Moon Sextile Venus Natal and Transit: Enjoyable Encounters

  • If the natal chart contains a Moon Venus sextile, then you surely know how to use your charm to impress people.
  • When the Moon sextile Venus transit occurs, love and romance are particularly favored for those who are bold enough to express themselves.
  • In astrology, the Moon generates feminine and domestic energy and governs the expression of our inner world through feelings and emotions.
  • When two planets sextile, it is considered that the potential of both planets will be revealed, with positive results for everyone.
  • In astrology, Venus is the planet of our inner desires, of beauty, love and romance.
  • Celebrities: Jayne Mansfield, Zac Efron, James Dean, Freddie Mercury, Yoko Ono, Diana Ross, David Cameron, Sylvester Stallone, Doris Day, Henri Matisse.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon sextile Venus Natal

Those having the Moon sextile Venus aspect in their birth chart have a need to develop happy relationships. They don’t mind sharing feelings and communicating with their loved ones in order to make themselves feel better.

Their social life is usually busy because they’re always prepared with something nice to say about others and people are inviting them to any social gathering.

While open to discuss any problem, they’re too optimistic to ever have a serious worry. Their feeling that everything will work out is usually accurate, so it’s rare for them to get disturbed in their endeavors by any misunderstanding.

Charming and attractive, they can immediately attract others, which means there’s no need for them to be pushy in order to have things happening their way.

Being sincere and open when talking about their own feelings, natives born during the Moon sextile Venus transit are popular, able to develop strong friendships and a joy for the public eye.

They need their family and friends in order to feel secure, which means isolation and dangerous surroundings can’t bring them any good.

Open and knowing how to have fun, it’s easy for them to attain success from a very young age. It always seems like their wealth and good luck are well deserved because their personality is so great.

Charming, giving, tasteful, positive and always happy, they have a strong and loving connection with children and animals. Their perception about this world is realistic, not to mention they’re very stable as partners, family members or friends.

Possessing a rich imagination, they could be successful artists or interior designers. Any career that requires creativity suits them perfectly and at home, they’re the best at communicating with all the members in their family.

When meeting with their friends, these natives are relaxed and fun, not to mention many will appreciate them for being able to keep their domestic life very happy. These people are extremely talented chefs, also good peacemakers and the best judges of beauty.

They seem to attract monetary opportunities when interacting with as many people as possible.

The women born during the Moon sextile Venus transit are graceful, sweet, domestic and capable of supporting their husbands, no matter what.

The men with the same aspect seem to be very successful in attracting members of the opposite sex, also in politics and sports. No matter their gender, all natives born during this transit are optimistic and enjoyable.

They have an inner understanding of what compromise really means, also of how affection should be expressed and peace instilled. Their feelings are balanced and they’d hate to have someone or something interfering with them.

The Moon sextile Venus aspect in their birth chart makes them able to keep their personal and professional lives working together in harmony. This means their domestic life is usually fun and peaceful.

Many may think of them as passive because they’re capable of understanding a lot, especially when trying to avoid conflicts, which they can resent with all of their hearts.

Their sex-appeal and tolerant attitude will always have these natives attracting new friends and many members of the opposite sex, not to mention they’ll be appreciated for the consideration they’re giving to their loved ones.

More than others, they can appreciate beauty and fine things because the sextile in their birth chart makes them softer, more sensitive to aesthetics, lovely, sensitive, compassionate and exquisite in their tastes. While they can attract many people by their side for being nice, most will appreciate them for knowing what’s truly pleasurable.

The Moon sextile Venus transit is famous for the good it does when it comes to social interactions.

People born during it are serene and pleasant, which means their charm can’t be seen in others.

Having a creative mind and being genuinely worried about their loved ones, they’re often wanted for their peacemaking abilities.

The Moon sextile Venus aspect is feminine, which means men having it in their birth chart enjoy a lot of popularity among women because they’re romantic and kinder than other members of their gender.

The goodness coming from inside their hearts makes them the most enjoyable company. It’s like they’re mirroring the needs of their loved ones and can make any secret desire become a reality.

Moon sextile Venus Transit

The Moon sextile Venus aspect is known to bring about more love and tenderness, which means it’s favorable for intimate relationships and friendliness.

Natives of all signs should host dinner parties and get together with their loved ones during it because they’ll surely have a great time and relax.

Those who are dating will notice they’re more able to charm their prospective partner as a result of their increased popularity and attractiveness. Being more open and honest when sharing their feelings, people will develop strong connections with others for as long as the Moon will be in sextile from Venus.

Love seems to be especially favored by this transit, especially after a phase of the Moon, so it’s very likely for old friends to fall for one another during it.

Business encounters will become more enjoyable and no one will want to argue. It would be a good idea for some to invite their colleagues over for dinner after work.

Everyone will be in the best mood and more affectionate because this is the influence this sextile is having.

Those who notice some of their loved ones are not in such a good mood can do something to change this situation because they’ll most likely succeed. Couples that haven’t talked very much lately can prepare a meal together and open up to each other.

Overindulging in pleasure during this transit is totally okay because the energy it brings will only last for a day or maybe two, which means people can enjoy themselves for a short period of time.

This aspect of the Moon is known as beneficial because minds are clearer and more realistic for as long as it’s happening, not to mention some honest emotions will come to the surface, making any relationship stronger and fruitful.

Natives of all signs should take advantage of what this aspect is bringing and work on themselves and their connections with others until these are getting as close as possible to perfection. Their feelings will be the right ones, not to mention truly pleasant.

More than this, the Moon sextile Venus transit is good for any financial activity, so many business people will wonder how come they’re more successful than usual.

This means many natives should pay attention to what astrologers are saying and do their best at improving their morals, their social connections and even their mental state when the Moon sextile Venus transit is being announced.

They may not get a better chance for the entire year, so they should take advantage of it as much as they can. The dates they’ll go to will be very close to love their love ideals, not to mention they’ll establish stronger and more exciting connections with the person they’re after.

Everything will be about romance this period as natives of all signs will get to feel more attractive, romantic and caring. The most insignificant romantic gestures will be appreciated and the feeling of love will certainly be mutual for most.

This is a good transit for confessing feelings because it’s very likely others will respond in the same affectionate way. Therefore, everyone should speak freely about any romantic intention and emotion.

Those who are in love and haven’t done anything yet should go ahead and ask their sweetheart on a date. They’ll manage to have great discussions with this person, not to mention they’ll find their strength to admit how in love they are with him or her.

Good results are very likely to appear, but only if they’re emotionally sincere and truly looking to be loved.

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