Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit: Holding Back Frustrations

  • Someone with a natal Mars Saturn conjunction will explore the different areas of their personality and will be quite afraid to settle to just one image.
  • The Mars conjunct Saturn transit prompts us to take a deep and hard look at ourselves and change our negative behaviors.
  • In astrology, Mars symbolizes movement, freedom of action, striving against all obstacles and desire to be in control.
  • The conjunct aspect is formed when two planets travel reside in the same zodiac sign and mutually influence their qualities, thus working in unity.
  • Saturn influences us to respect our promises and limits our run away from responsibilities.
  • Celebrities: Jeff Bridges, Eddie Izzard, Rihanna, Henry Winkler, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Pablo Escobar, Margaret Mead.
  • Transit dates: 31 March 2020, 04 April 2022, 10 April 2024, 19 April 2026, 30 April 2028, 16 May 2030, 03 June 2032.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars conjunct Saturn Natal

People born during the Mars conjunct Saturn transit are more determined than others and always ready to invest all of their efforts in achieving their goals. Their Mars is influencing them to be sexual and creative, whereas Saturn comes with its ethics and discipline.

As it is the tradition with the Mars conjunct Saturn natal, this aspect is making people keep their feelings inside and not express their anger or rudeness. When looking at natives born during it, it can be noticed how they have problems expressing their dark side or making efforts to develop their careers.

They’re holding themselves back and while caring, generous and tolerant with other people in their life, they can’t seem to know anything about timing, especially when it comes to them to do something for themselves.

Natives born during the Mars conjunct Saturn transit are all the time trying to change their desires and have a fear of asserting or defining themselves in a precise manner. They tend to give up too often, especially when the world doesn’t seem to offer them what they’re asking for.

It’s very likely for them to think of projects and to take too much time before starting to work on them, which can’t be changed, perhaps after investing many sustained efforts.

If they make some changes about this, however, it’s because they’re trying to deal with their fears and the unbalance in their desires. It would be a good thing for them to accomplish all this because they’d feel more secure this way.

People having the Mars conjunct Saturn in their natal chart need to exercise heavily at least 3 times a week if it’s for them to keep being healthy all the time. They’re very serious about making their dreams come true and feeling like they’re supposed to mind their own business all the time.

Hardworking, ready to invest many efforts in their endeavors and focusing on a single project can help them get what they want when they want it.

These people are masters of self-control, but they can also deny themselves the fact that they’re talented, which can impede them from accomplishing anything. When facing difficulties, they’ll have enough patience to deal with them and to invest all of their efforts in finding solutions.

These natives usually feel like there’s no one else besides themselves on whom they can rely, so they can take on any responsibility and deal with it in the most disciplined way, but the fact that they’re expecting too much from both themselves and others could be a real problem for them. They’re often putting obstacles in their way, more when not trusting their abilities.

Natives born during the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect may think others are working against them and be too weak to ever take the initiative, which can make them feel very frustrated.

However, they’re also enduring and determined enough to overcome any difficult situation. As said before, they’re hardworking, strong, resourceful and bold, no matter how dangerous the circumstances in which they’re involved may be. It’s very likely some of them will suffer a lot in life, even from a physical point of view, by having more or less serious handicaps.

If the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect in their birth chart is negatively afflicted, people can turn into angry, mean and aggressive individuals who are only influencing others in a bad way.

Those with a heavy Mars conjunct Saturn aspect may be destructive out of their own will, tyrannical and abusive, not to mention they can suppress their anger most of the time and explode at some point when others are least expecting.

Regardless of the afflictions at their birth, all the individuals brought into the world during the Mars conjunct Saturn are uptight and strong, whereas those of them having a weak Sun sign are big procrastinators with no ambition whatsoever.

Disciplined and very organized, they at least know how to save money, but they aren’t very good with timing, this causing many of the conflicts in their life and their fear of taking action.

It’s difficult for them to control their energy, not to mention they seem to have a special talent at making enemies.

Those of them with a heavily afflicted aspect can suffer from the complex of persecution and have sexual problems or with their health, according to what sign Mars is occupying in their natal chart.

They may not end up possessing real power if they’ve been abused in the past. As mentioned before, the Mars conjunct Saturn transit is known to bring about frustrations and difficulties in expressing negative feelings.

Not being able to come in contact with their darkest side and to make their strange thoughts known, they can have problems in their career, especially from a creative point of view.

In case Mars conjunct Saturn in the birth chart is in a negative aspect with a fixed star, people with such placement should expect to see the evil manifestation of this position. The best thing for them would be to express themselves creatively and as positively as possible.

Mars is the planet known to make natives focus more on their goals, so those with true passions, no matter how dark, need to only be disciplined and determined enough to succeed, to turn the energies coming to them from the Universe into efficient and optimistic endeavors, not something destructive for both themselves and others.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

During the Mars conjunct Saturn transit, people are more focused on important issues, not to mention matters that require their complete attention are making them feel more motivated than usual.

While many may want to take care of their responsibilities very quickly during this transit, they may end up feeling frustrated in case they keep continuing working at a very fast pace.

They may be required to deal with bigger responsibilities than usual and face difficulties with authority figures. Taking action in new directions when it comes to their old problems can have them coming out of their shell more easily.

However, they need to be focused on what matters the most because only this way, they’ll make real progress in life.

Some people may feel truly challenged when it comes to being more disciplined and even practical, also as far as planning for the future goes because they may simply not want to do it. Everyone would rather throw themselves head-first and not have a plan, defying any serious matter coming their way.

Things will happen in a non-cooperative way, so many will experience delays, frustrating obstacles and interact with people who are only impeding them from getting what they want.

In case they’ll act according to their frustrations, they may struggle to get by, day after day, for as long as Mars is in conjunction with Saturn.

When slowing down, being more patient and organizing themselves for mundane activities, they may get to accomplish everything they desire and be more productive than ever.

This transit is beneficial for starting new business projects or giving up on those who are no longer serving them a purpose.

Many people should talk with their mentors, older people and the ones they’re trusting the most. When it comes to physicality, they may feel the need to push themselves to the limits, but they can also force others to become more active and to work hard by their side. They may ask those who aren’t taking care too much of their body to make a change when it comes to this matter.

The calmer and more composed natives of all signs will be during the Mars conjunct Saturn transit, the more they’ll get to accomplish great things. Both these planets are malefic and always present at important moments in people’s lives because they’re a combination of fire and coldness, but one that’s usually disastrous.

The less-evolved individuals will get to feel the conjunction between them very seriously, by having their animal side revealed and all of their passions coming to life.

For this reason, they should act in a temperate way and not pay too much attention to their strongest desires because this may cause them to lose their center, and they’ll start acting on impulse or do things they’ll later on regret with all of their heart.

In case the lunar aspects are as well evil for them, they’ll not have a good time at all, so the effects of the Mars conjunct Saturn on them will be too strong and according to the other directions taken by different placements in their chart.

However, they need to keep in mind the conjunction between Mars and Saturn is asking them to keep everything in their life in correct proportions, especially if they want to have balance in their life.

In case they wouldn’t know how to control themselves, they’d exaggerate with either the manifestation of Mars or the one of Saturn, but never with both at the same time, meaning this period is critical for everyone.

The energy coming their way from the conjunction between these two celestial bodies will make people feel angrier than usual, meaner and more vengeful. However, in case they’ll focus their physical efforts on something creative, they’ll manage to be productive and optimistic most of the time.

Those who are lazy and ignorant during the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect will most likely get to feel frustrated and that their life is becoming more and more difficult. For this reason, they shouldn’t just go with the flow and take the initiative when required to.

Being impatient will only have them destroying themselves, not to mention the negative energy of this transit is also known to make everyone more violent and rude. It is a period when risks shouldn’t be taken or wars fought.

People should just spend their time at home and avoid doing dangerous activities. More than this, they should use the energy of the previously mentioned aspect in a productive and even creative manner.

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