Sun Square Mars Natal and Transit: Consuming Your Fiery Energy

  • The birth chart square between the Sun and Mars suggests that you are very opinionated and preoccupied with having the last word.
  • The Sun square Mars transit makes us more competitive and also irritable, easily frustrated by any delays.
  • The Sun symbolizes our basic personalities, our will and vitality, imbuing us with strength to meet everyday challenges.
  • The square aspect takes place when the two planets cross signs that are 90 degrees apart, suggesting internal and external conflict, imbalances and drama.
  • The planet Mars governs our fierce nature, how we channel our inner aggression, our desires and expectations.
  • Celebrities: Robert De Niro, Harry S Truman, Jack Marshall, Agatha Christie, Henri Mancini, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Natasha Richardson.
  • Transit dates: 06 June 2020, 01 February 2021, 27 August 2022, 16 March 2023, 14 October 2024, 20 April 2025, 19 November 2026, 25 May 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Mars Natal

People born during the Sun square Mars transit seem to have an inner tension that needs to be expressed through creativity, sex, sport, and even aggressiveness.

These people need to get busy all the time. The difficulties they may be having when it comes to assessing themselves should be fought with courage and a combative spirit, even if this may cause them to take some steps back in life, to be frustrated and easier to anger when arguing.

If they find a manner in which they can express their incredible energy, they can become great sportspeople, law enforcement agents, fighters and actors as well. Their passion and will need to be externalized if they don’t want to start real wars with their loved ones.

These natives are very preoccupied with winning because this is the only way for their ego to remain healthy.

Sun square Mars natives are positive, opinionated, a little bit violent, impulsive and feisty, which can often turn them into their own worst enemies. Loving to take risks, it’s very likely for them to end up suffering from accidents, this being the reason why they should stay away from guns.

Tending to be too straightforward, others may become very angry in their presence and when they’re coming on in a very strong way. They have a resistant physique and are very active, so they need a partner who can keep up with them.

These natives can destructively use their energy, this way making their life worse, especially when dealing with difficulties every step of the way and becoming too angry.

Furthermore, they can work too much and take on more than they can handle, wasting all of their energy on unimportant issues.

They need to think before acting or saying something, also to keep their angry and aggressive urges under control by being more diplomatic.

The Sun square Mars aspect in fixed signs is known to make natives with this placement stubborn and the type that holds grudges. As far as the cardinal signs are going, these may be more impulsive and quick-tempered.

The mutable ones are irritable and most of the time consuming their energy with all kinds of trivial matters. However, all of the signs featuring this aspect are agitated and desperate to release their energy, meaning their own too intense desires can drive them to be involved in all kinds of troubles.

These will be nothing else than the result of their impulsiveness and decisions made in a hurry. They’re impatient when life is not offering them what they want and when they want it, becoming angry and frustrated too often.

For this reason, they need to realize life offers many human beings many lessons to be learned before opening new doors for them.

They could use the strategy of making plans and no longer waste their strength with all kinds of activities that are limiting them, especially if they want to predict difficulties coming their way and to overcome them.

For this to happen, they need to have a lot of patience and to no longer get frustrated when it’s not the case. Being sincere and trusting their talents could really do the trick for them.

They’ll sexually express themselves each time they’ll get the chance, while their passion will be conducted by the Sun square Mars aspect in their birth chart, no matter how constrained and frustrated they may be feeling sometimes.

They may be like this if not having a partner, when wanting someone who can’t be persuaded to love them or when they’re not being able to fall for anyone.

They need a lover who can satisfy their desires in every possible way, this being the reason why they have to pay close attention before deciding to settle with a person.

Being impulsive when choosing their partner can have them ending it up with a person who’s only restricting their freedom.

The square between the Sun and Mars in their birth chart is indicating they may feel frustrated and nervous when having to take action or to express their feelings.

When feeling like their instincts and emotions are not helping them in any way, they can become more argumentative and no longer wanting to listen to others’ opinions and advice. This dismissive attitude of theirs will be expressed through verbal harshness, which can alienate them from their loved ones.

Sun square Mars Transit

During the Sun square Mars transit, natives of all signs are more competitive and eager to get the first place at everything, no matter if they’re like this the rest of the time or not.

Others are very courageous and daring, not to mention aggressive when chasing their dreams and more concerned with their problems and not willing to share.

Resistance from their loved ones can cause them to feel irritated and even angry. In case they’re deciding to not express their emotions, their rashness may take control over their life. It would be a good idea for them to identify constructive ways of relieving stress during this period.

For as long as the Sun is in a square to Mars, natives of all signs in the zodiac are having their character tested, even by their own enemies.

Those in a position of authority and the men may try to determine how powerful they actually are and end up having ego clashes. People already impatient and nervous to begin with will react faster to any threat and provocation.

Others and the circumstances taking place may force many individuals to defend their hopes and dreams, so it’s okay for some to be on guard during this period.

However, they should avoid expressing their ego and generating conflicts. It wouldn’t be a good idea to adopt an offensive attitude for this transit because the courage and power of many will be at a low point.

Therefore, they should just obey the authorities and look to make compromises if being challenged. This aspect can cause fury, sexual frustrations and feelings of resentment to build up, meaning these destructive feelings should be turned into something constructive because if not, they can end up becoming fights, accidents and even physical damage.

Many natives need to consume the fiery energy they’re feeling this period if they don’t want to aggressively confront their loved ones and figures of authority.

Activities such as playing a sport, working hard and even self-pleasuring are advised for as long as they’re not being exaggerated, not to mention many should decide on working alone rather than in teams.

Tempers will be very short for the week in which the Sun is in square with Mars, making people come on too strong and not realize what they’re doing.

They may have more aggressive reactions to any provocation and exaggerate with their interpretations. The biggest problem for them would be not realizing what’s happening as they may think they’re only being assertive and expressing their opinion when acting aggressively.

However, others would see them as scary and too eager to win every argument. It’s a good thing this aspect doesn’t last for more than a week, so those who aren’t doing anything drastically during it should be fine afterward.

They have to accept that it has been a more difficult period for them and struggle to make a good impression, no matter where they may be going and with whom.

For as long as the Sun is in square with Mars, natives of all signs in the zodiac shouldn’t pay attention to nasty comments, be rude with their boss or go on dates.

When it comes to work, they must try and do their job alone if they don’t want to argue with their colleagues.

It will look like everyone’s trying to challenge them, not to mention their reactions can be truly combative. Many will take everything personally and be defensive over the most insignificant matters that wouldn’t have any effect on them anyway.

Their competitiveness and impulsiveness will require them to be more cautious when taking risks and they should pay attention in the kitchen or when working with heavy machinery because there’s a good chance for them to end up injuring themselves.

Some people with authority may make them angry for no reason because they’d be easy to provoke, meaning they should avoid tensions with others.

When trying to solve their issues with certain institutions, they may realize no one there understands what they want. They’ll make more mistakes than usually out of frustration and their energy will be spent all over the place, making them physically weak.

The aggressiveness in many will come to the surface, so they should be careful with how they’re expressing it for as long as the Sun square Mars transit lasts because they may end up losing control over their life for the entire year after.

The fact that they’re more energetic will have them impatient as well, meaning they’ll have problems understanding themselves and not be able to connect with others the way they want to.

Their colleagues, friends and family members can make them feel like they’re under attack with a simple word, so they need to keep in mind this is just a phase they’re going through.

Their best asset during this period will be their character and ability to understand that there may be something wrong going on with the way they’re losing their temper.

While bosses may be more demanding for as long as the Sun is in square with Mars, the more balanced natives will be able to channel their energy on being calm and doing their best.

This transit is beneficial for working alone and exercising because such challenges will allow natives to develop more by putting their tremendous energy into something constructive.

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