Uranus Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Confusing Visions

  • The Uranus Neptune conjunction in the natal chart means your ingenuity and curiosity guide all your actions.
  • The Uranus conjunct Neptune transit nudges us into channelling our unconventional side.
  • In astrology, Uranus is about breaking rules and demolishing established patterns or structures.
  • The conjunct aspect is formed when two planets travel together in the same zodiac sign, so they work as a team and combine their energies in a unity.
  • In astrology, Neptune is the celestial ruler of the unconscious, of all things subtle in life, of devotions and addictions, of what we do to escape the world we are in.
  • Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Liam Payne, Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Ulysses S Grant, Gustave Flaubert, Ariana Grande, Louis Pasteur, Dakota Fanning, Charles Baudelaire, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus conjunct Neptune Natal

Those with this planetary positioning in their birth chart are instinctive, kind, unique, and incredibly obstinate individuals. They have a sharp creative energy with a highly attuned mind and emotional compass.

Their sensitivity to their surroundings is off the charts and they are gravely affected by the energies of the signs and houses. As long as these individuals are well balanced, they can become creative virtuosi. They tend to end up engaged with mysterious otherworldly social orders and faith-built associations.

The ingenuity of these people and their originality runs rampant and provides them with the required tools to make a change in the world as they know it.

They are capable of making leaps towards the progress of society from both a soulful as well as the scientific point of view. Others mind find it difficult being around them due to this unconventional persona they have going on, but that’s simply how things are with them.

When it comes to matters related to the connection of Uranus with Neptune, humanity has always experienced some sort of rousing of the senses, the awakening of a sense of connection, of bonding with the unseen, the mystical, the spirit of the world and the universe. This can easily be seen in the evolution of belief and faith systems all around the world.

There is a deeper meaning to the spirit and purpose of life that humanity feels closest to during this period.

With this planetary positioning, it’s all about heightening the consciousness, the spirit as opposed to emphasizing the body.

It’s about connecting with the meaning of the universe, the purpose of the stars and the role of the soul in all of this. Humanity seeks to rid itself of the physicality of life and enrich their spiritual experience and awareness due to this awakening.

An individual with Uranus conjunct Neptune in their birth chart may be seen as revolutionaries, agitators, by those around them, but they ought to remember there is a purpose and higher meaning to this behavior.

They have a desire for recognition, their personality enjoys the pleasure and high brought by praise and why shouldn’t they. After all, it is them that provide the world with more insight into how things can be done and enjoyed.

That’s why most of the time, people think of them as social and humanitarian innovators filled with familiarity and pleasantness towards their way of being.

They know how unique and important they are in this world and they understand that share this state of being with the rest of their generation of spiritually elevated individuals.

Almost as they are supernaturally bonded with the rest of their kin and their intellect. But even so, independence and freedom are of great importance to these people, which might push them towards a negative outcome.

Due to their struggles to differentiate themselves from the crowd, they might either separate themselves from the herd for a while only to return, unsatisfied and saddened by the outcome, or they might remain separated and filled with angst due to the lack of purpose or goals.

Uranus conjunct Neptune Transit

When Uranus is conjunct with Neptune, this nudges people into channeling their unconventional side.

They become more original and imaginative and their expressive methods of handling things bring people closer, influencing them to gather around this free spirit that indulges itself into the matters of the soul and ethics in a never seen before manner.

This period is giving you a spiritual wake up call. You’ll be more in touch with everything around you and with your inner self.

Details that you wouldn’t have noticed before are now clearer than daylight and you’re able to properly enjoy and appreciate the smaller, exquisite things in life.

Anything that is superficial or unnecessary is now to no avail for you and you’ll most likely start exploring your artistic side. All in all, the way you express yourself is now rawer and clearer and those around you notice that too.

This transit will shake the very foundation of your belief systems and spiritual comprehension. You will be granted a supernatural sight that enables you to notice things that you didn’t before, which might seem scary at first, but you will quickly get used to any new experiences you encounter during this period.

Due to your new way of viewing the world, you’ll be prone to experience a change in your overall tastes for all aspects of life.

With all these new, foreign outside stimuli to your consciousness, you’ll be bound to experience a multitude of emotional oscillations caused by your newfound high emotional sensitivity.

This might be eerie to you at first, but in hindsight, it will also provide you with opportunities to sharpen your senses and to filter the subtle differences you encounter in daily life. All in all, your new-found supernatural insight will provide clarity to what used to be shrouded in confusion.

While in the past you may have had the tendency to ignore stress-inducing situations and information, you will no longer have such a commodity due to your awakened senses.

You’ll be given the obligation to conquer your fears and anxieties to properly take advantage of your spiritual sight and get used to the truth of the world, instead of straying away from it.

You are prone to experiencing frightening visions that might leave you confused but after understanding them, you’ll be given the means to create a clearer view of the world and to build spiritual goals towards fulfillment.

During this period, you’ll be going through events that will most likely trigger a sense of awakening and realization that there is more to the world surrounding you which will most bring new thrills into your life that are bound to arouse your ingenuity and originality.

While the end result might be good, you might also be prone to overindulging in psychoactive substances or letting yourself tricked by false information or individuals that wish to benefit off of your efforts.

Putting the negative aspects aside, this is a period of creative expression for you. Taking advantage of your artistic abilities will rid you of stress and bring forth newfound joy and a sense of freedom.

You’ll also be able to communicate and enjoy social activities much more than in the past which will enable you to create new and joyful bonds with those around you.

Given all of this freedom, you ought to take advantage of it and ensure your inner artist is set free and indulge itself in all the glory art provides. You can also explore your scientific side and indulge yourself in researches towards the greater good of humanity.

This is a period of foreign, mind-boggling experiences filled with visions of the future and epic, imaginative research. Whether this is due to your intellectual machinations or those of others remains to be seen.

Anything mundane is off the menu for you. You’re all about the extraordinary and uncommon which will, in turn, shake the basis of the current knowledge of mankind. Your unconventional methods are bound to bring forth newfound discoveries.

Given the nature this planetary positioning provides, you’re bound to leave humanity in awe with your helpful, unorthodox inventions, most probably in the field of medical science, that will bring society towards its full potential.

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