Mars Sextile Jupiter Natal and Transit: Devoted to High Ideals

  • The birth chart sextile between Mars and Jupiter characterizes someone with great instincts who is rarely doing anything wrong.
  • The Mars sextile Jupiter transit prompts you to take advantage of your social life and be open to meeting new people.
  • The planet Mars governs our impulses, desires and enthusiasm but also out inner aggression and survival instincts.
  • A sextile aspect is a balancing astrological placement in which the two planets cooperate and so their energies work together for the better good.
  • The planet Jupiter promotes good luck and wellbeing, making people more in tune with their spirituality and intellectuality.
  • Celebrities: Malcolm Fraser, Martin Boyd, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Napoleon Bonaparte, Megan Fox Danny DeVito, Vanessa Redgrave.
  • Transit dates: 20 June 2020, 04 February 2022, 01 September 2022, 20 April 2024, 22 June 2025, 20 September 2027, 10 September 2028, 20 November 2029.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Jupiter Natal

Natives born during the Mars sextile Jupiter transit have a strong physique and like competing and can be the best teammates, no matter if it’s about business or challenging contests. Assertive and at the same time balanced, it’s a good idea for them to occupy a leadership role.

Always on time and having very good instincts, this transit in which they were born is considered to be a lucky and beneficial one.

Because they want to help everyone, their reputation is very good. More than this, they’re courageous and powerful, yet aggressive when someone is threatening them. Just like everything else in life, they should win each and every time, meaning they’re fit for a career in the military.

Natives born during the Mars sextile Jupiter aspect are noble and usually popular, never fake and very generous. It should be easy for them to find a romantic partner because they’re adventurous and people are finding them very attractive for this reason.

Their sex appeal can only be matched by their desire to have sex all the time. However, as their life is passing, they should learn as much as possible to never take things personally.

Their naturalness when it comes to leadership activities will help them pursue their goals in life and the balance between what they know and their stamina is strong.

Just like with many other trines and sextiles in birth charts, these people need to benefit a lot from this transit being present at their birth.

These natives can be too relaxed and lazy from time to time, especially if not at all interested in what they’re doing. They should concentrate on their goals in life and the opportunities that can bring them a lot of money.

Others are usually liking them a lot, and they should be able to communicate all the time, unless Mercury or Saturn isn’t in a negative aspect in their birth chart.

They have a special attraction to people who are as well balanced, like them. Sexual in nature, they’re looking for more than just to be physically gratified and to connect from an emotional point of view.

They’re enterprising and know when do things, as well able to sense what’s going to succeed or not.

Natives born during the Mercury sextile Jupiter transit are obsessed to push their limits. They have an open-mind, free-thinking, confident, honest and positive. Their enthusiasm and vigor to work is helping them express themselves and improve.

They’re sure of their own beliefs and have true ideals, meaning they’re tirelessly working for those who aren’t as lucky as them, meaning they’re very generous.

They’re responsible and have a sense of justice, not to mention they can strongly protect their principles and fight for any cause. Their dynamic body needs to always move around and do many things.

Mars sextile Jupiter Transit

During the Mars sextile Jupiter aspect, people are stronger and bolder. It is the perfect time for them to deal with any complicated task because they have a good chance of success in life.

This transit is perfect for their reputation and good luck because it’s bringing them a lot of good luck, the strongest instincts and the desire to take the initiative, many risks as well.

Their strong competitiveness and increased attractiveness during this period can help them be better in sports, with sex and even in wars. Business affairs should go well for them, as well they should be able to gain others’ hearts and minds, especially figures of authority. This high energy is helping everybody work hard and be more playful.

People should be generous and take advantage of their popularity during this period, also to impress their colleagues or friends.

Their sex appeal should be kept in control and they should appreciate themselves more. Every new adventure started for as long as Mars is in sextile with Jupiter because everyone has higher chances to succeed now.

This is good for them in any area of life, especially the love one, meaning this transit is perfect for dating.

Favorable in nature, this sextile is not a perfect one because the two planets involved in it are not forming an ideal connection.

Not only is influencing many to be liberal and more generous than usual, but they should be careful to not become extravagant and extreme. They’ll become bolder and more enterprising, especially if money is involved in the discussion.

The Mars sextile Jupiter aspect is offering people more advantages and opportunities to expand their tendencies, no matter what they may be doing.

They’re never hesitating to put pressure on themselves, as well to use all of their energy in order to improve their condition.

For as long as Mars is in sextile with Jupiter, people have a busier social agenda, so they should meet with new business associates and participate to every meeting. They’ll have enough energy to always smile and be friendly with everyone.

People should take advantage of it and stay as mentally active as possible, as well to keep exercising, but without pushing themselves to the limits because they can tire themselves too much, break a bone and even strain some of their muscles.

This is a transit about personal development through personal and business partnerships because people can understand themselves better during it, as well as more precise about what they want from life and in their professional career.

They should remember they have the best opportunity to go out in the world and interact with others.

Staying home alone is not at all a good idea for them. They’ll find it easier to have their eyes open, their minds as well, also the optimism to continue in life. Those of them who are more devoted to high ideals, this aspect is one of conversion and uplifting emotions, also a stronger enthusiasm.

If they can avoid being impulsive, the influence of this transit will have them doing only useful things, yet if natives are not restraining themselves and their rashness, things can end in an unfavorable way.

Joyful, dynamic and fun, the next year after Mars is in sextile to Jupiter, some of the natives should take a day off.

Most of the time, they’ll be ready to be in charge of their life and open their minds to new opportunities. This will help their life improve, their career and finances as well.

Therefore, they should be ready for any new day and keep being optimistic because the year following this sextile is going to be full of energy and very positive. More than this, many can start driving others crazy by being cheerful. Their sexual energy will always give them a chance to meet a new partner.

Being more excited about work will have them more inspired and dutiful, so they won’t mind making their superiors happy. They’ll want to take any risk and obtain the best results in life. Their opportunities will come to them, so they’ll be only happy with everything that’s happening around them.

Many will be more effective when communicating with others, more courageous, confident and optimistic. They’ll be able to make all kinds of bargains and end up winning.

Supportive and bolder than usual, they won’t miss seeing their objectives in life, especially those related to other people.

Up for excitement and competition from a physical point of view, they can become agitated when caught in small spaces and act spontaneously when adventure is calling for them. Many will want to travel more for this period, as well as to enjoy more educational projects and stimulating activities.

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