Venus Trine Pluto Natal and Transit: Developing New Interests

  • With a Venus Pluto trine in your natal chart, you should enjoy life at its fullest and take advantage of all your gifts and talents.
  • As the Venus trine Pluto transit takes place, we put a greater price on the relationships with those around and would do anything for them.
  • Venus is about what we find attractive and pleasurable, about beauty, charm and romance.
  • The trine astrological placement there is a lot of room for positive change and opportunities of self-expression.
  • In astrology, Pluto is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth, about throwing out the old to make room for the new.
  • Celebrities: Mia Farrow, Andre Gide, Honore de Balzac, Jimi Hendrix, Queen Elizabeth II, Vanessa Redgrave, Boy George.
  • Transit dates: 28 March 2020, 21 October 2020, 06 May 2021, 11 August 2021, 21 June 2022, 26 September 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus trine Pluto Natal

People affected by this trine aspect usually present deep and passionate feelings in the romantic department. The affection and love they show to their partner are unparalleled. And sadly, this is why some of their relationships don’t work out.

Because such intensity can often scare one’s partner away or they might not be able to reproduce such feelings themselves. As such, romantic commitments ought to be made with others that resemble their trail of thought.

Rare is the occasion when such fiery emotions are not accompanied by feelings of obsession or envy are not too uncommon. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Having Venus trine Pluto in the birth chart brings heightened affection and romantic intensity. As such, most of its effects will be felt in one’s romantic relationships but they won’t fall short when it comes to relations with loved ones either. Anything regarding your heart and feelings for others is of the greatest importance here.

A relationship can go downhill really fast with these people due to such dark feelings. Good thing that they’re mostly unaffected by them, considering them only trivialities. One good method for keeping such negativity at bay is concentrating on their partner’s lovable traits.

If by chance they do end up feeling sad, the intensity at which it’s felt equals the one at which they love and enjoy life. Their love life sometimes gets intertwined with finances as well.

Their luck has it that their intense affection is sometimes shared with partners that can be rather wealthy. Which is right on their alley since they enjoy living life lavishly and their partner makes sure this happens.

On the same subject, aesthetics is of utter importance for these people. They waste no time or resources in making sure they look their best at all times. Whether it’s fashion, makeup or hairstyle, they always do their best. After all, their looks are one of their top tools in social endeavors.

This may make them seem superficial gold diggers, but in actuality, there aren’t that many people that can rise to the level at which they experience affection and attachment. Their unconditional love is as genuine as they come.

Most of the time they don’t even have a say in it. Fate just pops up with the perfect partner and they can’t help but fall in love and hard while at it too.

Such love is food for the soul. As such, they as well as the people surrounding them are often spiritually fulfilled because of this.

Their libido is usually off the charts but they make it come and go seamlessly. Your assessments are solid and shaped right off the bat throughout everyday life. Your delight in life is incredible and regularly misrepresented. You have great monetary and administration capacity.

Their refined insight helps them comprehend their surroundings and those around them in an instant. Such an elevated understanding enables you to solve most issues efficiently and measuring the merit that something or someone has.

By doing this, they can easily aid others in discovering their true self and awakening them to their spirituality. Towards a similar end, they yearn for a romantic commitment that will nurture their mind and spirit to evolve as an intellectual and spiritual being.

With great love, comes… a lot of overthinking! The usual threshold of affection that these people have forced them to over-analyze pretty much everything regarding their relationships. This is a good thing for them, as it forcefully opens the door towards intellectual evolution.

Such a development might strain their relationship with their lover, due to a difference in thinking and standards. Even the overall interests in love might now differ.

They might be looking for a partner that is wealthier and more socially dominant. Past limitations might not be present seeing as how they might even engage in acts of unfaithfulness now and then.
Overall, there will be a fair share of conflict to go through, but it’s for the sake of growth that this will have to happen. Due to the refined taste for luxury and aesthetics, one will feel inclined towards arts and crafts.

Anything that will aid in improving the quality and aspect of life. Financially, there will be a thirst and drive for amassing wealth which would be advised to pursue.

Venus trine Pluto Transit

When it comes to this aspect’s transit, the potency of your bonds is intensified. Anything regarding affection, socializing and the people you hold close will now become a more prominent part of your life. This period is perfect for engaging in romance and exploring your deep desires for intimacy and compassion.

Something is certain during this transit. There’s no way you’ll be bored, at least in the relationship department. Your libido will be enhanced in rather obscure but pleasant ways and your sex drive will reach new peaks.

This also enhances the chances of you engaging in a relationship with a new partner. While it will be an intense endeavor, it might lack some faithfulness as you might enjoy some side flings from time to time.

Of course, this is not set in stone, but on the off chance that you remain in a long-term relationship, it might start to lose some of its initial spark.

Monetary status should be looking pretty good for you during this period and you might feel the urge to satisfy some of your lavish desires.

Due to your usual tastes in fashion, decoration and your exquisite eye for everything artistic, this is the perfect time to go on a shopping spree and rev things up a notch.

While we’re on the finance subject, you might also be taking an interest in searching for ways to either maintain your wealth or make it flourish. Investing in a business or creating one from scratch is not out of the question.

The quantity and passion of your emotions and feelings may seem surreal. Mostly because they actually might be. That’s why it might seem like a farfetched dream to materialize them in a relationship.

Because of how familiar you are with the nature of attachment and affection; you’ll also gain the knowledge of manipulation. While it sounds dark, you might use it from time to time on others to get what you want, even your partner.

The good thing for you and your karma is that you won’t resort to such demeaning acts. Why? Because of how deeply you feel, you also understand where others come from and won’t enjoy subjecting them to such negativity.

People would be lucky to have you as a lover or partner during this transit. And on the same note, you’ll be fortunate as well if by chance you’re single. Others will line up to be with you and you will have no shortage of choices to pick from.

Remember not to drown yourself in chores during this period. Be responsible but don’t forget to enjoy your time and relax from time to time. The joys of life await you and why not share in on them with your friends?

Deepening the connection that you have with those close to you will also enable you to be more intimate with them and share in on things you previously kept inside. The release you’ll feel from expressing such feelings will be liberating.

The effect you can have on a person’s mind can be scary. I suppose it all depends on how you use such power. Investment wise, this will come to great aid since you might reign in some wealthy benefactors to your cause.

The goals you’ve set for yourself are right in reach and there’s no stopping you! Your imagination will also reach new heights as you’ll manifest it through your art, reaching others and leaving them in awe.

All in all, you wield great social weapons and sexual power over others. Make sure you don’t exaggerate in using it!

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