Mars Trine Uranus Natal and Transit: A New Need for Freedom

  • If the natal chart contains a Mars Uranus trine, you need to work on your self-control to reach the real potential in your life.
  • The Mars trine Uranus transit is known to bring about surprising and happy results, some that come from impulsiveness, others that have been waited on.
  • Mars is about our drive and courage, giving us the energy to move ahead with our plans, no matter the opposition we may be facing.
  • The trine aspect could bring a huge insight, coincidence or positive surprise in one of the life areas governed by the two planets involved.
  • The planet Uranus pushes us to stretch our minds and see beyond the ordinary.
  • Celebrities: Napoleon Bonaparte, Brad Pitt, Phil Collins, Tim Jarvis, Gerard Manley Hopkins, James Ingram, Humphry Davy, James Earl Jones.
  • Transit dates: 21 February 2020, 22 August 2021, 08 February 2022, 16 August 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars trine Uranus Natal

Mars trine Uranus natives are imaginative, straightforward, dynamic, independent, egotistical, opinionated, romantic and impulsive from a sexual point of view, but they often demand to be let free. They’re also optimistic, magnetic, willful and able to easily make any decision.

These natives want excitement and are oftentimes doing the almost impossible in order to find and experience the most unusual things. They find it hard to be disciplined or to conform to rules that aren’t making any sense.

Hardworking and original, they can use all kinds of interesting techniques when trying to achieve their career goals. All of their actions are inventive and inspiring.

They can reject traditional ideas because their mind is progressive, not to mention how good these people are with occult practices. More than this, they’re able to get things done very quickly, yet they can’t control their impulsive urges.

Inventive and skilled when it comes to engineering, many of them are great inventors of technological machines.

Natives born during the Mars trine Uranus transit want to be good leaders of groups and associations, but they need a good stature and self-control for this to be their direction in life as they’re usually pretty nervous and can’t endure a lot of tension.

They’re original and enthusiastic when thinking about how to live their life. As far as expressing themselves goes, these people are dramatic and creative, usually leaving a strong impression on others. If they want to explore all of their creativity, they need to be allowed a lot of freedom from their loved ones.

These people seem to possess a lot of energy when trying to pursue their goals, not to mention their projects are usually many and consuming most of their time. Sometimes impatient as they’re having a lot to accomplish, their time seems to fly by them.

Natives born during the Mars trine Uranus are really enjoying having multiple options, not to mention they’re feeling sorry for those who are getting easily bored.

Dullness is not something they really know about, as they want to surround themselves with exciting people and who have futuristic plans as theirs.

This aspect in their birth chart is asking them to have patience with those who aren’t inclined in the same direction as them. More than this, they need to do everything as moderately as possible.

If they want to feel better from time to time, taking a vacation is the only way for them to do this. They want to develop their individuality and keep their partnerships untouched.

Sexual creatures, people born during the Mars trine Uranus aspect need someone who’s the same as them when it comes to this quality.

They have immense resources when it comes to their energy for sex, so spicing up their bedroom life comes naturally to them. But if their partner is different and doesn’t have the same style, they can’t really understand what’s happening.

These people are open to fight for their passions, not to mention they can promote any of their new projects without stressing too much. They’re open to any risk and can immerse themselves in things that are unusual and full of controversy, as well experimental.

For this reason, there are many leaders and mad scientists born during this aspect. Obviously, their genius needs to be fed with all kinds of experiments.

Their strong ethic when it comes to work can have them succeeding and making a great impression on others. However, they sometimes need to take it slowly and retreat as they’re burning too much of their energy in short periods of time.

At some point, the thrill and the rush they’re feeling when creating will wear off. As soon as their batteries have been charged, people born during the Mars trine Uranus transit can start any new adventure and enjoy it.

It comes easy for them to help others, for even if they’re doing things differently, they’re charming and charismatic enough to bring their loved ones on board with them.

It can be said these natives are the ones to wait for stimulation and happiness when it comes to their romantic life.

Stability when it comes to romance can be a challenge for them because their ego is growing each time they’re flirting. It’s very possible their exciting style will have many people interested in them, no matter if they’re married or not.

These people want a partner with an open mind and who can as well enjoy any kind of experience in bed.

Mars trine Uranus Transit

During the Mars trine Uranus transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are feeling different and can make courageous statements, their strange responses to life situations making them more active.

Surprises and exciting results can come their way if they’re following their impulses and are taking chances, which can lead to changes that are giving them whole new perspectives when it comes to life.

Surprising and happy results can come from impulsiveness and risk-taking, but this situation is as well making natives of all signs more independent.

Not wanting to be limited when having to use their mind, many will be able to break free whenever having to for as long as Mars is in trine with Uranus.

Their instincts need to be strong and very accurate, so the risks they’re taking during this period will most likely pay off at some point.

Those in need for freedom or to express themselves too much will find out they can’t obtain a lot during this period. Others will want to go with them and be attracted to all of their brand-new ideas.

This transit is perfect for starting new plans because the energy of many is daring. Whereas their warrior spirit and need for rush will at some point fade, they’ll get all of their new projects at a stage where initiative can be left behind.

When it comes to romance, many may wander too much in case their bedroom life is not as exciting as they want it to be.

However, they can be very surprised to see what an open mind their partner is having for as long as this transit is in place, which will have them enjoy all the stimulation and excitement coming from experimenting.

Luckily, they’re also energetic, so if they want to take any action, they can do it anytime. In order for this to happen, people need to believe in themselves and that their ideas are worthy of taking action.

Natives of all signs will have tremendous intellectual energy and when doing the simplest things, they’ll achieve great successes during this trine.

They can as well find the easiest tasks to be more complicated and complex than usual. Others will want to challenge them most of the time, but no one will be any match for their skills.

Many will easily win with everything, especially because they’ll have the capacity to convince anyone to do things the way they want them to and not even realize what they’re doing. They should try and not take advantage of this, as well as become complacent.

During this period, people who are looking for adventure and are really going for it can return home heroes, but it can be difficult for them to follow things through.

They could try and focus on making this their goal because they can accomplish more this way.

Many will be driven towards freedom and the exploration of any activity, which can help them become true pioneers, also to implement all kinds of new strategies when it comes to their work.

They’re very focused on attaining success, meaning they want to take more risks than usual. Their rich imagination will be represented in their work and can have a positive influence on the environment is usually through their inventive ideas.

They’re accepting and know how to treat people as equals. It’s very likely for many to be more than usually attracted to any form of amusement and even car racing, but they should be careful because the unexpected will haunt them every step of the way.

The influence of this transit is remarkably good because it’s making people more active from a mental point of view, as well as more interested in occult practices and even magic.

Their aura will always be charged, not to mention many will have the opportunity to make this period as active and productive as possible.

This transit is good for traveling, dealing with strangers and friends, as well for joining different groups because they’re more attractive and this way, society will work in their favor.

They’ll find such an influence is helpful for them to be more inventive and productive because the mental tendencies they’re having are inventive and progressive.

In case the Moon aspects during this period are as well very good, natives of all signs in the zodiac are capable of advancing in life more easily for as long as it’s happening.

Being ruled by their instincts, they’ll move forward with their endeavors and escape passiveness. This is an aspect favorable for the geniuses of the world.

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