Moon Opposite Mars Natal and Transit: Recognizing Emotions

  • With an opposition between the Moon and Mars in the natal chart, you might be prone to repressing your emotions during key life moments.
  • When the Moon opposite Mars transit occurs, we are more prone to taking hurried decisions and actions, perhaps with big consequences.
  • In astrology, the Moon helps us reconcile our inner with our outside world through our emotions and mood changes.
  • The opposition aspect means that the planetary energies are polarized and that their integration can prove a challenge.
  • Mars governs how we express our energy, how we act, how we control our aggressiveness and first instincts.
  • Celebrities: Heather Locklear, Frederick the Great, Bill Gates, Teddy Roosevelt, George Clooney, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Baez, Kenneth Williams.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Mars Natal

Those who have had the Moon in opposition from Mars at their birth are full of passion, fast when learning new things and exciting.

Looking to be all the time emotionally stimulated, they’re still projecting an image of toughness and bravery, but they, in fact, possess a lot of common sense. Because they’re vulnerable from an emotional point of view and easy to influence, they’re acting defensively most of the time.

Routine causes them to feel frustrated and restless, so they need a challenging life and to go on many adventures.

The high levels of energy of Moon opposite Mars natives can’t have them sitting down for a moment, which means they may look for conflicts in order to spice things up. When young, their passion is raw and wild. If not getting what they want, they’re starting to reveal their quick-temper.

Being competitive, they won’t give up achieving their goals, no matter how much aggressiveness, depressive moods and conflicts this situation may bring them. However, they’re known to often win and succeed because they have a lot of passion and their energy doesn’t seem to ever let them down.

If they decide to focus on competing in sports, they may find themselves happier than usual. While they can be very friendly and truly fascinating, many of their closed ones will always be aware of their boundaries.

Weaker when having to choose their partner and friends, they seem to be very attracted to those who aren’t compatible with them or who are having issues understanding their emotions.

These natives may think of love as something strictly physical because they’re always repressing the deepness of their emotions and the subtle dimensions brought on by interpersonal interactions.

It can be very difficult for them to keep their relationships working in time and after the attraction between them and their partner has disappeared, so they may decide to take the easy way out and to be superficial rather than to deal with what their soul truly needs.

People having the Moon opposite Mars transit in their birth chart are eager to experience exciting things, which means they may get involved with dubious characters and take many risks in life.

Their inner issues and anxieties will probably be projected onto their relationships, which means they may leave a lot of room for challenges and situations of crisis in their life. However, they can also release all the pressure inside of them when dealing with others, but in a provocative and conflicting way.

They seem to think confrontations and tension makes them more energetic. Their life at home and career will be deeply impacted by this, not to mention they tend to rebel against anyone who’s trying to give them orders or to criticize their behavior.

They become passionate about many things, but they can’t point to what makes them this way. Their relationships will suffer due to their competitive nature, so they need to keep the balance between them and their loved ones by carefully choosing their fights and being more considerate.

These natives should think twice before acting and control themselves more when annoyed. If they’re ready to cooperate and to allow the unimportant details to just pass them, they may understand that this doesn’t make them weak.

Their aggressiveness and intense emotions should be channeled into work and other interests they may be devoted to.

More than this, they could try and fight for those who are weaker than them and abused. Being antagonistic can help them in a way, but not more than moderation and self-control. While many may find them attractive for who they are, others will think of these natives as intriguing.

Either way, the energies of the planets in action during the Moon opposite Mars transit can trick anyone. People having such placement in their natal chart have to deal with their emotions and instincts by working with the assertiveness and high energy Mars is bringing.

It’s normal to sometimes favor only some planets, so freeing their Mars, they can become even more impulsive and make decisions on the run, which means they have a tendency to act irrationally and to not think things through.

This is beneficial for those who are trying to escape restrictions. The energy of the Moon can be used when they need to protect themselves and to stick with what they know best. When unable to express what’s bothering them from an emotional point of view, they may become more aggressive than others.

While this may seem normal for the Moon opposite Mars transit, it’s also dangerous because it can lead to violence. The straightforwardness of people having this placement in their birth chart is both admired and considered insulting by others.

These natives want to impact many lives too much, so they often seem to be self-absorbed and complicated.

Not at all patient, they tend to react fast and to put a lot of passion into what they’re working on. Courageous and curious about any adventure, they can sometimes waste their energy on useless activities.

Moon opposite Mars Transit

The Moon opposite Mars transit makes people act on impulse, which can be something very negative for them, especially if they’re not hesitating to show their quick-temper and to be all the time defensive.

This period can also be used in a positive manner by those who are looking to try new things. However, they should be aware that only passion is ruling them in such moments.

Furthermore, the Moon in opposition from Mars can cause difficulties in relationships with male representatives and arguments at home.

While hurried decisions and actions taken while this planetary aspect is taking place may have some serious consequences, it’s still a good opportunity for taking risks and escaping routine because it brings about more fire and the ability to enjoy chaos.

This is a period beneficial for relying on instinct and for people to identify the easiest way for them to fulfill their dreams, but they may forget about what others need from their part, so they should be cautious.

Their quick-temper may reveal itself both because their loved ones or the public are pushing their buttons and because they have a tendency to overreact.

Actually, it’s more likely to be the last reason, so many of the relationships they’re having will be impacted by their impulsiveness and aggressive tendencies during this period.

If they’re looking to avoid conflicts, people need to focus all of their energy on their career and hobbies. The more they’ll try to beat their record at doing something, the less angry they’ll get to be.

It would be a shame for many to allow this astrological opposition to destroy some of their relationships, which means they should just stay at home and plan for the future instead of meeting with others while the Moon is still opposing the planet of war.

They could do anything on their own, from writing in their journal to taking pictures and being as creative as possible.

This transit can be beneficial for revealing what’s inside their soul as they’re dealing with a lot of the pain in their unconscious during it, this being the reason why they’re so touchy.

Taking all the pain inside them out can only help with eliminating moodiness and with personal growth because this is what happens when hurtful emotions from the past are starting to be recognized.

Many will have a need to make their biggest dreams come true when the Moon is opposing Mars, but they should know any selfish motive they may be having will definitely lead them to failure.

It would be a better idea to take advantage of this celestial placement by fighting for lost causes and taking care of those who are weak.

This doesn’t mean everyone should give up chasing their dreams, they’d have to do it while taking others’ needs into consideration as well.

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