transit predicts love and cash, concordance and joy. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the advantages of the great karma gathered from your past great deeds and diligent work.

While generally, during this transit, people will be having a good time, it’s safe to say that hardships will make themselves felt now and then, however, it will be something we can conquer and reap the rewards of.

Life has it in for you during this period. No, not in a bad way, quite the opposite. You’ll be experiencing a streak of luck and fortune of all kinds. While you may not amass wealth, you’ll never run out of money when you need it. Misfortune will keep away from you, you are protected by the generous arms of this transitioning.

Your social life will be filled with wonderful people that you get along with, family activities will be more than pleasant and the romantic aspect of your life will be brimming with affection and passion. What else could you be wishing for?

If there’s a special someone in your life, things will go more than smoothly, and if not… well, don’t worry, luck has it that you’ll be meeting your soulmate rather with ease than struggle.

There’s a trick to your fortune. Most of it depends on you. It’s all about how you view the world. You know the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well, that’s you. Everything life throws at you, you simply tackle it with a smile and an overall positive attitude.

Your nature emanates a soothing, kind energy that makes socializing come naturally as well as helping those less fortunate than you.

You might even feel inclined to teach the world how to see the world as you do, only so that others might enjoy life just as well. This period is also well suited for monetary plans.

Think investments or entrepreneurial relations and business deals. You ought to be careful about how you spend money, you have a knack for using a tad bit too much to overindulge during this transition.

Given your personality, it’s no wonder people gravitate towards you. Well, there’s also your looks that come into the equation. Others just can’t get enough of your kind, balanced nature and your stunning apparel.

As such, engaging in relationships of all sorts will be the main topic to focus on for you so keep an eye out, if you haven’t found the one yet, chances are you’ll just have to look around the corner and there they’ll be.

You’re probably about to set out on a trip or something of the sorts. There’s no such thing as diligence or determination for you at the time, at least not when it comes to work. Your focus will be set on having fun and enjoying whatever life has to offer.

You’ll most likely grab a handful of friends or coworkers and hit the town, or some other location outside of it, to enjoy an amazing dinner, a few drinks, maybe even a movie, or heck, you might even take everybody on a vacation with you.

You’re feeling just that adventurous and over-indulgent. And why wouldn’t you? It’s high time you had some fun and relaxation.

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