Sun Sextile Mars Natal and Transit: Revolutionary Goals

  • The natal Sun Mars sextile is suggestive of an individual with a well-developed combative spirit, who likes to provoke others.
  • When the Sun sextile Mars transit takes place, everyone is more energetic and enterprising than usual, being more inclined to work towards their personal dreams.
  • In astrology, the Sun shines a light on our personality, on our initiatives and freedom of will, on how we use our soul purpose.
  • The sextile astrological placement means the two planets are at sixty degrees distance and share some of their energies, creating the prospects of great opportunities.
  • The planet Mars is the governor of our desires, energy and survival instincts, pushing us to overcome our limitations in life.
  • Celebrities: Boy George, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Luciano Pavarotti, Giacomo Puccini, Mel B, Jane Fonda, Coco Chanel.
  • Transit dates: 24 February 2020, 13 April 2021, 07 May 2022, 22 May 2023, 25 July 2024, 26 June 2025, 14 September 2026, 04 August 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun sextile Mars Natal

People born under the Sun sextile Mars aspect are usually very healthy and muscular, enduring when it comes to physical challenges and fast to recuperate from any injury. Furthermore, they seem to possess a high libido and to be sexually appealing for many members of the opposite sex.

Looking at many celebrities with this aspect in their birth chart, it can be noticed all of them are sex icons.

These natives are most of the time popular because they’re never hesitating to express themselves directly, to know where they’re standing and to give a hand to their friends when these are in need.

Having a combative spirit, they may provoke other people, some even influential, not to mention many of them will choose to be political activists or to join the military.

Most of the people having the Sun sextile Mars aspect in their birth chart are bold and impulsive because all the aspects involving these two celestial bodies are influencing them to be this way.

However, those with kinder aspects at their birth are obviously gentler and less prone to make mistakes due to taking too many risks, even if the trines and gentler aspects in their chart will protect them as much as possible.

Those with a strong Sun sextile Mars transit are daring, active, ready to take on any challenge and determined to succeed in life.

More than this, they’re using their intelligence in order to be as productive as possible and things in their life are usually happening the way they want them to. Furthermore, they’re good leaders and initiators of projects because they know how to communicate and to collaborate with others.

The women born during this aspect are very attractive, healthy and resistant to pain. Regardless of their gender, all the natives with this transit in their birth chart are fair and decisive when it comes for them to achieve great things.

Most of the time, their ideas and conclusions are prolific and the correct ones. Being focused to do things in a constructive and just way, they seem to be meant for success.

If the sextile between the Sun and Mars in their natal chart is also holding any mutable or Air signs, people are highly insightful and possess a clear mind. Their creativity could be used in matters of the Houses in which the Sun and the planet Mars are residing.

Those of them having warmer aspects between these two celestial bodies are passionate and truly determined to obtain what they want in life, but only if not instructed on what to do or needing to obtain the approval of some superiors, which means they’re self-motivating before anything else.

The challenge of the sextile between the Sun and Mars natives is helping them take their many plans to completion because they may not have enough stamina to stay focused on the same projects for too long.

This is why these natives are most of the time in need of assistance coming from their colleagues or good friends.

The ones with softer aspects at their birth will turn all of their anger into depression, being essential for them to keep busy and to focus their energy on constructive endeavors, not destructive ones. However, they seem to be the best politicians and activists in the world.

They don’t know very well how to work in teams because they’re impatient and most of the time eccentric, but they can definitely lead the way for others. They’re ambitious, so it’s very unlikely for them to just sit aside and not get involved.

This is also because they’re amazing fighters for causes and competitive enough to be the best at everything they’re trying to do.

Many will consider them provocative because they don’t hesitate to become aggressive when dealing with dishonesty and too many demands from others.

Being strong and feisty, they’ll always fight for the causes they’re interested in or when having to protect their loved ones.

Being honest, charismatic and kind, their relationships are usually balanced, not to mention it’s easy for them to make new friends. When children, they may be very attached to their father, but this depends a lot on many other aspects of the Sun and Saturn in their natal chart.

Sun sextile Mars Transit

During the Sun sextile Mars transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more capable of achieving success because they really know what they’re doing, not to mention they’re acting directly and rapidly when having to take advantage of any opportunity coming their way.

All the decisions they’ll make for as long as this transit is happening will be good and putting them on the right path.

Obviously, in order for this to happen, they’ll use only their instincts. Many of them will want to take part in physical challenges because this is making them feel amazing, not to mention they’d have enough courage to take any risk.

The Sun sextile Mars aspect is very good for going on new adventures and doing activities for which boldness and a desire to be the first are absolutely necessary, as it gives all natives in the zodiac more energy and puts them in contact with very important individuals who are stimulating them to be more active and to take many risks.

Everyone will be more energetic and enterprising, also ready to deal with any new challenge and to focus on more than one project.

This is a transit that’s making minds more active and people truly fascinated about traveling, making changes and dealing with the new in order to consume their energy.

Many astrologers are considering it beneficial because it brings about opportunities for new friendships and attachments, also for forming strong bonds with close people.

As a matter of fact, the Sun sextile Mars period is revolutionary and focused on taking action because everyone has stronger managerial impulses. It features an energy focused on getting things done in the most efficient and fulfilling way.

Many people will identify great opportunities to take action and to get their projects completed because they’re more motivated and hardworking.

Furthermore, they want to achieve great things and are not at all interested in investing their energy or intelligence into unimportant things.

They want to take action as they’re more ambitious, confident and eager to come first in any kind of competition. This attitude is a healthy one, even if not quite suitable for teamwork.

Many should take advantage of it because their plans will come to completion in a smooth and rapid manner. Furthermore, they shouldn’t hesitate to do what’s the most difficult and to dig up unresolved issues from the past in order to fix them.

It’s important for all natives to know what to do with their extra energy while the Sun sextile Mars transit is in place, especially if they don’t want to waste their force and to miss on the productivity it usually brings about.

Those who are straightforward and assertive will impress their bosses and have many favors returned. While not at all threatening to others, they’ll still be able to scare their opponents.

They’re not only stronger than other days, but their instincts are as well heightened. The Sun sextile Mars transit is beneficial for intimate relationships in which the people involved need to be warm, charming and giving.

Libidos are increased during this period and individuals sexier than usually. For this reason, they shouldn’t be shy and just grab what they need in order to satisfy their primal needs.

Leaders will find out it’s easier to work with others for as long as the Sun is in sextile from Mars, whereas some may be advanced to a high position after proving themselves worthy of it.

Everyone is more bold, passionate and possessing that special charm meant to make them feel fulfilled from both an emotional and professional point of view.

For this reason, they should fight to impress their superiors and to make the closest people in their life love them more. Being warm and enthusiastic, they’ll attract new friends into their lives and surprise them with their creative ideas, methods, and solutions to problems.

It’s like everyone will be in the right place and at the right time during this period, also ready to work hard and to accomplish great things.

Since success is only meant to attract more success, they’ll manage to actually accomplish this if they’ll focus on working hard and on inspiring others to be as motivated as themselves can be.

Many will notice all of their efforts and make sure they’re getting the right retribution. This transit is meant to be enjoyed while it lasts, which is for less than a couple of weeks.

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