Mercury Trine Neptune Natal and Transit: Emotional Responses

  • With a Mercury Neptune trine in your natal chart, you should count more on what your intuition is telling you.
  • Observe how during the Mercury trine Neptune transit people are more emotional than usual and tend to react impulsively to news.
  • Mercury governs how your mind thinks, how you communicate and how you get along with those around you.
  • The trine aspect forms a 120 degrees angle on the horoscope wheel, being considered the most auspicious aspect of them all.
  • In astrology, Neptune is in charge with our desires to dream, to be imaginative and to escape the mundane, our everyday reality.
  • Celebrities: Mia Farrow, Boy George, Michael J Fox, Indira Gandhi, Ian McKellen, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Oscar Wilde, Osho.
  • Transit dates: 31 July 2020, 23 November 2020, 24 July 2021, 18 November 2021, 17 July 2022, 12 November 2022, 09 July 2023, 06 November 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury trine Neptune Natal

People born during the Mercury trine Neptune aspect have a very rich imagination. They can inspire others and have a lot of talent when it comes to poetry and their creative abilities, meaning they’re good as actors, public speakers, journalists and even musicians.

If creative, this aspect is making them sensitive from an intellectual perspective. Mystics and psychics, their senses are delicate, meaning they’re avoiding harshness and can reach the high planes of existence by doing yoga, keeping their consciousness active and praying.

These natives can translate what their psychic is telling them and all of their dreams. It’s easy to have others hurting them, but they shouldn’t be resentful because they’re only thinking of others in subtle ways and can achieve success by reading minds.

They’re insightful and can achieve success because they’re idealistic and practical, as well as progressive.

Their intuition can help them with all this as well, meaning they’d be amazing politicians and strategists in the army, as well as financial advisors. More than this, they’re very good as salespeople and entertainers because they can address the subconscious mind of masses.

These natives are simply in love with the sea and can dream for hours, even days. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t do their job or not focus on what they’re supposed to, but they clearly understand what being spiritual means. They can have no hope when it comes to their ideals, so it’s difficult for them to make their dreams come true.

The visual arts are something that’s making them dream even more, so they could get hired as movie directors or photographers. Their intuition is giving them psychic abilities, not to mention they’re sympathetic and can be easily impressed by belletristic creations.

Natives of the Mercury trine Neptune aspect are good communicators who can do very well in music and the arts.

They’re good as creative writers and their mind is always busy, but it should be focused on what they enjoy the most and their hobbies. However, they need to be moderate when it comes to their imagination in order to escape everyday life and to keep being practical.

These natives can make connections in the most beautiful manner, not to mention they can associate themselves freely with just about anyone.

Since they can understand the motivation of others, they can subtly manipulate others and can be the best entertainers. This is getting amplified for them when Neptune is sending its mind-reading and intuitive abilities, which can result in prophetic visions.

It would be a good idea for people born during the Mercury trine Neptune to not insist on these tendencies of theirs or to make them public either because being quietly empathic, they can help others.

The trine between Mercury and Neptune can offer a lot of potential because these two planets are collaborating, not to mention each is defining and focusing what’s proficient and optimistic about the other.

Just like the sextile, this is an aspect of the creative people’s birth charts. Using its energy can unfold incredible creative abilities, which can be transmitted through images and the essential depths, as well through inspiration.

The natives of this aspect can succeed at expressing themselves through creative and literary means, as well as images. Their creativity should be substantial and at the same time contextual, not at all superficial.

As far as communication is going, this is highly important for them because they’re very effective when discussing ideas and talking about their intentions, talented in the way they’re dressing up their messages.

Their mind is most of the time in a humorous state, Mercury in Horoscopes signifying that things can only run in a smooth manner.

If combining their 100% artistic abilities and their creativity, they can obtain everything they need in order to captivate others with their artistic talents.

Whereas they may not be fascinated by the technical field or facts, they can be the most creative and spiritual individuals, regardless of their astrological sign. These people are amazing when it comes to diplomacy and negotiating, so they could easily become gurus.

More than this, they can see the big picture and not allow minor details to bother them. As well, they can spread their theories in the most understandable and attractive way. Lucid dreaming and dreaming with their eyes open are characteristics of this aspect.

Those born during it are psychics, as well as strong and precise when it comes to their intuition. Their senses can pick up vibrational energies from others and their environment too.

Mercury trine Neptune Transit

During the Mercury trine Neptune transit, people are more sensitive to the vibrations of harmony and anything related to music and literature. Drama is also benefiting from the close relationships with others and their heightened empathy.

This time should be used for listening and identifying truths because words are soothing and the connections more easygoing.

As far as short travels are going, these are keeping many with their minds open and can offer relief from everyday life. People prefer to be separated from others and let their thoughts wander.

The week following the Mercury – Neptune trine can tear people apart when they’re hearing depressive news. Many are more sympathetic and compassionate during it, also giving to any cause.

More than this, they’re great when it comes to communications and can understand others just by using their intuition.

Responses are sensitive and making natives relaxed, whereas their dreams can last for a very long time and be agitated, not to mention they can remember when they woke up.

Details about anything should be written down, as they’re very effective when it comes to seeing the meaning of visions and dreams. From a social point of view, this time is good for meeting with friends and for persuading others in a religious direction, or perhaps in a creative one.

This transit is the most effective and can be for many days to follow. People should stay where they’re feeling perfect for as long as possible, because this way, they could escape the everyday routine.

Their communication skills are benefiting from the most caring and smooth influence. Many are being listened to because they’re more sensual and attractive.

Their senses are in tune so that communication can be efficient in a non-verbal way, through gesticulation and glances, even mind reading. Psychic abilities are enhanced through a strong and precise intuition.

The Mercury trine Neptune transit is helpful when it comes to seeing the big picture, as well for conveying matters in the most attractive way, yet with simple terms. The word can be spread about any theory in philosophy, religion and politics.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for many to do something that’s requiring them to be logical or criticizing because they’re more curious about matters related to the imagination.

However, if things need to be interpreted or described through subtle images, as well as abstract theories like the ones mentioned, they can have access to intuition and can give shape to any vision.

This transit is perfect for making music, taking pictures and writing on fiction. People are not only motivated to focus on working, but as well to allow more space for them to daydream and to drift off into enjoyable fantasies.

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