Sun Sextile Jupiter Natal and Transit: A Confidence Booster

  • In a natal chart, the Sun Jupiter sextile means a personality who is generous both with time and money, always being praised by others.
  • During the Sun sextile Jupiter transit, all endeavors that are meant to contribute to your self-development are welcomed.
  • The Sun occupies a key role in astrology, imbuing us with strength, a will to succeed and plenty of energy.
  • The sextile aspect means the two planets are sixty degrees apart and suggest a positive astrological placement, with the positive energy taking out the best in everyone.
  • Jupiter is the planet of generosity, kindness and loyalty, it gives reassurance that all will go according to plan.
  • Celebrities: TS Eliot, Debra Winger, River Phoenix, Claudia Schiffer, Courtney Love, Vivien Leigh, Elvis Presley, Lorde, Albert Camus, Nancy Reagan, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton.
  • Transit dates: 11 March 2020, 15 November 2020, 16 April 2021, 20 December 2021, 23 May 2022, 25 January 2023, 01 July 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun sextile Jupiter Natal

Natives having the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect in their birth chart are confident and liked enough by others in order to be supported through challenges.

Having liberal views and being very generous, many love them for their personality, not to mention they’re also warm and very optimistic. It’s easy for these natives to make others feel very happy in their presence.

The sextile between the Sun and Jupiter in their natal chart is not at all damaging or challenging, more helpful and energetic. These natives are getting motivated by obstacles in their way to succeed in life and to become more productive.

The more they’ll deal with problems, the more they’ll appreciate every moment of happiness and relaxation. In case their life has always been easy, they may be fascinated by luxury and a glamorous lifestyle.

The same sextile is known to make people having it in their birth chart extremely generous with both their time and money, which will help them attract even more good things.

These people are aware of their own good fortune and thinking it should be shared in order for the world to be a better place.

Such a soft aspect in their birth chart is making them warmer, funnier and eager to live life to its fullest. Others see them as happy and cheerful persons and they seem to love it.

Very popular, open-minded, giving, smart, positive and determined to fight for justice, they’re also possessing an inner voice and a strong intuition, which are always helping them come up with the most inventive solutions to problems.

If the Sun or Jupiter is not in good aspects with Saturn, they can be very lazy and passive, not wanting anything from life, but enjoying both divine protection and one of many men happening to be in their life.

Therefore, they’ll still benefit from many advantages, no matter the aspect of life. More than this, they’ll always have their good health if they won’t over-indulge.

They seem to be passionate about religion and philosophy, so they can succeed as writers, politicians or public speakers if they’ll manage to keep their positive attitude and work hard.

When it comes to them being parents, they’re gentle and very forgiving, not to mention great providers. Those of them not obsessed with luxury will want to live a simple and fulfilling life rather than an opulent and busy one.

Loving to travel, they’ll look to make new friends from many different corners of the world. The thing is, people may not take them too seriously because they’re just never threatening and all the time lightheaded. However, they’ll still manage to charm many with their childish nature.

As a matter of fact, this could be the smartest thing they could think of doing. Many will fall for their innocence; others will think they’re only faking in order to obtain what they want and to manipulate. They won’t be at all affected by such opinions, perhaps if these would come from very important people in their life.

Most of the time, natives born during the Sun sextile Jupiter transit know what they want and how to obtain it, not to mention they’re also confident in themselves and determined to succeed, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

It’s very likely for these natives to be interested in careers in the media and journalism, or even to be passionate about humanitarian subjects because they have this need to make the world a better place.

More than this, they have a need to express their individuality and to deal with any opportunity coming their way in a constructive and creative manner, which means they’re able to leave negativity behind and to replace anything dark with an exhibit of their power and many talents.

They won’t dedicate themselves to making money, still, they’re attracted to a comfortable lifestyle and making a living by being creative. This means they’ll struggle to have a simple and easy life that’s also fun.

Many of them may find employment too limiting because they’re too passionate about expressing their creativity and putting their intelligence to work, not standing routine and repetitive tasks because they have the impression that they’re being only limited by them.

For this reason, they should focus on creating their own business or working as freelancers, and opportunities will surely come their way.

The Sun sextile Jupiter aspect in their birth chart is making them more philosophical, knowledgeable and fascinated about humanitarian subjects, also fascinated about traveling and continuous education.

They seem to function better when working in teams and are more satisfied in helping their community become better, also in teaching others some ethics and morals.

Sun sextile Jupiter Transit

During the Sun sextile Jupiter transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more optimistic and have a clearer mind, meaning they’re more capable of exploiting their talents and achieving their long-term goals.

Furthermore, they’re able to expand their projects and make the necessary steps in order for them to succeed and take full advantage of all the opportunities coming their way.

Confident and believing everything is possible during this period, people will motivate one another to succeed. They’ll want more to discuss philosophy, religion and education, also to listen to what others have to say.

Therefore, the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect is making everyone more respectful and honest, especially when it comes to relationship issues.

This period is highly beneficial for self-development and boosting confidence, so many will be appreciated by authoritative figures for their efforts and hard work, this being the reason why this transit is so good for going to institutions and resolving matters that need approval.

Furthermore, it’s perfect for those who are looking to get recognized for who they are and their values.

Many will get to achieve their goals without facing any challenge during it, so it’s a good idea for them to start new projects because the expansive Jupiter will help them all the way through.

Everyone will be friendly and generous, including those with a lot of power and wealth as Jupiter is the ruler of judges and important figures.

The week of the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect is known for the good luck it brings about, so business people should make time to hook up new clients and meet influential individuals.

Forming new associations would be as well a good idea for them because no one will be able to resist their optimism and confident nature, not to mention they won’t mind staying up late and finishing their job, this way generating more good opportunities for their own success to be achieved faster.

People everywhere will be fascinated by each other’s charm, knowledge, and talents. Those wanting to impress their superiors will manage to achieve what they want, whereas in love individuals will simply fascinate their date.

It’s suggested for all natives to not care about appearances that much and to rely on their instincts because they’ll make only good decisions, no matter what.

It’s very likely many will get involved in the strangest projects, something they wouldn’t usually address during different astrological circumstances. It’s very important for everyone to keep an open mind and their high ideals for as long as the Sun is in sextile with Jupiter.

Other details meant to bring them down won’t matter that much, only the bigger picture. Teachers and mentors will enjoy their job more and be very encouraging, managing to motivate the laziest students to succeed.

Generosity shouldn’t be wasted, also the development many will experience, from both a material and mental point of view. Other ways of expanding the horizons during this transit are by joining some classes or traveling to faraway places.

Everything people will start is going to become a success, especially if completed in teams. The more jovial natives will bring a great contribution to any social group of which they happen to be members, also to their community, by deciding to go to council meetings.

The Sun sextile Jupiter aspect is meant for financial successes because people’s minds are more expansive and clearer. The dreams of many will be realistic, not to mention they’ll know what to do in order to improve and achieve what they want.

This influence is highly beneficial because natives of all signs are getting more recognition, their ambitions fulfilled and affairs in order during it.

Furthermore, they’ll manage to obtain many benefits from their associates and loved ones.

Strong and honorable connections will be established, so friendships formed while the Moon is in sextile with Jupiter are usually meant to last for a lifetime. Traveling and meeting new people will be advantaged, whereas those who are making a living from writing will get to become very successful.

They’ll even make more money than usual selling their books and written materials. Such a fortunate period should be taken advantage of by those who are trying to build up their career.

Good luck will follow everyone, and many will be more confident and optimistic than usual, not minding to work overtime and to create opportunities for others. To put it differently, all the people in the world will want to help one another.

However, in order for them to encounter any opportunity, they’ll have to keep an open mind, to have strong principles and to not bother themselves with all kinds of unimportant details because this is a transit for seeing the big picture.

Social connections are advantaged, and many of them will bring incredible results over a long period of time, especially when it comes to business. It’s important everyone is giving not only to the ones they love the most but also to charities. Those who don’t have too much money should volunteer and build their own good luck.

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