Mercury Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Increased Sensitivity

  • With a Mercury Neptune conjunction in your natal chart, you better stay honest because truth will always help you in your endeavors.
  • As the Mercury conjunct Neptune transit takes place, people tend to become more sensitive to their surroundings.
  • The planet Mercury offers clues about our way of thinking and communication, where our thoughts go and how we interact with the world around us.
  • The conjunct aspect takes place when two planets are stationed together in the same zodiac sign, borrowing from each other’s influences and working toward the same direction.
  • Neptune is the governing planet of our dreams and fantasies, our imagination and connections to spirituality.
  • Celebrities: Martin Luther, Tatum O’Neal, Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Julio Iglesias, Maria Shriver, Alyssa Milano, Meg Ryan, Neil Armstrong.
  • Transit dates: 03 April 2020, 29 March 2021, 23 March 2022, 16 March 2023, 08 March 2024, 02 March 2025, 29 March 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Neptune Natal

People born during Mercury conjunct Neptune transit are generous, easy to impress and big dreamers. If this aspect in their birth chart is afflicted, they can become deceiving, tricky and even manipulative.

These natives possess a rich imagination and are oftentimes incapable of separating logic from what’s unreal because their mind is all over the place.

The Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect is heightening senses to higher levels, so that the information entering their mind is becoming almost impossible to filter.

It can be a problem for them to decode what’s illusion and what’s reality, as well what matters the most and what isn’t very important, secrets from what needs to be told.

It’s very likely they can notice things with their sixth sense, things others actually can’t, meaning they can have imaginary friends from a young age.

However, they need to learn how to concentrate because their nervous system is shaky. More than this, they can have telepathic abilities and the power of clairvoyance, but should be careful with them because they may dominate any conversation.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect should be honest in business and less impulsive because this way, they can obtain everything they want without any conflict.

The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune takes place at the mind level and has an effect over the imagination, as well as how people are appreciating life through their mental focus.

All this means there’s a connection between consciousness and unconsciousness in their energies, and that they need to use all the knowledge they’re gathering in order to not have problems with their balance.

Their creativity is sure to always be developed, this meaning they can focus all the necessary channels on perceiving things the right way. When it comes to the realities in their mind, they can be agitated, not to mention they have the tendency to misjudge and misinterpret the most suggestive pieces of information.

An unclear mind and the wrong messages being sent may be too much for them to handle. If they could just communicate through signs and rituals, perhaps others would understand them better.

These natives are perceiving images and can interpret any symbol in a more accurate manner than they’re understanding any tradition or communication form, no matter if spoken or put on paper. They love poetry and the cinema as well, especially since they seem to simply love expressing themselves through images and interpreting them.

When praying or doing something creative, natives born during the Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect are expressing themselves in the most beautiful manner.

It’s difficult for them to express their ideas in a clear manner or to transmit information without being misunderstood, not to mention they can close-up and no longer say a word because they’re not remembering details.

They most likely have many ideas and others see them as unrealistic or delirious, even if they’re always making perfect sense. These people need to use their managerial skills and logic in order to communicate greatly with others and not allow their creativity or mystical links to expire.

It’s very likely many of them have a rich imagination and great talents for the arts, not to mention they’re cultural and resourceful. When it comes to their career, they need to express their personal thoughts and to write, take photos or make movies, anything with rich content.

The way they’re approaching life is intellectual and mindful because they know how to put something coming from their mind into words, even how to manipulate in a selective manner, expressing only what’s working in their advantage.

In case they’re deciding to make a habit from this, they’re becoming liable for creating their own reality, which can cause them problems they can no longer find solutions to.

More than this, this tendency of theirs can have them becoming true escapists and to avoid pain by not getting involved in anything. The opinions of others regarding the stories coming out of their imagination are very important for them because their mental processes seem to depend on them.

If someone is contradicting these natives and says they’re unrealistic, they may have some serious problems later in life, become sensitive as they’d just pick up the feelings of everyone around them.

Besides, if in negative surroundings for too long, they can become weak and delirious. Only after being reassured and tolerant with themselves, their true talents can get revealed. However, for this to happen, they’d need to decode valuable information and to make a difference between what’s real and what isn’t.
Natives born during the Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect have an impressive perception and can transmit information in many ways because they have impressive psychic abilities. Being creative, they could succeed as dancers and other bodily artists, also healing and communication because their ideas could touch others’ souls and be inspiring.

Mercury conjunct Neptune Transit

The Mercury conjunct Neptune transit is focused on matters of the mind and communication when it comes to spiritual subjects, mysteries and the occult.

For as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune, people are more interested in studying art because they have a richer imagination and are more creative. Insights of great value can be attained by meditating.

Many can get involved in all kinds of intrigues and deal with secret matters, whereas it’s important for morals to be maintained and for morals to be avoided, as well as slanders.

Those who are more sensitive to their surroundings are more interested and influenced by serious words and the opinions of many. When it comes to being ambiguous, they’re not reading what’s occurring and can generate untrue ideas.

They should be certain about what they’re beginning during this time and have their intention free of deceptions, even if it’s only a stage of concepts.

Moving away from what’s stressing their life during this time they’re going through can open their mind to bigger possibilities than they’d normally consider because thoughts are flowing for as long as the Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune.

This time is impacting their way of thinking and the communication matters in both positive and negative ways. When manifesting at its highest, this transit is giving their psychic more accuracy when it comes to perceiving things on different levels and unbiased processes and the received spiritual information.

When this transit is expressing itself negatively, every thought and words are becoming twisted and misconceived, irrational, confused, fearful and paranoid.

This can bring about deceptions, treacheries, manipulation, poisonous and strange strategies. It would be useless for people to try and explain themselves, during the day of this transit.

For as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune, people are always saying the right things all the time, others are just keeping people confused and questioning appearances. Parts of the problems is that they’re trying to discuss anything that they can’t really be as they’re being described: their ideals that are high, as well their visions from the past, their present and their future, so their realm is full of possibilities.

Other issues are related to not being articulate as they used to be. Words are simply escaping them and they can forget everything about very important principles.

Keeping such things in mind, meetings should be postponed during the week of the Mercury conjunction with Neptune, when minds are clearer. When meetings are being avoided, people should keep their propositions short, which can prevent many from wandering.

Their intuition would be open and more accepting, so this time is perfect for spiritual achievements and creative activities.

Natives of all signs shouldn’t be swept off their feet until their teachings about ideals are becoming okay for them to not make commitments until the week after the transit.

This is not a good day for engaging in mental activities that are all about details and having clear-cut opinions that are as well rational. However, this is a perfect day to get involved in projects related to creativity and matters of imagination.

Their desire to dream during the day is powerful in every person, making it difficult for many to focus on the mundane. Not understanding matters regarding issues related to everyday matters are important to discover because people can’t find it hard to say what they’re thinking.

For as long as the Mercury conjunct Neptune transit is in place, people are very sensitive to how people are reacting, which can influence the way they’re communicating.

They may need to get together with those who aren’t honest and manipulative, or they should be tempted to put the truth in shadows and avoid confrontations, even when lies are being revealed.

They may get to not be understood and paranoid for as long as the Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune, but it’s known to pass rapidly and to bring people to their old self.

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