Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Secrets Revealed

  • If the natal chart contains a Sun Pluto conjunction, you are known to express yourself strongly and consciously, no matter the occasion.
  • As the Sun conjunct Pluto transit takes place, we are more attentive to what is happening around us and secrets can be revealed.
  • The Sun represents the conscious mind and the ego, and symbolizes the forces at work in our lives that help us meet our purpose.
  • The conjunct aspect has the potential to be either of high energy and action if the planets involved get along or of heavy, difficult vibes if the planets don’t get along.
  • Pluto governs over the sacrifices we are expected to make in order to change our lives, to transform them for the better.
  • Celebrities: Kelly Osbourne, Emperor Nero, Katy Perry, Victor Hugo, Amelia Barr, Janet Leigh, Alicia Silverstone, Daniel Chester French.
  • Transit dates: 13 January 2020, 14 January 2021, 16 January 2022, 18 January 2023, 20 January 2024, 21 January 2025, 23 January 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun conjunct Pluto Natal

The Sun conjunct Pluto aspect in natal charts is known to make its natives more profound and intense. These people seem to possess tremendous power and a lot of influence, but they’re also often subjected to many confusing forces coming from the Universe. All these things are making their life more dramatic and fuller of important events.

People who were born during the Sun conjunct Pluto transit are very ambitious and forceful, also capable of experience things at a deeper level. However, they can easily overwhelm others with their penetrating and powerful ways.

These natives are known to express themselves strongly and consciously, especially at a spiritual level, which means they’re very good psychics.

Others may feel restless in their presence because they’re giving the impression that they can see into souls. For this reason, many will see them as powerful, compulsive and even fanatics.

Their energy levels never seem to drop, but they need to use them constructively. If they’re allocating their force entirely to their mind, they can become very spiritual creatures focused on doing good for humanity.

In the event in which they decide to consume it physically, they may become true sex machines and the perfect lovers. Furthermore, their power is very useful when they need to regenerate and focus more on what they have to do.

Many of these natives can become true dictators if their need for power gets to become too much. For this reason, they need to align their own will with the one of the Divinity because otherwise, all of the efforts they’ve invested in making their life better could become destructive for them.

They can’t understand people who are weak and who don’t possess a drive to make something of themselves. As a matter of fact, they simply can’t tolerate them, but this needs to be changed if they want some of their friends to still be by their side. When facing injustice, they’re turning into real fighters who can’t be defeated too easily.

What’s good to know about the Sun conjunct Pluto in their birth chart is that it makes them talented as politicians, researchers, spies, CEOs, and even criminals.

It doesn’t matter if others love or hate them, they’re sure to leave a mark and to make a strong impression, no matter whom they may be interacting with.

Having the ability to be ahead of their time, natives born during the Sun conjunct Pluto aspect make amazing leaders.

They want to keep some things for themselves, so many may be attracted to the darkness and mysterious air they’re exuding, whereas others can find them to be extremely suspicious.

It’s very often that they’re getting accused of doing things the wrong way and only in their interest, but they’re not like this at all. When their loved ones are lying to them, they become paranoid and start thinking their loved ones are conspiring against them.

It’s normal for people born during the Sun conjunct Pluto transit to be in touch with their dark side, so many of them are attracted to careers in law enforcement, mental institutions, and prisons, whereas others can become criminals, drug dealers and prostitutes.

However, their professional life is also determined by some fixed stars and many other aspects present in their birth chart. If these are difficult and many stars fixed, they can be self-destructive, obsessed with power and manipulative.

When interacting too much with crime, drugs, and addictions, they may get to experience the deepest suffering human beings can endure.

It’s important for them to fight against the sinister forces of the planet Pluto and to use their strong will for doing just so. Fortunately, they’re able to completely transform their life at any given moment, so they’ll manage to escape a self-destructive behavior if determined to do it.

Pluto is also the ruler of genetics and anything having to do with evolution, which means natives born during its conjunct with the Sun are capable to take steps ahead in life without feeling overwhelmed by new situations.

When determined to succeed and to have things done their way, they don’t hesitate to be manipulative and to emotionally blackmail others. This will help them achieve what they want, but the enemies they’ll make will be many.

Their energy is highly sexual and, regardless if obsessed with sex or not, they’ll always have a penetrating look and a masculine, aggressive attitude. They may not understand many emotions others are having, at least not until transformed to no longer be selfish.

They can’t stand to witness any injustice, not to mention they have this desire to solve social issues and to make the world a better place. The actions they’ll take in this direction depend a lot on how much they’re aware of others’ needs, also on how much power they’re determined to let go of.

It’s very important for these natives to decide if they’re self-centered or altruistic and to act accordingly. After failing at something, they may want to withdraw and to analyze themselves. This way, their amazing recuperative forces will start to work in favor of a rebirth.
This is something coming from their spirit, so it’s understandable why many of them are so passionate about the occult and the paranormal. It won’t take them too long to have an incredible come back after being defeated.

The more they’ll respect themselves and work in the interests of others, the more powerful and influential they’ll become, even famous and prominent members of the society.

Sun conjunct Pluto Transit

For as long as the Sun is in conjunction with Pluto, people are more powerful and able to influence how their life is going to turn.

On the other hand, being more intense and stronger can also lead them to be obsessed with power, not to mention manipulative and mischievous when trying to get what they want.

During the Sun conjunct Pluto transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac may become paranoid and think others are only looking to destroy them.

While this may not be in any way beneficial for their smooth development, it also makes them more capable of discovering the darkest secrets and solving complicated mysteries.

This aspect is giving them more talent when it comes to investigations and research activities, not to mention they’re better at spotting any destructive behavior, such as addiction and obsession. For this reason, the Sun conjunct Pluto period is ideal for identifying the roots of any problem.

People are better psychics during this transit, so they can see through others and determine any issue these may be having. However, it’s also very likely for many to go through some experiences meant to destroy their self-confidence because crises and sudden changes will appear everywhere.

Looking at the positive side of this, many may go through experiences meant to regenerate their forces and to push them towards evolution or and increased mental power.

It’s important for many to not become inconsiderate during this period, also to not make any radical decision because they’d only harm themselves and nothing more. Power struggles will appear because secrets will come into the light and people will be more passionate to have things done their way.

Those who are too preachy, daring and stubborn may end up burning themselves as a result of their actions. It’s easy to just criticize others, but this time should be used for self-analysis and changes in one’s own life.

People will have the desire to better everything in their surroundings, but they should use this energy for making changes for their good. The day in which the Sun is in conjunction with the Sun is known to make natives of all sings okay with getting their hands dirty and doing all the nasty jobs they wouldn’t even think of if the astrological aspect would be different.

For this reason, many may decide to clean up their homes and to free up space in their garage. Those who are in power will become more domineering, but in a sexy and charming way.

The ones who are known to easily obsess over things or people should stay away from the objects of their focus during this transit.

More than this, it would be a good idea for everyone to not come on too strong as far as relationships are going because they may conclude others can see too easily straight into their soul.

Therefore, all the power they’re feeling should be used to make positive transformations and to be generous. Many may go through some dramatic experiences meant to upset them, but they should see this as a chance to start over with whatever they were doing.

This transit is perfect for any transformation and spiritual evolution, even if it’s starting with withdrawal and analysis from far away.

With Pluto being the planet of rebirth, many natives can take advantage of its conjunction with the Sun by improving their self-esteem and becoming more effective in all of their personal endeavors.

The same period is good for addressing darkness and other sinister circumstances like addiction and obsession. People should focus on making repairs during it because they can make things work again, without even struggling.

Those who have nothing to fix could rearrange things in their home and clean. Many will be determined to get things done their way and not accept any interference. If someone will try to cross them, they’ll become defensive and not allow to be walked over.

The day of the Sun conjunct Pluto transit is known for clashed of egos and arguments, so people should keep their cool and avoid thinking of revenge. Instead, they could focus on improving themselves and start reforms, no matter if they’re interested in physical or perhaps psychological changes.

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