Saturn Square Uranus Natal and Transit: Remain Self-Aware

  • Someone with a natal Saturn Uranus square may have a hard time when it comes to making important decisions.
  • During the Saturn square Uranus transit, people will be challenged to escape their personal frustrations and challenges.
  • The planet Saturn speaks about the personal boundaries in our lives and pushes us to work with and against them, in order to achieve our goals.
  • The square aspect contains a tension that need to be integrated in the two areas of life that the planets are governing, before the individual can be at peace.
  • Uranus is about the radical thinking that advances the world.
  • Celebrities: Roseanne, Thomas Hardy, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, George Eliot, John Cena, Paul Cézanne, Helmut Kohl, Brutus de Villeroi.
  • Transit dates: 14 February 2021, 14 June 2021, 24 December 2021, 07 January 2043, 24 May 2043, 21 November 2043.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn square Uranus Natal

People born during the Saturn square Uranus aspect are in love with their freedom, aware of themselves and interested in progress.

More than this, they’re responsible and appreciative when it comes to stable environments brought on by tradition. Inner conflicts as far as freedom is going and as well being responsible is what’s causing them to feel a lot of tension and to become more creative.

The conflicts that can appear between their conservatory and extreme tendencies can make them anxious and very sad, which can cause difficulties to appear in the long run.

These natives are tyrannical, superficial, egotistical, stubborn, fascinating, manipulative and unable to adapt. It’s difficult for them to adapt, not to mention they can act like they know everything.

When it comes to their identity, they’re always focused not to go over any limit in terms of the freedom of what they’re choosing and the way they’re acting, allowing their thinking, feelings, and physicality to manifest in a controlled manner.

A lot of this is protecting them against feeling insecure and emerges from their agitated personality and some insecure feelings.

Problems may appear for them when they’re trying to solve other ones, by working with attitudes they’re already having and that have failed. These people are often finding their need to change to be bothering, not to mention their intuition is telling them to fear failure or bad things can happen into their life.

When having to make any decision pertaining to new situations, those born under the Saturn square Uranus may believe it’s difficult to come to any conclusion unless they’re discovering ways to do it this way, unless they’re coming across methods to reinforce their old attitudes and predilections.

In case new paths need to be followed, they’re becoming difficult and may try to return to their old ways. Giving their best to act responsibly and to be loyal, as well as free to be themselves is a continuous fight for these natives.

This means they need to end their relationships suddenly and to change their careers. When disagreeing regarding commitment, they can end up having a temper. They may as well go through conflicts with their superiors and authorities.

It’s very likely they’re having difficulties when it comes to respecting the rules that are limiting their freedom, their imagination and the ways in which they’re expressing themselves.

In case Saturn in their birth chart is strong, they may look to preserve their opinions when it comes to social matters and the political problems being discussed.

However, if they’re opposing changes, it’s very likely for their feeling of security to disappear. In case Uranus is the strong one, they may have the tendency to act rebellious, but if they’re changing situations in a sudden manner, they need to remember their experiences and pay attention to the details that had them fail.

These natives usually have an opposing effect on other people, meaning they can encourage both their friends and opponents to make changes.

These people can become activists for human rights and environmental issues. However, it’s very unlikely for them to rebel because they want to make changes from inside the system.

As said before, in case Saturn is strong in their birth chart, they may look to express their opinions as much as possible when it comes to social matters and political questions, but if they’re opposing changes, they can lose their feeling of security.

The influence of Uranus can have these people rebelling against authority, but if they’re deciding to make changes too suddenly, they need a lot of experience and to focus on details.

Their entire lives, they may need to look for the balance between their duties and what’s giving them freedom. For this reason, they need to learn what cooperation and compromise are.

These natives are feeling at their best when they can function in a system in which they’re free and can make their decisions.

Whereas the tests and what seems challenging may teach them to learn how to balance routine with excitement, matters of religion with those of scientific research, conservatory, and democratic choices, how to make the difference insanity and craziness.

In case they’re rebelling a lot, they can lose the support of others, as well the security they so much need for their success to be attained. Having a routine and limits in any situation can block their imagination and increase the tension until they’re becoming angry.

When ignoring every rule and the moral code imposed by society, they can be called freaks by others, or even worse.

Therefore, people born during the Saturn square Uranus transit need to be themselves and to do what they want in life because this can have them more practical and moderate when it comes to ethics.

Saturn square Uranus Transit

During the Saturn square Uranus transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac need more freedom so their experiences are more serious and urgent. This is making them oppose limitations and everyday responsibilities.

As a matter of fact, what’s the most difficult during this period is the apparition of tensions that have been recently ignored, so many may feel like they’re going to implode or explode if they’re not making any change for the pressure they’re feeling to be released.

This is a transit of impatience and recklessness, so many may act in premature ways, meaning if their temper is causing problems, they need to keep things under control.

The square between Saturn and Uranus is frustrating and can bring about tensions, as well as sudden changes that have been expected. However, things don’t necessarily have to be like this.

People who are keeping their minds open and are patient can see the challenges in their life become opportunities for them to escape negativity and limits. It would be a good idea for changes upon them to not be forced, but for natives to just adapt.

Causes of problems should be dealt with because this transit is making obvious what’s no longer functioning for them.

Those who are deciding to keep working with intuition and to be self-aware may not do the best job when it comes to this. Therefore, they need to take note of what’s simple and practical, as well of what’s making them feel anxious.

Whereas they may make any effort to develop changes, they can discover there are some conditions causing their development to be more difficult.

Many may take different steps to escape restrictive surroundings if they’re wishing for this to happen, but they can still feel restrained by the obstacles in their way.

There can be situations that are forcing them to find their freedom, but they may be required to fulfill some obligations before doing it.

Some may find themselves having to deal with opposing forces that are helping them to feel independent, even if limited. Those who are focusing on originality and not imitations can make many statements for as long as Saturn is in opposition with Uranus and give form to unconventionality.

Dealing with some strange and mechanical issues may need to happen during this period, so many natives need to keep being objective, not to mention how badly they need to find answers to important questions that can appear.

Different circumstances may force people to see things from different perspectives, meaning clarity of mind can be obtained.

However, some may fear what they’re not having control over, as well deny what’s outside their well-known limits, even though the unexpected has the tendency to appear in spite of their efforts made for the contrary to happen.

From time to time, people and especially those with authority may feel a need to act differently. They cannot agree with what’s considered to be traditional wisdom, not to mention their original points of view can be opposing one another.

As well, during the Saturn square Uranus transit, some may worry about the consequences of following what’s trendy, so it’s possible they can’t hold back on their recurring outbursts.

Being inconsistent is more than often a characteristic of this transit, something that can start and stop many times, progress in some fields becoming chaotic. Many may struggle to keep up with life because changes of direction can happen when attempts to conform are taking place. Those looking only for reliability will become more perplexed than usually.

If they’ll accept what doesn’t meet their requirements, they’ll escape the tension that’s surfacing during this period.

More than this, people who are okay with moving against the wind if necessary and with being themselves may achieve what they want in life, even if their responsibilities are greater because they’re dealing with what’s limiting their freedom.

No matter their disposition, they may feel constrained when it comes to their individualistic ways that are making it difficult for them to be independent. Some should try and select only what’s making a difference and leave unimportant matters behind them.

The Saturn square Uranus transit is not meant for resistance to changes or for overreacting. It should be approached step by step and in a systematic way. People who are committed and too responsible can have their relationships suffering. As well, they can conclude they’re being blocked in their evolution by addictions and traditions.

This period can be challenging if some natives are only relying on creativity, originality, and intuition.

In case they’re not feeling inspired, they should approach their work differently and try new methods, perhaps new surroundings. As well, their freedom and basic needs may be limited. If oppressive, the Saturn square Uranus transit is perfect for making changes until things are becoming clear.

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