Saturn Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Deliberate Actions

  • When in a natal chart, the Saturn Pluto conjunction requires a lot of effort to accomplish goals in life but it will all be worth it.
  • The Saturn conjunct Pluto transit, some people may have a hard time dealing with change, even when this is positive.
  • In astrology, Saturn deals with our relationships with figures of authority, pushes us to conform and reminds us of our responsibilities.
  • The conjunct aspect means that the two planets are traveling together in the same zodiac sign, so they blend their energies, towards the same goal.
  • Pluto helps us find the power in ourselves to change our lives, its energy is extremely volatile and can trigger massive transformations.
  • Celebrities: Orson Welles, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, George Eliot, Nicholas Culpeper, Dylan Thomas, Harriet Wilson.
  • Transit dates: 12 January 2020, 15 June 2053, 10 July 2053, 02 February 2054, 08 April 2086.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn conjunct Pluto Natal

Those who were born during the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect are introduced to hard work from a very young age because their parents have been poor, tough or even too authoritative.

Even natives coming from wealthy families are very likely to face many restrictions when little, thing that made them stronger and shaped their character.

They’re serious people with many secrets when it comes to their plans for the future, not to mention ambitious, hungry for power and the statuses only Pluto is ruling over.

All of their efforts may require them to be patient and to work very hard, not to mention any of their frustrations can have them obsessed with things that are deeply hidden in their minds.

All of their ideas and plans for the future can change the world, in a bad or good manner. More than this, it’s very likely their hard work was stretched too much and kept at high intensity, a thing that had them growing up quicker than others.

Their emotional and mental health may be a result of the difficult life they had to live, or perhaps they’ve felt too restricted and suffered more than others.

These natives can channel all of their occult capabilities in a structured manner, not to mention they can make use of science to gather up resources found in nature and use them wisely.

Willing to endure lots of hardship when it comes to achieving their goals, people born during the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect can easily gain a good reputation.

However, wanting to always be in control can have them in an either bad or good state. In case the previously mentioned aspect in their birth chart is being afflicted, they may be selfish and too thirsty for power, to the point of their failure, not to mention how unpredictable they can be.

Deprived of excitement, they can learn how to be patient and as well how to trust themselves more. All the tough lessons they can learn by being persevering can transform them into ruthless and too ambitious individuals who desperately want to make something with their life.

When facing hard times like all the people do, they have a strong character to just face any issue and to endure things patiently because their survival instincts are very strong and they’re true winners.

If someone is restricting them or they’re being impeded from succeeding, they can immediately adapt. On the other hand, some of them are refusing change, but soon realize it it’s necessary for their life to take the right turn. Whereas others must go the other way when facing an obstacle, they prefer to fight.

However, these natives need to be careful and not apply too much pressure on themselves because they’re a little bit depressive and can end up destroying themselves, case in which they should ask for the advice of a counselor.

Being too scared the worst can happen, they can end up in the same situation. In case they’re faced with failure, they should try and remain ethical, humble and honest or others can begin to criticize them too much or to be daring.

More than this, people born during the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect should avoid as much as possible manipulating others or trying to control them. It’s very likely the hard work they have to endure is just the result of bad karma from their past lives.

Disciplined and great at managing their schedule, these natives are always productive because their ethic is impeccable and they can become successful in their career very fast. They can have great achievements and end up in a position of leadership.

Individuals born during the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit would do a great job as government agents or in corporations. As business people, they can very fast advance and end up employing others.

Many are coming to them for good advice and for showing their respect, meaning they can look at their life and say they’ve done a very good job.

Saturn conjunct Pluto Transit

Taking place every time 34 years have passed; the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit is important. The last one was in 1982, November, whereas the second is going to take place in 2020, January. The two planets forming it are very important and also cold, meaning difficult times are about to happen during it.

For example, many are feeling restricted and limited, no matter how hard they’re working and how useful others are considering them to be. The process of its evolution is slow, but at least it offers a strong foundation on which everyone can build for the future.

During the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit, people should work hard and take care of all the serious businesses, but they need to be patient and determined as they’re facing more responsibilities and their time is limited, as well their resources.

The more this transit is approaching, individuals and different events are forcing people to be more focused and to look at a certain part of life that’s not properly functioning for them. This could be about relationships, as well as their career, their beliefs and behaviors.

Anything in people’s lives may have outlived usefulness and keep holding them back, even if they’re not realizing it in the beginning.

They may experience losses and hard work, as well as disappointments as they’re learning what they should just release or sometimes change.

Many may feel pressured or be burdened by people who are in authority, governmental agencies and big corporations. Such issues may place strains on their finances, as well as force them to give up their hobbies and time with family.

Changes may appear when circumstances are restricting some people’s ability to be happy with their life, just until they’re addressing the most important issues. If something seems broken, it needs to be fixed and thrown out.

Things can’t be left the way they were, and important forces at play should be resisted. Everyone should act responsibly and even ruthless when “taking out their trash”.

This period is good for approaching any change and dealing with the inevitable, or what needs to be completed. Those who are ignoring what’s obvious or are too stubborn to accept any change may risk some complications that can make their life very difficult.

In the eventuality in which someone is taking shortcuts or is trying to cheat, especially by doing something immoral or not respecting the norms of ethic as well. Manipulators and lawbreakers are sure to have a very complicated life, even go to jail and have their freedom restricted.

Change should be accepted and many individuals should just go with what life is throwing towards them. Some individuals should just pay attention to their intuition and just go with what professionals are saying.

During the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit, natives of all signs should just deliberate and take care of the most important changes happening in their life.

As soon as some factors in their life are limiting them, they can use all of their determination and persevere in building the new.

This process may be slow and the foundation for what’s about to come. This cycle is known for the “less is more” principle because the conditions are all about taking care of what’s important.

This is a transit of purposefulness, so idle plans should just be left in the background. Sometimes, people may notice their resources are running low and that their limits are exceeded, so they may need to face the consequences of their actions. This is a period in which extreme situations need to be adjusted and by showing what’s all the time necessary.

Different circumstances may put many in difficult situations, whereas others may find out they have their strength put to test. Regardless of the situation, they can learn a lot about how things should be handled under demand.

Those with authority can motivate many to sometimes be criticized and oftentimes guided. Normally, they’re not bystanders when it comes to some precise issues. This time is requiring their complete attention, almost all the time.

If they’re focusing their power in the right direction, many can accomplish amazing things. This is suggesting that what’s right for them and that paying attention to the high standards they’re pursuing is indeed very important.

They should allow their goals to justify all of their actions. The most important beginnings are very possible and can demand all the commitment.

Conditions are usually good to make the decisions that have a real effect upon many. What they choose is depending a lot on how well they’re distinguishing between what they can and can’t have in control since they’re often encountering forces that are too huge.

The solution is for them to know their limits and to work with what they know as a fact. If they’re sure of what they want from life and are consistent with what they believe in, then they can take all the steps necessary to achieve their goals. By making an effort all the time, they can complete the most important tasks.

Frustrations may appear when someone is not on the right track or trying to fit things that aren’t working together.

Where there’s the inclination to not push hard in a natural manner, many can find their progress is slower than usual and that they’re being impeded from achieving what they want.

This is testing their stamina and perseverance, furthering their advancement in life. Their deliberations are properly considered and acted on when beneficial results are appearing and patience is practiced.

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