Sun Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit: Sticking to Old Plans

  • The natal opposition between the Sun and Neptune signals someone who is highly critical of themselves and what they can achieve.
  • Pay attention to the Sun opposite Neptune transit because you are more likely to be cheated or become disillusioned with someone’s promises.
  • In astrology, the Sun about taking risks by expressing ourselves is accordance to our true personalities.
  • When two planets oppose each other, their energies are in a confrontational state and tensions are likely to arise.
  • In astrology, Neptune is the planet of dreams and inspiration, it helps bring the beauty in our lives to more subtle spiritual levels but also makes us more addicted.
  • Celebrities: Kanye West, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Mel B, Russell Brand, Bindi Sue Irwin, Poppy King, Stephen Foster.
  • Transit dates: 11 September 2020, 14 September 2021, 16 September 2022, 19 September 2023, 20 September 2024, 23 September 2025, 25 September 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun opposite Neptune Natal

Far from being competitive, people born during the Sun opposite Neptune transit prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible in order to protect their fragile ego.

If abused or subjected to any form of violence, they’re becoming weaker. When others are threatening them, they tend to run away, but they can also use different strategies in order to get the power.

Therefore, they can become deceptive, big liars and cheating players. However, it’s possible for many of them to discover ego battles can be won without being direct, even if they’d be stressed to not get caught.

As a matter of fact, this could tremendously hurt their ego and leave them lacking any trace of self-confidence. In such a situation, they should just be direct and address any issue they may be having with others because things in their life will get to be soon understood.

Those born during the Sun opposite Neptune aspect can have a very wrong impression about themselves because the Sun is all about the ego and the expressive self, whereas Neptune is the ruler of the unknown, of everything that’s profound and spiritual.

The energy spread by these two celestial bodies goes beyond shape and reality, not to mention it surrounds everything it reaches, making natives having the Sun opposite Neptune transit in their birth chart open to any possibility.

Since they’re more in touch with the spiritual world, they can manifest great things they’re dreaming of while understanding the true meaning of their manifestations and how these are connected to the Divine.

Therefore, all of their thoughts, ideas, emotions, and dreams are coming from the Universe, but nothing can be certain for them until addressed in a realistic way.

It’s very likely for people having the Sun opposite Neptune transit in their birth chart to be confused about subjects like religion, love and interpersonal relationships.

Furthermore, they can have a weak character and underestimate their ability to do only good and to succeed in life.

Being very emotional and struggling to hide it, these people may escape in fantasies about perfect romances, becoming easier prey for the illusory realm.

They also have this tendency to sacrifice themselves for others and after resent the idea that they may have been used.

In case the planet Neptune is in an angular position in their chart, they can be convinced by their loved ones to become fraudulent or involved in many scandals.

They have a sensitive soul when it comes to both human beings and animals, but their emotions can sometimes impede them from learning from their past mistakes.

For this reason, they need to remain sincere, objective and ready to make an effort when required. Many may believe they’re special and meant to do great things, but in fact, they’d be victims of an illusion.

Having a mystical air and being highly imaginative, these natives are all the time in sync with different dimensions existent in their consciousness, which means they can be easily guided by teachers, mentors and even astral formations.

All of their limits can be softened in the event in which they’re truly connected with the collective and focused on fighting for humanitarian causes.

However, all this means they can easily get confused when distinguishing themselves from others, a situation in which they’d become self-destructive because they’d be overwhelmed by feelings and become addicted to different substances or bad behaviors.

It’s very important for them to not become reliant on such things while feeling discouraged as they’d only be artificially confident.

It’s true every human being needs to sometimes escape reality, but natives of the Sun opposite Neptune transit need to keep in mind they’re very sensitive to drugs, alcohol and any other means of making them feel ecstatic.

More than this, they need to protect themselves against infections and contagious diseases. They may experience some weirdness and be fascinated by mysteries much more than others.

Being suspicious about their own health and visiting the doctor as often as possible can help them protect themselves against all the problems they may encounter.

Furthermore, it’s suggested for them to avoid idealizing people and adopting all the stray animals in the neighborhood. A great way for these people to keep their ego healthy is to master their own creative talents and be spiritual.

The fact that they have compassion and are idealistic is making them more confident to express themselves, especially if they’re working with charities or as politicians.

Being creative, many of them could become very famous dancers, writers, designers and so on.

Sun opposite Neptune Transit

During the Sun opposite Neptune transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more open and sincere, also able to protect themselves against weaknesses. It’s very likely for many to be misunderstood by others, especially those of them who are taking everything for granted.

They should pay attention to not end up being misguided or doing this to others themselves. In case they have only pure intentions and aren’t expecting too much of others, they can dissolve any barrier, either imaginary or real, present in their relationships. In case they can’t avoid the harsh reality by making their life easier, they should be more cautious around people in order to not become disappointed, at least for as long as this transit is lasting.

They tend to be afraid of competition and prefer to avoid people who are too assertive. Having weak defenses, individuals with bad intentions can come into their lives and take advantage of their goodness.

There are many out there who are only looking to scam and trick others into doing things for them and therefore, very dangerous individuals, especially during the Sun opposite Neptune aspect.

People need to avoid trusting others too much, also to say no from time to time and to sign papers only after reading them very well.

This is a period when new relationships and commitments shouldn’t start because no one is clear about what intentions others may have, neither possessing a too clear way of thinking. There’s no place for middle grounds for as long as the Sun is in opposition from Neptune.

The more people are lying and using manipulative approaches, the more they’re only digging up a big hole for themselves.

Those being discouraged and facing disappointments will be tempted to escape reality by using many drugs, which can be very bad for them because this opposition is known to cause addictions and even overdoses.

The day in which the Sun is in opposition from Neptune isn’t favorable for establishing new connection as all the natives are moodier and less perceptive.

They may only see and hear what they want, so their vision may not be at all clear. As far as work goes, they may not understand what their colleagues want of them, causing their group projects to go to waste for no important reason.

When it comes to relationships, many won’t be able to listen to these because they’d be too preoccupied with their own feelings.

Therefore, the Sun opposite Neptune aspect is famous for not reading people too well and for sending the wrong messages, no matter how much attention is being paid. Furthermore, this period is not at all favorable for any type of interaction with others, neither for making decisions.

It doesn’t last for too long, so people should just wait for its day to pass and after return to what they were doing as they’d no longer be confused or unable to determine which is the right path for them in life.

Their mind will clear itself anyway in a few days after the previously mentioned transit, so they’ll manage to solve their problems then.

In case their life or professional success depends a lot on making a quick decision during the Sun opposition Neptune aspect, they should ask a friend or colleague for advice before acting. This way, they won’t do anything regretful because this period is famous for such outcomes.

Because many will be too easy to convince during the same transit, they should pay a lot of attention when others are offering them their services, papers to sign and even presents.

Others may act in painful ways and end up being unappreciated by others, mostly because situations would be strange and misunderstandings would appear every step of the way. This is the same reason why alcohol and other substances that are altering the judgment should be avoided too.

No one should make important decisions regarding business because they may not have all the necessary information and make the poorest decisions that wouldn’t be in any way based on facts, not to mention this period is known to have many people deceiving others, even their friends and loved ones.

The day in which the Sun is in opposition from Neptune, natives of all signs shouldn’t take on responsibilities and focus more on their spiritual existence.

Paying attention to what their own soul needs and desires, they may want to escape reality, especially those of them who aren’t that rational the rest of the year either.

This would probably the biggest challenge for them when it comes to expressing their individuality, as the soul is known to always wait for its nourishment.

Forces opposing each other and more undeveloped characters will come to the surface while the Sun is in opposition from Neptune, being more powerful and determined to conquer than ever.

The more innocent should prepare themselves for a period of confusion, as well for putting many of their plans on hold because failure may emerge every step of the way. However, they should continue working on their projects because they’ll surely benefit from the rewards of their hard work later.

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