Moon Opposite Venus Natal and Transit: New Emotional Requirements

  • The birth chart opposition between the Moon and Venus means you are sincere about your love feelings and don’t like disappointing others.
  • When the Moon opposite Venus transit is in full action, we enjoy a more creative and emotional period.
  • The Moon governs our emotional levels, our temperament and how nurturing or compassionate we are to our peers.
  • The opposition aspect occurs between two planets separated by around 180 degrees, visually opposing each other on the zodiac wheel.
  • The planet Venus’ manifestation is shown on an emotional level, through one’s eye for beauty and also through love of possessions.
  • Celebrities: Adele, Bernie Sanders, Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Vanessa Redgrave, Philip Johnson.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Venus Natal

People having the Moon opposite Venus aspect in their birth chart may struggle to choose between being nurturing and addressing their most sensual needs.

Those who were born during this transit are also obsessed with perfection and beauty. When the Moon is in opposition from Venus, all natives of the zodiac have this need to spend all of their money on beautiful things.

Those having the Moon opposite Venus aspect in their birth chart may have an increased need to be loved and shown affection, but it can be very difficult for them to obtain these things.

Sincere about their love and caring feelings, they may not respond well to those who aren’t offering them the same things back.

All the women who have been by their side when they were very young will greatly influence their dating patterns. They can be very attached to one of their female relatives, most likely their mother, usually the person who told them what to expect from romance.

In case this woman who’s very important to them is cold from an emotional point of view or very protective, they may face real problems as far as their love life goes. They seem to have a strong need for being with someone and very high standards for their partner.

However, hating to spend their time alone or to face life on their own can make them unaware of many of the obvious flaws of their loved ones.

It’s also very likely they’ll use some questionable strategies to get the person they’re in love with to be with them, so they can build their romantic relationships on false feelings and be superficial with their other half.

They’ll probably have many unhappy connections until realizing this is something in their life that keeps repeating itself. They may feel unhappy in their love affairs because they’re bored or possessive, too jealous and insecure.

For this reason, they need to spend some time alone and focus on what love means to them, also on accepting themselves, even from before a special person gets to enter their life.

All the people on this planet need to be loved, but many are feeling insecure when it comes to finding their soulmate.

The Moon and Venus aspects are dominated by a need for love, mutual understanding and peaceful connections with others, especially with lovers.

For all these things to be obtained, individuals need to adapt to what their dear ones need and to be as pleasing as they can. Those having the Moon opposite Venus in their natal chart have to interact and to make others feel emotionally satisfied, also to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

They seem to hate rude and vulgar individuals, not to mention how much they resent obscenity or seeing how others don’t have a sense of justice and equality.

It’s a pleasure for them to go to different social gatherings because they have this need of being popular and appreciated by their friends or relatives.

When Venus is challenging the Moon, a need for separating nurturing feelings from the romantic and sexual desires becomes more obvious, which means natives with such aspects in their birth chart are more interested in getting things done outside their family environment.

They may also feel like there’s a conflict between their lovers and those who raised them because they’d all the time feel insecure about how all these individuals in their life are getting along when spending some time together.

Having a need to be loved and shown a lot of affection, they can have the impression others are only looking to reject them. It’s just that they’re very vulnerable and suspicious when it comes to them to appreciate how much others care about their feelings.

Since they want harmony and peace, it’s very likely for them to rapidly give in if others are opposing their opinions, especially when they’re very young.

If feeling their loved ones aren’t making an effort for the relationships with them, they start feeling resentful. These natives seem to become involved in romantic relationships and friendships too easily because they need others to approve their ways and to be given affection.

This is the reason why they don’t mind getting together with those who like them, no matter what their feelings towards these individuals may be. This is their main weakness: to not care how much they like a person if he or she seems to appreciate them enough.

Their life lesson is to be more discriminating and truly aware of their own needs. People with the Moon opposite Venus in their birth chart have a very creative mind, a good eye for the arts and the best taste when it comes to interior design.

They can naturally and instinctively make amazing combinations of colors or appreciate beauty, luxury and art. They likely had a female presence in their life to influence them to be like this.
Depending on how their birth chart looks like, this woman may have had a positive or negative impact on them. They seem to love their mother and their other female relatives very much, not to mention how many great opportunities they can receive from ladies, in time.

This indicates they’re feminine themselves, not to mention the opposition of Moon and Venus can influence many males having this aspect in their birth chart to wish they were born females.

Moon opposite Venus Transit

As soon as the Moon opposite Venus transit is starting to happen, people may find it more difficult to enjoy life because even minor problems can cause them to feel stuck.

This is a period of irritability and domestic struggle. When it’s happening, people tend to procrastinate and to reveal some of their hidden feelings meant to bring about conflicts with others.

It’s very likely for them to buy things they don’t need or to feel attracted to those who aren’t in any way compatible with them.

During this transit, natives of all signs are more sensitive and easier to offend. Their feelings will get projected onto their loved ones and they’ll remember all the things that impede them from feeling good around their friends.

They’ll have many emotions about their relationships, but at the same time enjoy a very creative period, so the best thing for them to do is to not interact that much with others and to create art, especially if they’re working in this industry.

The Moon opposite Venus transit makes people more eager to get all the affection and love of others.

Those who are dating will have lower standards for their partner, while the single ones will look for someone who doesn’t make them feel alone. Many will have good chances to find their soulmate, but they’ll most likely not feel any emotional closeness with that person.

In case they already have a special person in their life, some conflicts in that relationship may appear. Even so, this is not a transit that brings about big arguments or major difficulties because every problem encountered during this period will be rapidly solved when the planetary aspects will change.

Those whose emotional requirements aren’t being satisfied by human interaction will tend to find comfort in food or any other thing that makes them feel happy. Problems won’t appear if they won’t overindulge in pleasure and focus on having a balance of how much they’re consuming.

They may notice that during the day in which the Moon opposite Venus transit is happening, their relationships are not working properly because everyone is passive and not willing to make an effort regarding personal connections.

This transit is good for staying home and for self-pampering because spending time with others can become irritating during this period meant for arguments.

The more passive individuals may allow others to offend them and think all of their closed ones are determined to make them fail.

They’ll be moody, too sensitive and have an increased need to be shown love, but they won’t manage to get what they want, so they should just spend some time alone and avoid conflicts. It will be okay for them to just spoil themselves, but only as long as they’re not exaggerating.

The Moon opposite Venus transit is very good for taking long baths and just lying on the couch, watching Netflix.

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