Venus Sextile Saturn Natal and Transit: Taking Things Seriously

  • The natal Venus Saturn sextile person holds companionship and social connections in high regard.
  • Pay attention to the Venus sextile Saturn transit because you’re bound to feel relationships more deeply than usual.
  • Venus governs all romantic aspects in one’s life, values and possessions, as well as beauty and charm.
  • The sextile astrological placement is an advantageous and harmonious aspect that occurs when the two planets reside in signs that are sixty degrees apart.
  • In astrology, Saturn reveals our own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility.
  • Celebrities: Sigmund Freud, Paul Newman, Steve Jobs, Grace Kelly, Paul Cézanne, Ronald Reagan, Bruce Springsteen, Agatha Christie.
  • Transit dates: 04 February 2020, 15 December 2020, 31 March 2021, 14 October 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus sextile Saturn Natal

People influenced by having Venus sextile to Saturn in their birth chart put a big emphasis on sacrifice and its importance.

They often put others before themselves, believing it’s their responsibility to help if they can. This along with their overall behavior in society, influence their lives in a manner that keeps them from having a large crowd of friends.

And this is good in some way. It simply means that whatever people decided to stay in their life are friends in the true meaning of the word. This is mirrored in their love life too, their partner being their spouse, both of whom love each other to the end of the world.

They are smooth, refined, economical, a great analyzer and have great monetary judgment. Their masterful capacity is extraordinary. These people are ready to earn substantial sums of money in their calling and are talented in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Such individuals would suit a profession in the business field yet additionally in anything that consolidates magnificence and inventiveness with detail and request.

When there is a balance between Venus and Saturn in the birth chart, people display a very down to earth method of thinking related to inter-human relations. They are in tune with the nature of humanity and know as well as feel what is going on with their fellow people.

They hold companionship and social connection in high regard and give great importance to affection, love and compassion, as such they never chase after casual or superficial relationships and always look for more of a long-term commitment that can bring bountiful results in the future, such as marriage.

Their outlook on people and life help them in achieving this since they don’t trust in the make-believe stories about perfect love. They take life with a side of salt as it should be, not ignoring the negative things.

While Venus sextile Saturn have moments when they have the impression that they are at fault for not being on everybody’s bucket list, these moments are passing.

They actually have an acute sense of what is right and wrong and their self-analyzing skills are close to amazing. When it comes to affection and love, they put their game face on since this is a serious matter to them.

These are rational individuals that see love not as some magical fairy tale prospect, but as something very real and logical that must be understood and diligently worked on if it is to flourish.

Something happened during their life that stops them from giving beautifying products any importance.

They prefer to work on their looks in the clothing department and have a great taste in clothing and hairstyle, spending time to make sure their look is sharp, neat and business inclined.

On this note, they are also pragmatic people when it comes to finances. They never waste money away and whatever they acquire, they do so at the best of prices. In this same way, they are also wise and mature beyond their years, which is reflected in their choice of companionship, often having friends older than them.

The ones with Venus sextile Saturn in their chart have a sense of faithfulness in relationships of any kind like none other, however, this can also come to their downfall, since they may often overlook their own needs and give more importance to others than to themselves.

While they feel this is a requirement and how things should be, it can also be their detriment if the target of their devotion, especially if it’s their romantic partner, lacks loyalty.

If this happens, insecurity is instilled in their heart and they become depressed. They can be some of the most rational and pragmatic people, but they find it rather hard to break it off with their loved one.

They mature by learning via example, as such most of their relationships will serve as teachers from which they learn the ways of life, which is seen in the romantic endeavor as well. Them and their lover both teach themselves how to be better with every occasion.

Venus sextile Saturn Transit

During such a transit, in an already existing relationship, you might start wanting more loyalty and comfort, however they will in no way become selfish, providing love and joy to their partner as well.

While this is a period of many new possibilities and you are prone to get into a relationship during this time, this strongly excludes flings or superficial adventures.

Your possible partners are more than probable to be people of integrity that are looking for the same thing as you, something serious and long-lasting.

To you, love isn’t only feelings and emotions, it’s practicality as well. This is shown in how you generally handle problems, especially in a relationship.

You usually work things out simply because you can and it’s the right thing to do and if things are to be over, then so be it. No need to force things or make a fuss about it.

Due to this planetary positioning, you’re bound to take things more seriously for the time being. This is easily seen in all of your activities and interactions. People will notice your practical and rational nature in how you plan things out.

It’s the perfect time to think about your investments, projects and overall how to handle your finances. Anything having to do with your business or anything entrepreneurial is highly advised.

During this transit between Venus and Saturn, you’re bound to feel relationships more deeply than usual and overall experience intense emotions and feelings of attraction.

Don’t let this push you into affairs or one-night stands. You’re all about seriousness and faithful, lasting commitments that are efficient and bring the happy ever after sort of joy in your future.

You can use your rationality in both your love life and your business life. As stated, this is high time for putting some of your financially oriented plans into action since they’re bound to eventually become fruitful.

In your work, you’ll be an invaluable asset, and employers will see this. You can do it all, you have a multitude of skills and attributes that make you fit the role of the employee of the month… for all the months. You’re serene, skilled and secure and the higher-ups can see that and are aware you’ll rise to the top in no time.

You’re bound to reach some conclusions regarding your relationships during this period. Whether that means you’ll use your rationality to choose between ending them or working on them, bringing them to a healthy flow, that depends solely on you and the person you have to work things out with. Regardless, you’ll end up happy and content with your choices in this period.

Your friendships and your relationship will be on the spotlight during this period and you will be presented with situations in which you’ll be reminded of the importance loyalty has to you.

Your circle of friends usually contains a select few, however, these select few are as genuine and important to you as you are to them.

Remember what your values and virtues are and you should be more than content and joyful with your choices in any aspect of your life during this positioning of Venus with Saturn.

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