Sun Conjunct Mercury Natal and Transit: Increased Mental Stimulation

  • The natal conjunction between the Sun and Mercury means your mind is likely dictating over your heart when it comes to important life decisions.
  • During the Sun conjunct Mercury transit, we tend to become more focused on matters of the mind and communication, this is a very observant time.
  • In astrology, the Sun is the most powerful body and influences how we express ourselves and our overall energies and will.
  • The conjunct aspect has the general effect of intensification of the energies involved as the two planets are in close proximity, under the same zodiac sign.
  • The planet Mercury is responsible with our manner of thinking, how we create and express our thought processes.
  • Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Howard Stern, Emmanuel Macron, Wolfgang Mozart, Omar Sharif, Tatum O’Neal, Paris Hilton, Oliver Stone, Jimmy Page.
  • Transit dates: 10 January 2020, 25 February 2020, 04 May 2020, 30 June 2020, 16 August 2020, 25 October 2020, 19 December 2020, 08 February 2021, 18 April 2021, 10 June 2021, 09 October 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun conjunct Mercury Natal

People who were born during the Sun conjunct Mercury transit are the best communicators in the zodiac. They want to interact with others as much as possible because this is what’s stimulating them to come up with new ideas.

However, having such a busy mind, they may not pay too much attention when their loved ones are speaking because they’re usually thinking of many other different things. When it comes to communicating, it can be said they’re better at talking than at listening.

The planet Mercury rules over communication, logic, ways in which people are thinking, education, neighbors, relatives, means of travel on short distance, exchange of information and even news.

It’s an astrological guardian that makes natives having it in conjunction with the Sun in their birth chart think fast, be alive, adapt to anything, less emotional and more curious about new knowledge.

Therefore, these people have an amazing power of thought and can set their mind to do anything. They’re imaginative, determined to succeed, witty and often impulsive. It’s rare to see them acting according to their feelings or what’s in their heart because their mind is the one dictating their actions and words.

These natives love to reflect and introspect, but they can overdo these things and become preachy, selfish, too stubborn and judgmental, especially in the event in which the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in their birth chart is at under 5 degrees.

This influences them to be rigid to others’ opinions and to refuse ideas that aren’t the same as theirs.

Furthermore, it makes them less objective when they’re trying to analyze themselves because their mind and ego seem to be the same thing.

These natives can be selfish and not realize it because their thoughts are more about themselves and never about others. Because they’re the most talented when it comes to communication, they make amazing teachers.

The Sun conjunct Mercury in their birth chart gives them a difficult time when they need to be taken seriously or heard, especially by authoritative figures. For this reason, they may have been told many times to shut up during their childhood.

As adults, these natives tend to rebel and to fight for causes that for others seem ridiculous and lost. It’s very likely for them to be attracted by alternative medicine and all kind of conspiracies.

Many of these natives are determined and aggressive when protesting against those who happen to be in command. The fact that they love to express themselves all the time makes others appreciate them more.

They can easily transmit any message and idea because communication is their strongest point. People love hearing and seeing them talk because they’re big users of gestures and facial expressions.

They’re comfortable speaking in public, this being the reason as to why they’re such good actors and politicians, not to mention they can adapt to any new situation or person.

More than this, they seem to be curious like no one else, which suggests they’re very talented at engineering and the arts. It’s easy for them to study any subject because they simply love reading and following precise instructions.

Furthermore, people born during the Sun conjunct Mercury transit are great writers, calligraphers and code creators. This specific aspect in their birth chart is also making them more sensitive to nervous diseases because they simply don’t know how to relax their minds and enjoy peace.

However, it’s still rather beneficial and not in any way evil. It also makes them pretty single-minded, but they’re not at all the type to argue with those who are not agreeing with them.

They have this ability to integrate their personality with almost anything, but this doesn’t indicate that their life is going to be without problems. It only shows how satisfied they usually are with all of their goals and what they’ve managed to achieve.

If a situation doesn’t benefit them in one way or another, they’re not even trying to adapt to it. Being motivated to make all of their dreams come true, success is sure to follow them everywhere, but they’re never investing any time and energy in what isn’t meant to bring them any benefit.

Natives born during the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect know how to use their resources for their goals to be achieved, not to mention they’re very talented and capable.

They hate it when others are curious and nosy regarding the affairs they’re working on, so they have some boundaries that no one may go over.

It’s very likely for them to become successful in life, but many may judge the means they used to do just so. These people don’t have the same measure of appreciating success as most individuals.

They’re better working alone because this way, they can easily appreciate how much they’ve done and how good their results are.

While confident when it comes to the way they’re interacting with others, they’re only successful at socializing, not at developing interpersonal relationships because they’re too afraid of getting hurt.
They’re more sensitive than their loved ones believe them to be, so it’s normal for them to protect their feelings most of the time, not to mention how dependent they are on being spiritually fulfilled.

Because society is constantly asking people to compete and to stress themselves each day, they need to sometimes take a break and meditate in private.

Sun conjunct Mercury Transit

During the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more open to discuss things because they seem to have many ideas that need to be shared.

For this period, every email and message have a bigger impact as everyone seems to be good at exchanging information.

Many will want to keep busy by traveling because they’d be having many interests and be curious about everything. It would be a good idea for people to learn new things and to reflect on their life for as long as the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury.

For as long as the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more focused on matters of the mind and communicating, which means this transit is one of mental preoccupations.

People will be more willing to talk, send emails and messages, or even to travel short distances to meet with friends or relatives. Mercury is the planet of communication, ways of thinking, logic, education, relatives and any type of information.

While it’s in conjunction with the Sun, people are more appreciative of knowledgeable and communicative individuals. This is a period favorable for interacting with influential persons and making new friends.

Many may find out about the most interesting news and workshops meant to help them, so it’s suggested for all natives to keep their eyes and ears open during it.

Going on a short trip is a good idea as well because they’d find out many important things. This transit is perfect for mental stimulation and intellectual activities, also for expressing thoughts and ideas in the clearest and most authentic way.

For as long as it’s happening, everyone will know how to listen and perceive new information more clearly, even if they’d be too rational and less emotional than usually.

Those who love to write should go ahead and do it, no matter if they’re only putting their thoughts in a journal or are sending an email. Reading, studying and researching are also advantaged, not to mention teachers will have an increased desire to make their students understand the most complex concepts.

The energy of this transit is usually playful, so puzzles and other games should be enjoyed because they’re going to be more fun. It’s a good idea for all natives to interact with others and communicate during this transit, but without trying to impose their opinions.

They should just keep an open mind and enjoy any kind of collaboration because they’d be very happy communicating and expressing themselves most originally.

Everyone will know what they want or how to listen, which means they should just get together with those who are willing to talk to them. However, they need to keep in mind this transit lasts for only one week and that their communicative skills will most likely be gone after it’s over.

For this reason, they should take advantage of this position of the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury for as long as they can, by communicating and learning new things. They’ll notice others are more ready to listen to them because they’re more interesting and tactful.

The Sun conjunction Mercury is perfect for doing just about anything, from talking about any idea with superiors to writing anything that goes through one’s head.

Talking is also advantaged during this transit, so more delicate subjects should be addressed with confidence. Mercury has rapid, lively, versatile, changeable and intellectual influences.

It makes people want to discuss any subject because their mind and the way they’re expressing themselves are clearer under its ruling. When in conjunction with the Sun, it brings about many great opportunities for business, negotiation, and talks.

Everyone will want to talk more, not to mention they’ll be confident enough to reveal their most daring plans and start new projects.

Many may notice they’re receiving more phone calls and emails than usual, so those who aren’t prepared to assimilate too much information all the time should prepare themselves for a pretty busy period from this point of view.

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