Moon Trine Venus Natal and Transit: Very Accurate Instincts

  • In a natal chart, the Moon Venus trine means you are sensual and quite attractive to other people but need to pay more attention to your actions.
  • Be mindful of the Moon trine Venus transit because you might not be able to concentrate as well as usual and there is a heightened risk of mistakes.
  • The Moon is responsible with our home, our feelings and temperament, and also the emotional reactions triggered by the outside world.
  • The trine aspect occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart and is said to break easy expression and comfort.
  • Venus’ power lies in charm and beauty, in the things and actions that are attractive and pleasurable.
  • Celebrities: Woody Allen, Russell Crowe, David Bowie, Ben Affleck, Harry S Truman, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Albert Einstein, Shannen Doherty, Boris Johnson, Claudia Schiffer, Marcel Proust, Heath Ledger.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon trine Venus Natal

All people born during the Moon trine Venus transit are sincere, gentle and attractive. They care a lot about their loved ones because their maternal instincts are strong, regardless if men or women.

These natives seem to live for love and are well-liked by many due to their charm and balanced nature, not to mention they can guess what others are feeling and thinking.

Natives having the Moon trine aspect in their birth chart are family-oriented, great friends and amazing lovers. Furthermore, they seem to possess only warm feelings and to calm their loved ones whenever these are angry, meaning they’re less angry than others.

Sensual and attractive, many members of the opposite sex are all the time at their door, offering them support and even expensive gifts. They’re never bothered by this as they’re creatures of pleasure and comfort, not to mention how much they resent conflicts and violence.

However, being so peaceful, they may also give in too easily when others are trying to argue with them. More cold and unemotional individuals are seeing them as weak and vulnerable.

When these natives are being forced to face more aggressive attitudes or when others are rejecting them, they’re becoming extremely hurt and require the support of others to feel like themselves again.

The trine between the Moon and Venus in their natal chart is indicating they’re sensitive and kind, the peacemakers who want everyone to collaborate and to have a good time.

Working with the public as negotiators and mediators would not only reveal their talents, it will also make them very happy.

Their best qualities are the warmth of their hearts, their sensitive and sympathetic nature, but also a rich imagination and an optimistic attitude, not to mention they can calm anyone who’s arguing or refusing to communicate. They’re appreciated for bringing peace everywhere they’re going.

Supporting and encouraging everyone, people born during the Moon trine Venus transit know how to listen and would never even think of imposing their opinions on others.

They surely don’t like playing mind games and people who are not sincere because they’re not at all superficial. More than this, they can see the root of any problem and come up with amazing solutions others wouldn’t even envision.

Many may be puzzled and find them challenging, but no matter what, their intentions will always be good and they’ll want what’s best for the people happening to be in their life.

Their positive energy and rich imagination are often used by those who are feeling down and worried about tomorrow.

Confident and comfortable in their skin, natives having the Moon trine Venus aspect in their birth chart have a healthy way of approaching life, a lot of integrity and would never compromise their truth just to gain some benefits.

They believe everyone should be positive and possess a very creative mind, which means they’re suitable as actors, dancers, singers, painters and other artistic professions.

More than this, they give a lot of importance to their domestic life and family, not to mention they’re always struggling to develop strong and sincere connections with their loved ones. Paying attention to emotions, they need a partner who’s sensitive and who wouldn’t even dare to betray their trust.

The Moon trine Venus is in their birth chart is bringing them all of their artistic tendencies and talents. They seem to have a smoothly flowing energy that’s making them very good at playing musical instruments, especially those with strings.

If there’s for them to be truly happy, they need to be surrounded by beautiful things and to own elegant clothes. As a matter of fact, their fashion sense is so well-developed that they’re perfect as hairstylists, beauticians and cosmeticians.

The Moon is the ruler of the digestive system, whereas Venus of foods, so it’s highly important for natives born during the trine between these two celestial bodies to keep eating healthy all of their life.

They care a lot about their well-being and appearance, not to mention it’s very easy for them to gain weight when feeling down.

The previously mentioned trine in their birth chart is suggesting they simply love good food, but if some hard aspects are present here, this side of them may remain latent.

The same traits brought on by the trine of the Moon and Venus are diminished when one of these two celestial bodies are in harsh conjunction with a fixed star.

Moon trine Venus Transit

During the Moon trine Venus transit, all natives in the zodiac are more focused on pleasure and spoiling themselves. Also, the parties thrown now are more successful and fun.

However, because they’re having such a good time, many may forget all about their responsibilities and motivation. At least they’ll bring a lot of joy into their loved ones’ lives and get a positive response from everyone. Money will be spent without thinking and on beautiful things that aren’t necessarily practical.

When the Moon trine Venus aspect is happening, people are more loving, caring, balanced and friendly. This transit is good for relaxation and having fun because many natives are more receptive, popular and interested in living a carefree life during it.

Furthermore, this period is beneficial for dating because many individuals are more attractive and sincere about their feelings. When it comes to sex, everyone is romantic and caring because they’re all sensitive and touchy.

The Moon trine Venus aspect is also known for the maternal instincts it brings about, which makes it perfect for making babies and educating the little ones.

Many will be more protective and nurturing at home, so changing diapers and feeding babies will seem easy and very enjoyable for them.

Kisses, cuddles and caresses are everything natives of all signs in the zodiac will think about during the Moon trine Venus transit.

It’s also a good period for decorating and buying clothes, also for making gifts and enjoying the time spent with others.

When it comes to domestic issues, people will be focused on having a warm atmosphere in the family. It would be a good idea for those who used to have disagreements to just reconcile while the Moon is still in trine with Venus.

Love and romantic encounters are also favored because everyone is sweeter and more creative from an emotional point of view. Many won’t be able to focus on their work because they’d remember only pleasant things, daydream and live in a fantasy world that has nothing to do with the harsh reality. This aspect is good for imagining things and enjoying art.

It would be a great idea for many to participate and not be only spectators, which means they could try and create something beautiful on their own instead of going to the same museums and art expositions all over again.

Socializing would also be a good idea because times with friends would be more enjoyable. Those who need a loan should go ahead and ask for it as others will find it difficult to say no to them.

In other words, the Moon trine Venus is perfect for fun activities, for going on vacations, buying gifts and admiring art.

Parties at home are also favored, also any creative pursuit, from making music to gardening. Many will notice their fashion sense is elevated, also their taste, so they should just go out and shop for the things they like the most.

Makeovers and massage sessions are also advised because relaxation and changes will make all natives feel really good about themselves. No one should feel guilty about self-indulging in pleasure because they’ll have enough time to do it after the transit will be over.

They shouldn’t go to work if possible because they wouldn’t do a good job and even screw everything up.

This lunar aspect is very good for building up fun memories, not to mention many will have more intense emotions, find all of their relationships to be extremely fruitful and enjoy life more. It’s a period for socializing, enjoying pleasure and thinking about a prosperous future.

Finances are also advantaged, especially for those who are truly in love with their job. It’s suggested for everyone to make the most of this transit and to look for environments in which they can find many new opportunities or enjoy themselves.

In conclusion, the Moon trine Venus transit is beneficial and not at all malefic, which means people will get to remember when it happens, each year.

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