Venus Square Saturn Natal and Transit: Making New Choices

  • If the natal chart contains a Venus Saturn square, then you must find a compromise between your professional goals and personal life commitments.
  • During the Venus square Saturn transit, you might want to be cautious about what you are telling others, not to trigger any conflicts.
  • In astrology, Venus is a planet of senses, of beauty, sensuality and romance.
  • The square aspect occurs when the two planets reside in signs that are 90 degrees apart
  • Saturn reflects on our inner potential to focus and to lead a responsible and conforming lifestyle.
  • Celebrities: Dustin Hoffman, King Henry II of France, Johnny Depp, Nigel Farage, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Anne of Great Britain, King James I of England, Anthony Hopkins, Michelle Pfeiffer, Muhammad Ali, Venus Williams.
  • Transit dates: 03 March 2020, 19 November 2020, 25 April 2021, 17 September 2021, 18 June 2022, 07 November 2022, 14 April 2023, 01 January 2024, 28 October 2024, 01 August 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus square Saturn Natal

This sign might have it the worst out of all the other signs when Venus is square Saturn in their birth chart. If this is you, then you know all too well how hard it is for you to go through life.

Why? Because you’re not getting what you truly desire out of it, and that’s love and affection. At least not without having to struggle a great deal for it. During this positioning, people will be experiencing a multitude of hardships and difficulties in life.

All such misfortune will cause them to create a mental and emotional block which will be hard to remove. This will prevent such individuals from being in touch with their emotions or feelings.

Love, affection, and compassion will come hard to those born under Venus square Saturn and they’ll most likely resort to solitude, which will in return make them feel depressed.

Their insecurities are none for the better either, adding more strain to their emotional streak, and further preventing them from expressing their feelings freely or behaving as they’d like in public, unrestrained by their fears.

Saturn won’t be helping that much either if it’ll be positioned in the fourth house, pushing people into solitude and detachment due to their selfish behavior.

These people are bound to be in pursuit of wealth which will often affect their choice of partners or romantic situation. Most of the time, they will either look to attract younger partners with their financial status, or people will be attracted to them due to their wealth. Either way, there will usually be an age gap between them and their marital partner.

Financial issues might appear in their investments. Problems at home with their folks might start arising. These people ought to learn to compromise between joy and duty, taking a more responsible approach to life. While they might have a high aptitude in art from a technical point of view, their imagination and innovative sense might be lacking.

When it comes to love, these people will encounter hardships around every corner. While they desire love and affection above all else, they are deprived of it almost constantly. While it isn’t always their fault, more often than it is them that bring this detrimental flaw within their lives.

Their sense of insecurity, anxiousness, and fears prevent love from flourishing. They’ll constantly doubt if their loved ones are there to stay, often fearing that they’ll be left for someone better.

Their own poor opinion about themselves will exude from them and eventually push loved ones away. To enjoy a fun, comforting romantic life, they first have to learn to appreciate themselves and their qualities. Only then will they understand how good a relationship that they work on is and how long it can last.

The constant sense of insecurity and fear of seclusion are things that these people can experience from their youthful years.

This often stems from their upbringing. If they received affection and encouragement in their early days, they will carry that with them into adulthood, but the case isn’t so joyful.

Their parents usually don’t provide as much moral support or love and the constant judgment they receive at such a young age is brought into the present, bringing anxiousness and depression into their life.

While this square positioning of the planets affects people negatively, it also brings forth the possibility for self-improvement.

It is understandable that the frequency at which they experience hardships can be detrimental to them, but the only method they can persevere is to learn how to see themselves for the beautiful people they are.

Appreciating and loving one’s self can go great ways and becoming aware of their worth will save them from having to miss out on loving passionately and freely and being loved back.

Venus square Saturn Transit

When there is a transition of Venus square of Saturn, you’ll probably tend to be a mood killer for those around you.

To keep any fights or drama at bay, you might want to dial it down on socializing a bit, but try not to completely detach yourself. Accept the affection and attention you’re being given; else you’ll find yourself in a pickle with your lover or friends.

You’ll probably be feeling under the weather quite a lot during this period. Don’t fret too much, while it can feel horrible, this too shall pass, it is but a short period of distress. But due to things being the way they are, you will most definitely encounter issues in your social, romantic and financial life.

Socially, you’ll seem aloof and more than just detached, even unresponsive. In your love life, you’ll probably not feel like expressing your feelings all that much which will be a letdown for your partner.

Financially speaking, you’ll be prone to making poor decisions during this period, so try refraining for spending that much money. You’ll get the urge to do so but will surely regret it later, throwing a tantrum fit in the process.

Probably the best choice regarding this is staying put on the premise of your home, thinking about the most efficient way to spend money or make plans regarding this or even spend some time catching up on work.

After all, what’s there to lose. It’s much better than doing what your mood tells you to do, which is be a cold bastard to your friends or make your lover feel unwanted. This also applies to entrepreneurial events of any sort.

You’ll most likely give off the impression that you don’t belong or have no idea what is going due to your behavior, which let’s be honest, you surely don’t want.

While I’m sure this is a difficult trial for you, the time will soon come when you can walk in your shoes again. Until then, lay down the battle plans for your future and come up with methods on how to fulfill your goals.

While it is understandable that during this time you’ll be lacking the determination to be productive, it is paramount of you to keep working on what you have right now, especially when it comes to your love and business life.

You must keep being diligent to keep your life from going downhill and disappointing the people that have been there for you.

We get it, life’s been rough on you lately and you’re feeling more than down because of it. Which is understandable. But you tend to make the worst out of anything. Life is often what you make of it, and you usually see things differently than what they are.

While negativity will be waiting around the corner, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to change things for the better. It’s up to you if you want to stay in your bubble of depression or get out of it and enjoy some time spent with your spouse or friends.

Speaking of which, letting your insecurities run rampant is the perfect recipe for disaster. Not answering to the affection and attention your receiving will most probably drive those around you away.

Your gray view on life will exhaust those that care about you eventually. So, try getting a hold of yourself, life’s not that bad, you have people that care about you, a job and a roof over your head. Sure, things are getting pretty tough, but you’ll get through it with enough determination and hard work.

Another issue you’ll encounter is your feeling of guilt. You’ll be making some mistakes during this period which will make you feel an abundance of culpability.

Sure, sometimes it will be held accountable for your misfortune, but keep in mind that you might be feeling much more guilt than you should.

You have to learn how to analyze situations, appreciate and love yourself and learn your self-worth if you are to change things towards the better.

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