Mercury Square Mars Natal and Transit: Changes and New Beginnings

  • The Mercury Mars square in the natal chart is a sign of a complex and ambitious personality, someone who is not afraid to stand by what they desire.
  • During the Mercury square Mars transit, people should be careful to what they are disclosing in the family circle and to avoid lying.
  • Mercury is the governing planet of our thoughts, connections, reasoning, personal viewpoints and wisdom.
  • When two planets square, their energies are said to collide, and the different agendas fight for supremacy.
  • Mars is considered to be the planet that energizes the other planets and is a symbol of assertiveness, energy and courage.
  • Celebrities: Sean Connery, David Frost, Pamela Anderson Lee, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bridges, Mick Jagger, King Edward VI of England, Princess Margaret.
  • Transit dates: 11 May 2020, 08 July 2020, 27 July 2020, 08 January 2021, 10 February 2021, 23 March 2021, 26 July 2022, 17 March 2023, 06 October 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury square Mars Natal

The Mars square Mars aspect in birth charts is challenging people all the time, especially those who have the tendency to think very fast.

They’re rationalizing every situation so rapidly that there’s never enough time for them to determine if they’ve been right or not. For this reason, they can be confused when others are confronting and thinking of them as too direct and feisty.

This type of misunderstandings can only make these people feel more frustrated and quick-tempered because this malefic cycle can continue and even grow in them. Rapid when it comes to their own perceptions, they’re as well quick with their moves and words.

When it comes to work, they have a lot of energy and are very good at standing up for their own beliefs. They’re clever and oftentimes cynical, also quick to express themselves and their thoughts without being too sensitive.

Some people born during this aspect are more likely to lie than others. They’re good at debating and can turn any conversation that isn’t even stressful into an argument. Their mind is sharp and they tend to criticize everyone because they’re very curious.

Nervous and fast-thinking, those born under the Mercury square Mars aspect can become easily stressed and can be overly-stimulated, as well as prone to headaches.

Impatient when operating machinery or driving a car, they can end up involved in many accidents. They’re inquisitive, competitive, smart and criticizing, as well as sharp with their words, not to mention their mind is all the time working.

However, when consuming too much of their energy, they can become exhausted from a physical point of view, whereas some of them can end up suffering from nervous diseases and many breakdowns. If their quick-temper is not kept in line, they can be involved in accidents.

These natives are impulsive and therefore fast to conclude, but they need to realize their judgment can sometimes be faulty. In case their reasoning is the correct one but they’re allowing emotions to intervene, the facts they know of can’t always be the right ones.

They tend to become very passionate and irritated, not to mention they can’t express themselves in a pleasing manner. In case Scorpio in their birth chart is strong, they can have a cruel mind and walk over others in order to achieve their goals.

Natives born during the Mercury square Mars aspect must be patient when deliberating, as well to listen to other people’s points of view.

In order for them to do all this, they need to learn how to focus and compromise is necessary, as well to let go of their ego and be more mentally detached. They tend to work too much and should overcome their sarcasm and bad temperament.

These people need to avoid dishonesty and exaggerations, not to mention they can become criminals if some aspects of their birth chart are being strongly afflicted. Needing independence, not being independent because they’re passionate about their own beliefs and cynical.

Their combative, bold and turning spirit can make all of their problems bigger than they actually are, as well their tongue can sometimes be too sharp. Others may find them to be hostile and uncaring too. They can be the victims of violence and hurtful commentaries, not to mention very sensitive when it comes to all these things.

People born during the Mercury square Mars transit are original and oftentimes full of controversies, but they don’t have to deal with the anger and nervousness resulting from hostilities and arguments.

They must fight their tendency to talk and not think twice, as well the ones hurrying up with conclusions. It would be easier for them to notice what they’re the best at, this being the role of this square.

These natives will all the time be given tests and get challenged in order to gain all the knowledge they need, to think logically and to communicate in an efficient manner.

Being aware of their own rapid thinking and the fact that they’re consciously aware can have their battles won halfway. They should be the ones who are writing on blogs and publishing books.

Sport and working out can improve their self-control, reflexes and patience. There are only a few astrologers who are suggesting they shouldn’t be around too many sharp items like knives and dangerous machines, especially if they never learned how to master them.

When it comes to the mind, people born during the Mercury square Mars aspect are good at communication and the best thinkers in their group of friends.

They don’t have to keep their energy, but they should learn how to do it in a productive and secure manner. More than this, they should be happy with their sensual side and unleashed sex-appeal.

Mercury square Mars Transit

During the Mercury square Mars transit, people can suffer a lot, but other areas in their life can become problematic.

If interacting with others, they need to listen with care and to think twice before saying something. Just like they can be nervous and touchy, their loved ones can grasp all of their energy and pick up their vibes.

Not wanting to ever be pushed or to slow down, they’re more impatient during this period than most of the time. They can find all of the courage to speak up their minds when disagreeing with others. Criticizing words and actions are making them more inquisitive.

This period of time is good for people to engage their minds and to deal with any kind of challenge that’s pushing them to go beyond limits when it comes to knowledge.

For as long as Mars is in square with Mercury, all natives in the zodiac are more energetic from a constructive point of view.

This aspect is considered to be malefic because is making people more impulsive and inclined to act in a rash manner, also without having any consideration for the results of their actions.

Many will make mistakes in their vocabulary and say more than what they’re meaning to say or is wise, not to mention they’ll be unkind and straight to the point in their speech.

For this reason, they need to be careful when dealing with people who are having an intimate connection with them in the domestic sector, as well as with subordinates and those who are affecting their honor and good name.

This period is good for signing papers, writing and corresponding, dealing with solicitors and agents of all kinds. However, they should guard themselves against any fraud and avoid situations in which others are imposing themselves too much.

As a matter of fact, this period should be approached with great care, especially if the natives’ speech is rambling and they’re acting on impulse. People shouldn’t make any removal in their life if possible because this period is not meant for any change.

During the period of this aspect, people are more tempered than usual, not to mention they can argue for no reason. Many are more irritated than usual, also prone to take risks and act rashly, but not in a dangerous manner. Others will pick up fights just for the sake of it and because it feels good for them to raise their voices and feel indignation.

As it is more difficult for natives of all signs in the zodiac to read others’ mind for as long as Mars is in square with Mercury, they should ask questions before becoming angry.

Explaining themselves in a calm manner will help them release all of the accumulated stress. There are going to be many changes and new beginnings for this period, so things won’t go too smoothly, not to mention their mind is going to wander all the time.

Many will take premature actions, be impatient and jump to conclusions. The best solution for this would be to laugh at themselves.

The Mercury square Mars transit is not good for negotiations and making the most important decisions in life. Those who need to take care of business and legal issues should ask for the help of professionals.

Studies and signing contracts may be impeded by some people’s jumpy and restless nature. There are many constructive ways for them to express their energy in a safe manner and no longer be nervous.

Danger may come their way when they’re in a hot mental state and impulsive. Therefore, they should avoid racing in cars and debating about politics and religious views.

Many natives should have a lot of self-control and be more conservative when Mars is in square with Mercury. They could have fun with their hobbies and creativity, as well to use their hands and be more dexterous. Physical exercises and all kinds of sports, even if not competitive, will burn all of their energy.

This transit is known to bring about arguments and debates full of passion because natives of all signs are taking things more personally during it. Most of the time, it’s not necessary for people to defend their own opinions, but in case they’re defending themselves and not their ideas, they can become sarcastic.

Small delays and challenges for their minds are going to frustrate them more than usual, not to mention they can be disorganized and work themselves too much, a moment in which their thoughts can scatter all over the place.

Many will seek to release the tension inside themselves by participating at sports and other type of physical competitions, but their impatience and impulsiveness is making them more prone to accidents. Some should be careful when operating machinery, working with tools and handling fire or sharp objects because their hands need to be protected.

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