Moon Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Beware of Clouded Judgment

  • The birth chart conjunction between the Moon and Pluto means you are quite sensitive and very attentive to details so perceive all subtleties of life.
  • When the Moon conjunct Pluto transit is in full action, we are prone to impulsivity and lack of patience in everything we do.
  • The Moon is responsible with our emotional and temperamental makeup.
  • The conjunct aspect takes place when two planets are in the same astrological sign, thus blending their energies to create a potent mix.
  • Pluto brings changes whether you’re ready or not, and you emerge a completely new person.
  • Celebrities: Emile Zola, Mark Twain, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Wolfgang Mozart, Amelia Earhart, Ringo Starr, Jackie Weaver.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon conjunct Pluto Natal

People with the Moon conjunct Pluto in their birth chart are emotionally intense and simply love drama. They can feel anything at such a deep level that it sometimes becomes very difficult for them to react to others and different situations. Furthermore, they tend to have extreme moods, to be dark and to take things too seriously.

Those having the Moon conjunct Pluto in their birth chart are very emotional creatures. They have this strong need for everyone in their life to love them, not to mention they may still need to deal with some insecurities from their childhood most of the time. These natives need to experience life with both their body and spirit, so they’re not in any way superficial.

On the contrary, they’re capable of the most profound feelings. Many of them have had a strong bond with their mother or the feminine presence who took care of them when they were little.

However, this connection could be either of love or hate, but no matter which one, the woman who raised them will always be an active force in their life.

They can be very sensitive and perceive any problem, drama, erratic situation, dark opportunity or just the negative energies of others. This is because they were physically in tune with everything in their proximity ever since their childhood.

Others’ mother may have not trusted anyone and protected them with all of her strength when they were little, whereas, for some, the Moon and Pluto conjunction is expressing itself in a very dark way, even through violence.

No matter the expression of this transit, many of the natives having it in their birth chart seem to possess a few skeletons in their closet.

They tend to react and to have emotions according to what their intuition is telling them. Their dreams and psychic visions are very strong and vivid, but they can’t control them in any way because they have no power over their subconscious.

Therefore, all of their actions, intentions, and words will be pretty much controlled by their strong intuition and emotions. They can become emotionally satisfied next to someone who understands how deep and complex they are.

Natives with the Moon conjunct Pluto aspect in their natal chart are intense, scared of their own emotions and most of the time enduring a lot of pain they can’t explain.

This comes with compulsiveness as well, so they may often find themselves being too emotional and controlled by their most inner desires. They want to simply merge with their other half, even if the thought of it can seem a little bit scary.

In spite of all the negativity this transit is being associated with, it still can offer natives having it in their birth chart great insight and the ability to analyze others from a psychological point of view.

While it can be difficult for them to allow others into their world, they seem to understand what fears their loved ones are having and what motivates them the most.

Their trust can’t be easily gained, but as soon as this will happen, they’ll remain forever loyal to the person who managed to make them be trusting, until and if betrayal happens. It would be a good idea to not cross these natives because they can be ruthless with their revenge while.

When channeling their dark energy towards more positive things, they can start to help others to be more motivated, unafraid of the future and less self-destructive.

However, this process can’t start if those who need help are not eager to change something about their life as well.

People having the Moon conjunct Pluto in their birth chart can be very mean with others when feeling insecure. They’re suspicious and can imagine their friends are trying to screw them up.

This is because they’re terrified of betrayal and of losing their loved ones. When expecting to get betrayed most of the time, they may not even notice what makes their loved ones great and their most positive traits.

If having dark moods, paranoia and an unexplained fear can completely take over their minds. When thinking others are in control of their life, things are the other way around and they’re the ones controlling everything.

However, they can do this through manipulation, lies and the intimidation of those who seem weak. If they don’t firmly decide to address the emotional problems they used to have in the past, it’s possible for them to just sabotage themselves, especially if refusing to see the world in colors rather than only in black and white.

When in pain, they can suffer deeply and for a very long time, while some of them are so terrified of others controlling their emotions that they may simply refuse to talk to anyone and just live a solitary life, which can cause many problems for themselves and the ones who love them. They seem to cope with everyday life by keeping secrets.

The Moon conjunct Pluto aspect should be used by them to understand their feelings. When noticing their emotions can no longer be controlled, these natives are trying to take the matter into their own hands, but they’re usually ending up being too controlling.

They love to emotionally manipulate their partner, especially if their mother was very good at this and taught them what they need to know about doing it.

This is a serious problem that they should address by brainwashing it from their subconscious. This should be their number one priority if they want their relationships to be healthy.

They shouldn’t worry about what’s going to happen afterward because their subconscious has incredible healing powers and is capable of metamorphosis at any given moment. It would be easier for them to clean it after learning a few techniques of psychological self-evaluation and memory accessing.

They could meditate, read into their own dreams’ meanings, study their birth chart and their past lives. These are great ways for them to turn all of their darkness into something positive and to not become self-destructive, especially when it comes to relationships.

Their subconscious seems to have immense power, so they can manifest anything they want if they’re focusing enough.

Many having the Moon conjunct Pluto aspect in their natal chart wanted to be independent from their parents ever since young because the feelings they used to have at home were conflicting and confusing.
However, leaving their parents’ house may not have resolved their issues in the long-term, so their psyche may still be fighting them while not even being aware of it. After all, every person should confront his or her childhood pain and sufferings at some point.

These natives may discover music is a great way for them to express their emotions and the drama in their minds.

Moon conjunct Pluto Transit

During the Moon conjunct Pluto transit, people are having more premonitory dreams, better psychic abilities and some moods meant to help them know themselves better. This period is favorable for consulting a therapist or having a meaningful talk with a close friend.

Relationships with the opposite sex will be more intense and sincere as well because natives of all signs will be able to be in touch with their feelings and to understand how others perceive them and their love.

It’s very likely for many to be brought at work projects that are making them feel both excited and uncomfortable at the same time.

When it comes to their personal life, they may become so annoyed by an important person for them that they may start to bring the past back into the light and to reveal all of the mistakes this individual has made.

Many may return to old emotions and habits because they can feel unsettled with what’s happening in the present, even if this may teach them a lot of interesting things about themselves.

The Moon conjunct Pluto transit is a period in which people shouldn’t pay too much attention to their strongest feelings. Their intuition may send them the correct signals, but their logic may be obstructed and therefore, their judgment clouded.

Furthermore, they should be careful not to become obsessive or addicted to substances, behaviors, and pleasure because this period doesn’t impose any restrictions. On the other hand, it brings about many opportunities for meeting interesting and attractive people, so many will be excited and thinking they’ve found their soulmate.

However, the new person in their life may also be disturbing because he or she may be pushing them to their limits and causing some very intense emotions in them to surface.

When it comes to relationships, many natives will have to deal with the jealousy and suspicion of their partner, with threats of a breakup, unexplained guilt, and even violence or people who are physically hurting themselves.

Bad and negative characters should be kept at a distance until they learn how to behave when in a close relationship. Feelings that seem challenging can be addressed during this transit through mediation, self-evaluation techniques and a lot of understanding energy.

Some will be attracted to the rawest feelings in their close relationships, wanting to be with those who have loved them for a long period, but they shouldn’t cross any boundary and invest their energy in other projects while keeping the relationship sector as calm as possible.

If they’re working on a creative project, for example, they could analyze the feelings they’ve encountered when starting it and put them into artwork.

The Moon conjunct Pluto transit can bring about many obsessions, this being the reason why during it, relationships need to be put aside.

The intensity of emotions can be too much for many, not to mention how logic would no longer have a place in their mind. Some will have this need to become very serious with their partner, regardless if it’s their first or second date.

They’ll simply want to move as fast as the wind when it comes to their love connection and may end up alone just because of it.

Furthermore, they should avoid being too intense, possessive and jealous for the wrong reasons because they can have these feelings due to the powerful connection they’re feeling with their other half. They should keep in mind lots of people hate feeling tied down to others and just be sweet instead of suspicious and obsessive.

If feeling a deep connection between them and a person they don’t know, they should take their time to be cautious and not jump into a relationship without thinking because this transit can alter their perceptions.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting and getting to know a person better before making things serious.

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