Sun Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Showing Compassion

  • The birth chart conjunction between the Sun and Neptune signals someone who is likely to twist the truth jut to try and please others.
  • During the Sun conjunct Neptune transit everyone will have difficulties focusing on work or on tedious activities.
  • The Sun is linked to how we identify ourselves and with the areas of life in which we put our effort and where we experience most things.
  • The conjunct aspect is the astrological placement where two planets are working closely together in the same zodiac sign, creating a unified result.
  • In astrology, Neptune’s energy is said to alter our reality, to make us more imaginative but also too dreamy and prone to escapism.
  • Celebrities: Harry S Truman, Carrie Fisher, Tatum O’Neal, Julio Iglesias, Frida Kahlo, Susan Sarandon, Sean Connery, Louis Pasteur, Michael Douglas.
  • Transit dates: 08 March 2020, 10 March 2021, 13 March 2022, 15 March 2023, 17 March 2024, 19 March 2025, 22 March 2026, 25 March 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun conjunct Neptune Natal

People with the Sun conjunct Neptune transit in their birth chart are kind, sensitive and generous with their feelings. More than this, they possess a rich imagination that helps them be dreamy and more spiritual.

Since they can easily feel any vibration sent to them from the Universe, they can change according to what this force from above is sending them, which means they can easily become victims of paranoia, but not if other aspects and fixed stars in their birth chart are not favorable in this direction.

Those who were born during this transit are altruistic and sometimes submissive because this is how Neptune is influencing them to be. They know how to let go of the primal needs of their ego and to merge them with their surroundings.

This means they’re very good at becoming one with their other half, the group to which they’re belonging and even humanity as a whole. Their psychic abilities are very developed, but they need to remain rational and open-minded in order to use them in a constructive way.

Having strong emotions and being curious about mystical or romantic stories, they may practice occult rituals from time to time.

Their strong intuition can help them become famous artists, especially in the world of dancing or acting. When their Saturn isn’t strong, they have this tendency to dream rather than to get things done, which means they can end up disappointed of themselves for not achieving too much in the real world.

Twisting the truth just to please others, they may need to learn how to be more honest with others. Many won’t be able to understand them because they don’t know too much about themselves either.

These natives are very good at servicing others because they’re dutiful and enthusiastic to give a hand to those in need.

All the aspects between the Sun and Neptune are known to impact people when it comes to self-expression, their identity and the direction they’re supposed to take in life, which means it’s very important for many to consider Neptune’s energies as positive, especially when this planet is in more influential aspects from the Sun, such as the ones of the conjunction, opposition and square aspect.

Not integrating and repressing Neptune can bring them a lot of negativity, and when the conjunction of this planet with the Sun is in their birth chart, they need to merge the energies of both celestial bodies in the most efficient way, according to what their Sun sign is suggesting.

Sun conjunct Neptune Transit

During the Sun conjunct Neptune transit, people belonging to all signs in the zodiac are more sensitive, intuitive and empathetic.

Furthermore, the thoughts of others and their own surroundings can influence them more than usual, which can be either good or bad for them, depending on the circumstances in which they’re finding themselves to be.

However, no matter what, they should avoid being in the company of people who are only drawing all of their energy and can negatively influence them with their depressive and fearful attitudes.

Because they’re more caring and have a lot of compassion, many are seeing others during this transit as vulnerable.

It’s a good period, especially for those pushy salespeople and individuals who want to sell all sort of things or to lend money with interest.

Many can be fascinated with religion and spirituality when the Sun is in conjunction with Neptune, making it easy for false prophets to take advantage of them.

Everyone will have difficulties focusing on work for about two days, until the aspect is done. They won’t pay attention to any detail and escape reality into fantasy and daydreaming, which means reality and practicality will be left somewhere behind.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and imagining, but those who are incapable of dealing with the everyday life because of these states of mind should be more careful with what they’re deciding to pursue and do.

It would be perfect for everyone in the world to go on vacation during the Sun conjunct Neptune transit because this way, they’d be able to either just stay in bed or enjoy art and beauty.

As a matter of fact, these are the suggested activities for this period because natives of all signs are more sensitive from both an emotional and physical point of view, also intuitive. In order for them to escape negativity, they need to meditate, perform some rituals or just create art.

Everything that will happen during this period may be the result of confusing thoughts and situations.

Because it’s easier to get convinced of anything for as long as the Sun is in conjunction with Neptune, they should pay attention to not get fooled by those with bad intentions.

Furthermore, many misunderstandings and strange situations can appear in their life, so they should avoid doing something too serious and just visit a museum or an art gallery.

The consumption of alcohol and drugs is not suggested either because many may become even more confused than they actually are.

When it comes to their relationships with others, they should just enjoy them as much as possible, but not forget to set some boundaries between themselves and others.

Those of them who are feeling generous should go and work for charities and do something for their community because group work will help them more than they can even imagine.

This transit is also known to make people more open to astrology and occult practices. When it comes to everyday life, practical activities should be avoided and relaxation promoted.

While this aspect doesn’t impact the ego in a negative way, many may need to encourage themselves in front of the mirror or on camera during it.

Since energy levels are going to be low, they should not take on any responsibility and avoid daydreaming all the time. The mundane will make them feel very tired, not to mention they may have the impression everyone is trying to take advantage of their goodness.

In case they’ve made a plan for the day of the transit, they should be prepared to deal with interruptions. However, it would be better for them to just enjoy a day of relaxation, meditation, and reading or watching movies. It wouldn’t be wrong for many to take part in spiritual rituals and to work for charities.

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