Mars Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Making New Plans

  • The Mars Pluto square in the natal chart suggests a fearless individual who is quick to react even in the most complex or critical of situations.
  • Be mindful of the Mars square Pluto transit because this is a good time to assert yourself and try things you were previously afraid of.
  • In astrology, Mars is the planet of action, energy, and initiative, so it governs what we do, and how we do it.
  • The square aspect brings tension and conflict to the areas of life that the two planets govern.
  • In astrology, Pluto is in charge with the boundary between creation and destruction and reflects the life area where we seek power.
  • Celebrities: Justin Bieber, Antonio Banderas, Bruce Lee, James II of England, Bono, Queen Mary, Muhammad Ali, Olivia Newton-John, Oprah Winfrey, Isadora Duncan.
  • Transit dates: 13 August 2020, 09 October 2020, 20 December 2020, 22 October 2021, 01 July 2022, 08 October 2023, 11 June 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars square Pluto Natal

People born during the Mars square Pluto exert a strong wish to dominate and become powerful from a personal point of view.

They’re immensely driven and ambitious because this square is influencing them to be this way, not to mention they have tremendous energy levels and are persevering, this meaning they can ultimately achieve their goals and feed their hunger for power.

Their incredible force is often impeding them from carefully making plans and being diplomats, as well to love.

These natives have a judicious attitude. More than this, they’re never agreeing with many things others are saying and can become violent because of this, meaning they can unleash chaos around them and destroy all of their relationships.

In case the Mars square Pluto in their birth chart is being afflicted, they can lose their temper more often than others. They can become too enthusiastic when feeling courageous and even self-sacrificing when ambitious.

For this reason, they can obsess over their objectives and goals in life. They may have to deal with many obstacles that will make their life harder. However, they can overcome everything they’re dealing with, but sometimes by taking advantage of others’ feelings.

These people should examine what their motives are, as well as what’s making them take action. They have a tremendous will, but their direction can often be missing. If having any reason, they can become more diplomatic and disciplined, as well as very energetic and smart.

These people can be too aggressive from a sexual point of view, so their sex life is dominating their creativity. They’re wonderful to be around others in crises, as they are fearless and quick to defend or jump to the rescue of those close, taking the lead when necessary.

Their wishes are profound; therefore, demanding and troubling. Sometimes, they seem to attract opposition, because they’re a little bit provocative.

They’re good fighters, as well determined to discover all the answers, this being the reason why they’re good psychologists, analysts and detectives.

Their compulsive behavior should be carefully watched because they’re consuming themselves and can lead them to do something dangerous and to have difficulties in life.

Their wishes are usually about being in control, wanting to obtain justice and nothing else. They tend to impose their will upon other people, this way causing serious problems for themselves when reacting in self-defense.

Individuals born during Mars square Pluto transit have a quick-temper that’s making them abusive from a verbal and physical point of view. Their intellect can put them in unpleasant situations because they’re too emotionally mature and can hurt others with their radical decision.

For this reason, they may act extremely and engage in situations of a wild nature, in which their temper can be expressed and understood by those with the same difficult personality as theirs.

Whereas their immense energy is attractive for energetic vampires, the assertive Mars square Pluto transit at their birth can make them more aggressive if their ambitions are being blocked or their goals fought against.

These people may tend to pile up their feelings of anger and all of their resentments, attitude that can make them outburst in destructive behaviors. If they want to avoid these tantrums, they’ll have to keep their unlimited energy and focus on their ambitions to obtain perfection and work hard as usual.

This couldn’t be too big of a challenge since their ethic and determination to succeed is strong in them. Other people will feel threatened by how much power they’re having.

These people need to have the advantage and to stay focused on their goals. In case others are asking them to act proudly, they should resist this urge.

It’s good these natives are very good at seeing the negativity in any situation, as Pluto is in square with Mars in their birth chart.

They shouldn’t give ultimatums when meeting obstacles because and rather convince their enemies to collaborate with them.

The simple life seems boring to them, not to mention they love having their imagination stirred, this meaning they need dreams and many ideals to motivate them.

These people have an intense need to make their fantasies come true, not to mention they’re perfect at helping others to fulfill their dreams. Having the most creative spirit and being dramatic, they need to express what their imagination is telling them because their dreams are usually realistic.

Mars square Pluto Transit

During the Mars square Pluto transit, the strongest forces between these two planets are working at their best and putting a lot of pressure on people. Feeling more powerful than usual, many are becoming more assertive.

The astral forces are pursuing them to achieve their goals, meaning they can achieve success more rapidly than others. For this reason, life may challenge them more than often. Being real fighters, compromise doesn’t come easy to them.

Their frustrations are building up and they can find the most suitable solutions as this is relieving their physical tension.

Different circumstances are making people more aware of what they’re truly wanting and also of what they cannot tolerate. When feeling depressed to express their strong need to achieve their goals, their internal passion and energy can start expressing themselves through aggressiveness and challenge others, even groups, to act the same.

If they don’t want to be victims, it’s better for them to just struggle for success and be careful about it.

However, they should avoid being ruthless, jealous and fake when making plans. As well, they shouldn’t be too assertive because this is making their loved ones feel under their threat.

This is happening especially to managers and other people with authority. Those in power will have the advantage for as long as Mars is in square with Pluto, this meaning they should avoid starting any fight and dealing with enemies.

Many people are determined and too strong during this period, yet their circumstances and every action they’re taking may seem to test them more than usually. They tend to obsess over everything they’re doing, even to become intolerant if bothered too much.

For as long as this transit is lasting, many individuals are pushed and driven by their compulsions, which they may not understand.

This type of astral projection may bring upon them all of the frustrations they’ve been keeping inside for some time, meaning they can use it to rise and take advantage of the intensity of their anger.

These natives should not dominate others if they want to use the energy of this transit positively, not to mention they can go through power struggles that are making them feel unproductive and more dangerous than usual.

Many people’s enemies are stronger during the Mars square Pluto, so it would be better for them to not be provoked. They may develop an interest to explore the most profound realms when it comes to what their interests are, as well they may discover all of the secrets in their minds.

Their ambitions when it comes to money are high, but most people may be tempted to manipulate and be unfair with their loved ones, to obtain what they want, which is something others can appreciate about them.

When it comes to their physical energy, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more likely to work themselves too much for as long as the Mars square Pluto transit is in place; therefore, they should not work themselves that much because their energy may get consumed.

The more they’re trying to be in control, the less they are. No matter the situation, these people can become sharp-tongued if they’re trying too much to be in control.

This being the goal in their mind, they’ll explore every dark corner, as well as dangerous methods in an attempt to have their inner power struggle calmed down.

By developing all kinds of devious strategies and manipulating others to get what they want in life, they’ll get into trouble from which they’ll hardly escape.

For as long as this period is in place, people shouldn’t obsess over their romantic relationships. They can interpret their anger as to be passion, so the result is that they can end up alone.

The year following the Mars square Pluto transit may be perfect for many to go alone. There may be many radical thoughts they’re having when it comes to self-discovering themselves, so they should spend some time alone if they want to better themselves.

Throughout this transit, many may want to escape their colleagues and as well as their bosses, not to mention they may release the tensions inside their heart, so they can start testing themselves when it comes to dealing with people who are very strong and fantasize about fighting overpower with them.

The idea is the Mars square Pluto transit is making them see threats where these aren’t happening, not to mention they can take things that aren’t meant to be personal in this manner. For this reason, they’re more aggressive than usual, as well as restless to consume their energy.

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