Venus Square Uranus Natal and Transit: A Pursuit for Freedom

  • The birth chart square between Venus and Uranus means you are a natural charmer and a social butterfly.
  • When the Venus square Uranus transit is in full action the things you have in common with those around you will be revealed.
  • Venus rules attraction and attachment to others, beauty and sensuality.
  • A square aspect means the two planets are at cross-purposes with each other and so people may feel some internal conflict in the areas governed by the two planets.
  • Uranus in a birth chart indicates the areas of life in which we challenge the status-quo and desire to do things differently.
  • Celebrities: Pope Francis I, Prince, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Amal Clooney, Princess Diana of Wales, Angelina Jolie, Henry Ford, Russell Brand, Elvis Presley.
  • Transit dates: 15 September 2020, 06 February 2021, 08 July 2021, 19 March 2022, 27 August 2022, 14 January 2023, 02 July 2023, 09 August 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus square Uranus Natal

People with Venus square to Uranus in their natal chart are granted an uncommon love life. Wildly independent, they can be both freed from the mores of conventional romantic relationships, but also find themselves affected by commitment issues.

People with Venus square to Uranus in their birth chart are natural charmers and social butterflies.

Driven by strong attractions, tying and the knot of marriage suddenly, then divorcing equally suddenly, may be a common occurrence, instead of eschewing the concept altogether. The choice between personal freedom and stability in a relationship usually has a foregone and predictable conclusion.

Satisfaction at any cost and being impervious to reason are features of fixed signs, while in mutable ones one may simply be capricious.

Cardinal signs bring about social overstimulation, to the point at which one cannot discern their feelings, romantically. Confusing platonic relationships and romantic attraction, along with changing emotions lead to frequent problems in relating to the opposite sex.

Essentially stubborn and fixed, egocentric yet kind, one’s need for emotional stimulation often stands in the way of a pragmatic, down-to-earth life. Packed into all this is also an inferiority complex – deep-seated and highly guarded.

Just as one’s emotions are unstable, so are their preferences with an inimitable though others do try taste for the bizarre and enchanting, the specifics of which change like the weather.

Romantically, likewise, one has a taste for novelty, looking to change and escape as soon as they’ve settled down. One can handle this in various ways – leaving their partners before they do, which they surely will, in their minds, never committing, or falling for someone emotionally unavailable.

Ideally, one would find a partner with complimentary needs to one’s own. Regardless, partnerships for people with Venus square to Uranus in their natal chart are anything but ordinary; avaunt-grade and arranged to suit both the need of love and that of freedom is more like it.

The need for freedom extends to values and beliefs, not just relationships. Venus rules love, money and self-worth; it needs the balancing electric influence of Uranus to give rise to a true sense of self-love.

One’s initial instinct may be conformity, be it to the expectations of family or peers, or to a dull love life. Yet such a thing would be a drain on one’s psyche, and such they lash out to resolve the conflict.

The balancing act between a life of lonesomeness or one of frustration can be resolved with the right partner – unorthodox, unconventional, open-minded.

The freedom to explore and push the rules of relationships and sexuality can provide the long-term satisfaction and excitement needed to fuel stability.

Until that point, the volatility of romantic relationships mirrors one’s finances dramatic ups and downs, marked by impulsive behavior, in spite of other personal attributes such as charm, beauty, imagination, and wit that would counterbalance it.

Venus square Uranus Transit

During the Venus square Uranus transit, unforeseen events or feelings may threaten the stability of romantic relationships. The heightened need for novelty and independence may wear patience thin or lead to stray thoughts.

Seeing as how you’ve been experiencing a sense of overbearing lack of freedom, as if locked up in a cage made of weariness and apathy, you ought to tend throwing a tantrum here and there, getting a tad bit too upset and overall relying on a devastating demeanor to make yourself feel better.

If you’re feeling worried regarding your romance, you can keep calm as long as your relationship’s nature is that of a healthy communion. At least, healthy from your perspective.

If you and your partner both share the same opinions and interests in bed, you can rest assured you’ll get along just fine.

If this is the case, things might get a tad bit spicier than you would have expected in bed, which you’ll enjoy! If your partner is the traditionalist type, you might be in for more than just a few arguments that might eventually lead to cheating or a breakup.

Society tends to see you as the odd one in the equation, simply because of your unorthodox methods and behavior. The only thing that you are bound to in life is your sense of freedom, you’ll never be able to escape your desire for adventure and expression.

During this period, you’ll be a raging storm of self-expression and creativity, constantly trying to be more different than the next person in line. While freedom is your ultimate goal, you’ll be left rather confused by another desire and that is the yearning for companionship.

In this new quest, if you by any chance forget about your pursuit of freedom, you’ll be left out of character and lose your way, which will, in turn, make you seem awkward and out of place in your attempts to find a suitable partner, postponing a date or simply ignoring your possible partners due to a feeling of uncertainty, as if something is amiss.

On the path to finding the right one for you, due to your feeling of aloofness and indifference towards the matters of love and sex, you’ll need to find someone that presents a level of intellect that is above the norm.

They need to suit your taste and bring the same appetite and ingenuity for sex as you and their nature needs to be as freedom-loving as yours if they ought to fit the template.

If you’re feeling too much under the weather, you could attempt to find a solution in your friends. You’ll find that it is often the ones closest to you that can aid you in your quest to escape this confusion and boredom. If all else fails, you can always just pack your bags and leave on an unplanned trip.

After all, adventure is one of your callings and it might recharge your batteries and help you in more than one way.

You might even find your soulmate on that trip. If they fit the criteria of being odd and come up with spur of the moment things just as you. Although during this period, new relations, whatever their nature, might be short-lived.

Something you should exert caution with would be how you spend your money. Due to your boredom and desire for excitement, you might find yourself overindulging, the only one having to pay the price being your wallet. The future you might not enjoy what the present you is doing, at least financially speaking.

Your behavior will most likely be erratic at best during this transit. To get out of your state, you’ll more likely than not do whatever you believe would suit your desire or need at the moment.

That includes spending money, flirting around or simply doing whatever you want. This might include annoying your friends by canceling plans on the moment simply because you found something better to do.

This can also extend to your love life as well as your work, calling in “sick” at the last minute just because you felt like doing something else.

While others have to suffer from this, you might benefit from your behavior. Getting people annoyed or angry with you will bring arguments and negativity which you might find refreshing and thrilling.

You’ll be left surprised by others during this period. Surprise activities will add a different taste to the usual daily routine, and associations with others can appear to be more unpredictable than expected.

Your unforeseen machinations can catch others by surprise. If your close circle is demanding too much attention from you, you’ll feel the need to get away, detaching yourself from too much social suffocation.

During this period, the only thing you can do is enjoying anything life throws at you, however short-lived these things are, you’re more than ready to enjoy the thrill of something new and unpredictable.

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