Mercury Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit: Straight to The Point

  • Someone with a natal Mercury Saturn conjunction prefers to work by themselves and takes a while to trust others.
  • When the Mercury conjunct Saturn transit occurs, some past issues become clarified and we can finally move on from past limitations.
  • In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and mental processes, responsible with how we express ourselves, trade and transportation.
  • The conjunct aspect means that the two planets traveling in the same zodiac sign are blended, their energies fused and made to work together.
  • In astrology, Saturn is about discipline, responsibilities, dealing with authority and limitations in life.
  • Celebrities: Albert Einstein, Georges Simenon, Princess Anne, John D Rockefeller, Edward IV of England, Bob Geldof.
  • Transit dates: 12 January 2020, 09 January 2021, 02 March 2022, 02 March 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Saturn Natal

People born during the Mercury conjunct Saturn aspect are serious, cautious, self-disciplined, coherent, fast, always thinking about the future, a little bit egotistical, precise and most of the time paying attention to their duties.

Their way of thinking is truly profound and they’re also intellectually ambitious, yet they may often not get all the recognition they actually deserve.

More than this, they know how to plan, to listen and to observe, not to mention their scientific mind can be all about closing and managing important businesses, as well focused on architecture.

For this reason, they prefer to work by themselves. In case any negative thought is taking over their mind, they can lose themselves in pessimism and depressive moods. Besides, they also need to deal with addictions and to fight destroying themselves.

There are a few negative influences of Saturn that can make them extremely fearful and very pessimistic. When this is happening, they can become harsh, criticizing, as well as mean. This is why their relationships can suffer.

Regardless of how much they’re struggling, people born during the Mercury conjunct Saturn aspect are never feeling in accordance with self-expressions means, no matter if these are verbal or written.

They simply should appreciate themselves at their true worth. Being inhibited is most of the time only in their minds. While many of them could have been quiet when young, there’s the consciousness they’re having when it comes to their speech, something they had even before they learned how to talk.

These people are serious when it comes to their state of mind, meaning they’re great intellectuals.

Looking at astrology and its beginnings, it can be seen conjunctions are all about the merging powers of the planets involved, meaning characters are mixing and forming new ones, depending on how the celestial bodies are expressing themselves and how the individuals are being affected.

The conjunction between Mercury and Saturn is very difficult to understand because when it is taking place, it’s like a completely new planet emerges, giving natives its unforeseen traits.

This type of transformation is directly proportional to the closeness of the conjunction. This aspect in birth charts is making people more careful, closed-up and level-headed.

Those born during it are profound in their way of thinking, capable of learning and studying, as well as of discussions and remembering the most important things. They tend to be avoidant when talking about superficial matters, not to mention they like to investigate.

More than this, they usually need theoretical evidences to no longer keep being skeptical. When working, they’re cautious, precise, self-disciplined and productive. In the luckiest circumstances, they’re as well organized, good workers and efficient at respecting the rules, also meticulous.

This is why the writers with impeccable grammar and an interesting style have been born during this period.

When it comes to their ambitions, they’re highly motivated, always in control and willing to invest all of their efforts to make their dreams come true. These people possess a disciplined mind and can learn from any situation in which they have to respect a hierarchy, meaning it’s easy for them to graduate and obtain a diploma.

Besides, they’re good at engineering, exact sciences and architecture, which means they’re able to adhere to any strict process and to respect instructions, as well their structure.

More than this, they’re comfortable when having to address a large number of people, even if they’re not at all interested in discussing something else than intellectual matters. It’s important for them to never allow their minds to be limited.

These natives love working hard and being conscientious when studying, putting words on paper and talking.

More than this, they’re good at studying images, meaning this can help them through all their life stages. If the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn in their birth chart is being afflicted, they can become very sad and can start thinking only of negative things. When this aspect is not being afflicted in their birth chart, they’re starting to be criticizing, doubtful and too worried.

They can become successful by being hardworking and persistent, but they’re too stubborn when it comes to matters that have nothing to do with tradition.

When they’re occupying their mind with industrious labor that’s bringing everyone satisfaction, the positiveness of Saturn becomes reinforced. Only then, they’re starting to respect themselves more because they can notice how responsible they are and how good at mastering their field of work.

These natives can lose themselves discussing the most important topics, but this is only bringing them more respect and even authority, not to mention they’re always supportive when talking and therefore, very good advisers.

What they want to do the most in life is to get busy and to interact with intelligent people. However, they need to be all the time encouraged to think positively.

Being all the time encouraged and repeated that they’re good can make them more productive because this is the brilliance of this confusing aspect between Mercury and Saturn.

Mercury conjunct Saturn Transit

The Mercury conjunct Saturn transit is known to make people more criticizing in the way they’re thinking, meaning they should seriously work with this when being challenged from a mental point of view. Without training their intelligence, the mind of natives can dwell on the negative side, which can have them stuck in a rut.

This type of thinking can have people depressed and uneasy to communicate. Harshness and words of critique can bring about problems to their relationships because they can become colder and isolated.

During the Mercury conjunct Saturn transit, many are feeling like they’re engaged in something serious and that they need to focus or to keep everything logical.

They can deal with any challenge and still keep some sort of perspective while moving forward. This is happening in such a contradictory manner because they’re only seeing what’s negative and the problems when it comes to the businesses they’re dealing with.

For as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn, many may feel the pressure of having to be meticulous and straight to the point, so they are, but at the same time, they’re watching to have some illusory expectations from themselves and to be too self-appreciative. They can as well have the most serious discussions with powerful people and bosses.

They shouldn’t worry too much while this transit is in place, which is only for one day, because the next one will be clearer and they’ll be more realistic when it comes to appreciating what they’ve accomplished.

Old assignments they’ve worked on should be brought into the light because some old papers they’ve been working on could be put into reports and communicative means.

Many can discover they’re more disciplined in their way of thinking and speaking, as well as writing, especially during the week of the Mercury conjunct Saturn transit. Serious talks are in their place, so discussions that have been kept hidden should be approached and taken to completion.

Strangely enough, when people are not performing their duties, their energy is getting consumed more easily.

Many people can feel like they no longer have any worry and that they should take care of the problems they’ve been reluctant towards. More than this, the Mercury conjunct Saturn transit is perfect for planning and taking care of any endeavor.

Others should make lists with what they need to get done and after complete their projects. Organization and priorities are important, not to mention the list should be kept in an important location.

The following months of this transit are usually keeping people on track for many months after. When it comes to addressing how heavy this placement is, positive ways of thinking and working the brain towards important tasks and routines can be very important.

This time is requiring heavy concentration, a lot of patience and judgments to be sound. Businesses and working with papers should be in favor. When it comes to common sense, paying attention to details and thinking long-term, this period is perfect for making plans on the long-term.

Any serious discussion when it comes to how hard life is can have good results, for example, if people are talking about the abused and those who are not being favored by others. Some may decide to act as mentors and many may come to them for advice.

This period is meant to promote serious talks and to avoid superficiality. Whereas some may feel restricted in their movements and limited to their learning, they can focus on what’s important and benefit from it.

Don’t forget that the Mercury conjunct Saturn transit is good for starting a specific course and focus on things that can hold people’s attention.

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