Venus Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit: A Struggle for Stability

  • When in a natal chart, the Venus Saturn opposition indicates you should pay more attention to your emotions and less on the negative thoughts of others.
  • When the Venus opposite Saturn transit takes place, too much of one thing can be harming so try to balance work with relaxation.
  • In astrology, Venus’ manifestation is shown on an emotional level, through one’s eye for beauty and also through love of possessions.
  • The opposition aspect is usually a tense and conflicting placement but sometimes even opposites attract.
  • In astrology, Saturn helps us understand the world around through limitations, boundaries and our own responsibilities and commitments.
  • Celebrities: Julie Andrews, Heath Ledger, Ted Cruz, Victor Hugo, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmy Hendrix, Patsy Cline, Diahann Carroll.
  • Transit dates: 02 September 2020, 06 July 2021, 28 August 2022, 10 October 2023, 19 August 2024, 11 October 2025, 21 August 2026, 04 October 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus opposite Saturn Natal

In the natal chart, the position of Venus opposite to Saturn will create trials of hardship in the romantic chapter of your life. You probably started noticing from a young age that you often encounter difficulties in communication.

Without knowing the reason behind this, confusion took roots within your mind and deep insecurities started appearing, along with a sense of alienation from society.

Individuals holding Venus opposite of Saturn in this chart have the impression that the fault lies with them. They are responsible for the sorry state they are in.

An emphasis is placed on this dreadful feeling by the negligence proven by those that should have been close to them.

This influence can be caused by people who have an important role in their lives: a lack of attention and love from their parents or the opposite, mistreatment and violence.

Other people that they hold in high regard can also cause quite a negative impact on their emotional state if they become judgmental of their every deed.

Due to this, from an early age, this person may have the impression that they do not suffice or reach the global standards, as such they feel they are worthy of such negative emotions, treating it like punishment.

People with Venus opposite Saturn in their birth chart need to teach themselves about affection as well as money, seeing as how it’s all about worth and “price” with them.

When Venus opposes Saturn in a person’s birth chart, they are prone to not think everything through and are emotionally susceptible. They are often egoistic and sheepish.

Being kind, gentle and aiding those in need is well-advised for a change to happen in these people’s lives.

Due to their upbringing, they usually have issues in the organizing and social departments. They often encounter money related issues in life and usually lack empathy for others because of the hard conditions they grew up in turned them cold and aloof.

While these people can dedicate themselves to a task, even if it means giving up on their overall joy, they remain emotionally detached from the needs of those around them. This is reinforced by the fact that those they hold close will often misinterpret them.

If Venus is opposite of Saturn in a person’s Natal chart, they are prone to jumping from job to job, being unsatisfied either by the paycheck or by the job itself.

Even in different circumstances, happiness comes hard to these people due to their past. Their folks often provide conditions that are lacking in both the financial and emotional departments.

This instills insecurity and a fear of dismissal in them which in turn makes it hard for this person to involve themselves in any deep and meaningful bonds or commitments such as marriage or even relationships.

Sometimes they might even avoid the subject altogether. They might rarely risk it and put their time in a long-lasting relationship, but this usually happens with partners that are found wanting, either because of their negative demeanor or because the engagement was for material needs from the start.

Matters involving feelings and affection are usually problematic and forced at best with these people. As such, emotional relations will instead provide exasperation and irritation instead of fulfillment.

It is advised that they learn how to care for themselves and feel deserving of appreciation and affection before caring and loving others. When these people have an unfavorable placement of Saturn in their birth chart, they tend to feel that responsibility comes hand in hand with affection.

As such relationships will often be created due to need rather than desire, which in turn will make such commitments be ones of superficiality.

They also have a hard time in any sort of social engagement due to their insecurities and inability to properly express themselves.

Sometimes, because of their emotional disabilities, with their cold state of mind, these people will treat bonds and people with selfish interest rather than kind, unconditional thoughts and feelings and will often manipulate those close to them to achieve what they want.

While changing for the best will be difficult, it is not impossible. With hard work, in time, these people will notice a change in their feelings and behavior towards the better.

These people are subject to intrusive thoughts that push them into believing they aren’t worthy of love, loyalty and commitment and as such will expect betrayal from their partner and loved ones. This is the main cause of problems in their love and social life.

An individual with Saturn opposing Venus in their birth chart will live life in two extremes. They either emphasize things or they pay too little attention to them.

They either obsessed with their appearance and status or simply don’t care; however, they are prone to underestimating themselves rather than the latter.

Overthinking is a constant issue with these people. They will often shy away from endeavors due to fearing that the risk is not worth the reward. This is reflected in both their love and financial lives.

Often taking the safe route other than the highway. The first step to fulfillment is realizing that they are worthy of what the good life can offer.

These people need to be aware and conscious of their insecurities and fixations before making more progress towards achieving their potential.

Doing this will take them by surprise with how quickly they will start feeling more pleased with life and overall with their relations and the rest of their endeavors as well as their general emotional state.

Taking their duties seriously and being diligent is the correct path to take that will lead them toward a happier, more fulfilling life. It will take time, but it will be worth the while.

Venus opposite Saturn Transit

The period in which Venus is transiting opposite of Saturn spells nothing but danger and so you should be careful, since your mood will bring dejection and solitude, your financial and romantic life will be strongly affected.

When this happens, simply take some time to spend by yourself, seeing as how communicating with others might not have a pleasant outcome.

While the people you hold closest will request that you pay attention to the issues your bonds are experiencing, this might actually worsen them.

What you can do is keep being diligent and pragmatic in your endeavors. While progress might not appear visible at first, you’ll eventually get there.

The things important to you are the people surrounding you along with the span of the bonds you create which can sadly be seen as a duty to be upheld rather than something you ought to enjoy.

To successfully go through this transition with positive results, people should find harmony between their responsibilities and having fun.

Too much of an extreme will be detrimental during this period, however, it is also a good time to work through some of the issues that have been going on.

If that’s not possible, then you can at least lay down some plans to tackle these problems in the future. During this transit, you might be prone to a generally sad mood, so keep in mind that it’s not your fault and it won’t last long.

During this period there will be an incoming struggle for stability. There will be a need for control regarding money, work, the bonds you’ve created as well as your emotions.

You’ll start seeming like a control freak, but so will everybody around you. This will place a feeling of restriction on you. It’s on you to be conscious of this and release yourself from this cage you’ve placed yourself in.

A good course of action would be getting in touch with the inner self. Connecting with emotions that have always been there but have always been ignored.

Ignoring the obvious issues that have been going on can only bring forth more disaster. Realizing they exist and working towards solving them is paramount. Relaxing and enjoying life will be of great help in this situation.

Another issue would be that insecurities and social anxiety will be amplified in this transit as such there will be a desire to avoid communication with others and overall socializing, making you seem detached and aloof, even insensitive.

Spending time at work is advised since it will give you something to concentrate on and will rid you of feeling inefficient or irresponsible. Pragmatically using your mind, finishing projects and solving issues will take the edge off.

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