Mercury Square Uranus Natal and Transit: Creating Controversies

  • With a Mercury Uranus square in your natal chart, you are wise and insightful but sometimes let yourself drawn astray by others.
  • The Mercury square Uranus transit stimulates our minds and makes us more impatient, more willing to try new experiences.
  • The planet Mercury is in charge with communications, intellect and awareness, giving us logic and reasoning but also pessimism and indecisiveness.
  • The square aspect defines two planets with differing agendas, whose energies conflict and pull all those involved in different directions.
  • Uranus takes you into a metaphysical realm that is beyond what you can perceive with your five human senses.
  • Celebrities: Burt Reynolds, King Claude of France, Paris Hilton, Winston Churchill, Michael Moore, Dean Martin, George Clooney, Justin Timberlake.
  • Transit dates: 18 January 2020, 10 August 2020, 12 January 2021, 03 August 2021, 14 January 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury square Uranus Natal

People born during the Mercury square Uranus aspect are different from others because they have original principles and ways of communicating. Whereas their mind can be of a genius, they’re often daring and eccentric, which can have them in trouble when it comes to their relationships.

Those influenced by the Mercury square Uranus aspect are honest and straightforward. However, they can lack tact and be eccentric, which can drive other people away.

They seem to possess a fast mind and to be alert, but their ideas are most of the time not practical and they’re undermining their talent by thinking they’re someone special.

These people should allow themselves to be guided by a Higher sense of self if they want to become geniuses.

They can be insightful, but they can’t use this ability of theirs in a wise manner until they managed to no longer be egotistical and obstinate.

When it comes to their energy, this is usually wasted. It can generate a lot of confusion and tension as well.

Natives of the Mercury square Uranus aspect are independent, agitated, unhappy, arrogant and sometimes too proud. Having a good intuition, they’re calm on the outside, but sarcastic and direct when talking, meaning they’re jumping to conclusions more rapidly than others.

They need to be caring because this way, they have all the chances of being good leaders. Rebels and defying authority, it’s easy for them to perceive, meaning they can’t be deceived.

However, their family is always supportive of them, no matter how heretical their ideas may be. Perverts in the back of their minds, they’re also not accepting what others are telling them and to have their mind changed, but at least they can suddenly change it themselves.

Their agitated thoughts can be all over the place, meaning they need discipline from other placements in their birth chart to master their mind.

They don’t have a path to follow because they prefer the untraceable ones and to be surprised, which can put them in strange mental places.

These natives can shock others with their words, meaning no one can understand where they’re arriving from. Jumping to the wrong conclusions more often than rarely, they’re only ending up being misunderstood more and more.

Luckily, they can harness a lot of energy from their mind to get rid of these problems. They’re also funny and can make others feel comfortable around them for as long as they keep their common sense.

When wanting to, they can pay attention to any social conflict, but they should refrain themselves from upsetting others and focus on progressing or being good humanitarians.

The square between Mercury and Uranus in their birth chart is evil, bringing threats and many surprises, as well the strangest episodes when it comes to friendships.

The mind of the natives born during it can’t actually be at peace because they have a temper and are sarcastic. They should pay attention to their speech and not sign papers or check correspondence that can discredit or dishonor them.

These people are interested in reforming and can have strong principles, but they need to be temperate and not at all extreme because this can have them too proud of themselves. When dealing with other people, they should pay attention to their domestic side.

Nervousness can have them in too much tension, and women born under the influence of this square can be hysterical. The previously mentioned aspect is dangerous and always calling for people born during it to control themselves.

Having a tendency for controversies is a clear sign that they possess some talents and that they’re intelligent, as well as creative.

People born during the Mercury square Uranus transit love to experiment and can be excited when seeing glamour. This aspect in their birth chart is indicating they’re going to meet the people they love by accident and that these will be from all kinds of backgrounds. Also, they’re sure to change their group of friends more than often and have difficulties keeping a friend for a long period.

These natives may be shocked a few times in their life, so it can be difficult for them to stick to a plan. Feeling discriminated and isolated, they’re original in their way of thinking, so many can label them as weird or nerds.
Anxious and nervous, it’s very likely they’ll break a few bones in their life. When it comes to what’s keeping them amused, they’re attracted to novelties and they have a good sense of humor.

Progressive in their way of thinking, they can become good scientists, designers and engineers, not to mention some of them can be the mad geniuses everyone knows about.

Mercury square Uranus Transit

For as long as Mercury is in a square with Uranus, people are feeling more exciting than usual. Their mind is more stimulated and they’re pushing themselves as well others, to the edge.

Stress can be a huge problem because many are acting without taking a break, not to mention communications can be interrupted. More than this, computers and all sorts of electronics can break. For this reason, breaks should be taken for meanings of experiences to be grasped before disappearing.

Some natives can be shocked by the news and be forced to change their plans. Their usual tempo may increase and they may need to always catch others from behind. This period is not at all beneficial for planning or taking care of in-depth paperwork because many are lacking concentration.

Needing more excitement and amusement can have many distracted and less attentive to their responsibilities. As well, others can let them down too easily. As far as communication is going, no matter if this over the Internet or through written correspondence, arguments can appear due to misunderstandings.

People may miss important news and the things said may end up being the wrong ones. Many could end up being offended and the other way around, others could offend their friends as well because what they’re saying is only what’s going through their mind and no one cares what’s being advocated.

As a matter of fact, many natives can feel like rebels and more argumentative than other times. They can pick arguments just to create controversies. More than this, they’re refusing to take the blame or to focus on the problems they’re dealing with.

Their day-to-day job may seem for them boring, whereas trying all sort of crazy things to spice their life up could sound enjoyable in the beginning, it can’t win them any friends for the long term, especially if they’re no longer focused on fixing what they left behind.

This type of energy doesn’t last for too long, meaning temporary solutions for the rebellious nature need to be found.

The nervousness needs to be escaped by exercising with care. Games should be played, including the online ones, and boredom should be eliminated.

When looking at the positive side, natives of all signs can view life from different perspectives, meaning they can make incredible discoveries. They can encounter people by chance and establish friendships that are not for the long term.

As far as the stressful situations and the anxiety of the Mercury square Uranus transit are going, these can be alleviated by having important appointments scheduled for a different period.

People should think before saying something too harsh, as well as check their plans for traveling twice. More than this, they should not make any sudden decision or agree just like that with what others are saying.

If keeping their minds open, they can fix all kinds of unpleasant surprises happening in their life. For as long as Mercury is in square with Uranus, people are feeling restless and less capable of concentrating for too long.

They can find everyday tasks to be boring and should avoid being rude. When it comes to business, this is meant to happen at a fast pace, not to mention original and interesting ideas may arrive into the head of many.

All natives should be careful when using machinery and electronics, also be patient when going somewhere for traveling.

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