Sun Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit: Pursuing Your Passions

  • When in a natal chart, the Sun Venus conjunction makes one more graceful and charming, helping them get along with everyone.
  • The Sun conjunct Venus transit makes us keener for others’ recognition and even prone to doing silly things for attention.
  • In astrology, the Sun is about creative impulses, vitality, strength of will and soul purpose.
  • The conjunct aspect takes place when two planets travel together in the same zodiac sign, so they work as a team and express their energies in unity.
  • Venus is associated with self-worth, our relationship to possessions, and one-on-one connections.
  • Celebrities: Adrien Brody, Marie Antoinette, Ryan O’Neal, Jayne Mansfield, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Scorsese, Boris Johnson, Robert Downey, Demi Moore, Charlotte Rampling, Joe Biden.
  • Transit dates: 03 June 2020, 26 March 2021, 08 January 2022, 22 October 2022, 13 August 2023, 04 June 2024, 22 March 2025, 06 January 2026, 11 August 2027, 01 June 2028.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun Conjunct Venus Natal

People born during the Sun conjunct Venus transit are creatures of love, balance and good tastes. They possess a lot of affection and love having a busy social life or going out with their friends.

They’re more lovers than fighters, so when dealing with ugly environments, nasty people and threatening situations, they prefer to retreat. Others are very attracted to them because they’re sincerely loving.

Those having the Sun conjunct Venus in their birth chart love shopping because their sense of detail and bargaining skills are very developed. They also know how to handle their money and prefer to live in comfort, if not luxury.

It’s very likely to make themselves noticed through creative pursuits, so many of them will be fashion designers, writers, dancers or all kinds of artists for that matter.

Beautiful not only externally, but as well on the inside, because they’re compassionate and sympathetic, they believe all people should live together in harmony and love each other.

Because they appreciate beauty so much, these natives give a lot of importance to their image and the way their home is being furnished. More than this, they’re careful about what they’re eating and their exercising regimen.

The Sun conjunct Venus is making them more graceful, charming and pleasing. Trying to live a balanced life and to get along well with everyone, they seem to make their loved ones feel very good in their company.

These natives enjoy life and all its pleasures, not to mention they don’t have a single problem when having to show their affection.

The development of the Sun aspect in their birth chart is giving them a need for security, peace and that all the people surrounding them to live in harmony, including themselves.

Being charming and having a magnetism that can’t be seen in others, it’s easy for them to make new friends and to win over their enemies. Their significant other should know how to love and make them feel good, also to be sincere.

Venus is the ruler of all partnerships, including marriage, which means natives having it in conjunction with the Sun in their birth chart are very focused on these aspects of life.

They’re gentle and looking for peace everywhere they’re going, not hesitating to sometimes make compromises when having to. They also have this tendency to sugar coat people when they need to hear some kind words. Other hard aspects in their natal can cause some problems in their life because they’re making them eccentric and over-indulgent.

These natives are relaxed, beautiful, feminine, positive, giving and very warm. In case the conjunction between the Sun and Venus was too close at their birth, they’re big procrastinators, pretentious, self-centered and perhaps exaggeratedly ambitious.

Masculine signs can use this placement in a more efficient way than feminine ones. The Sun conjunct Venus aspect is known to attract good luck and the support of others, so in more evolved spirits, it manifests itself through beauty and balance.

Those born during it are living their life to its fullest and love socializing, not to mention they’re very talented artists.

It would be better for them to have an occupation in which they’re working with women and people that aren’t too competitive. Having very intense emotions, they’re sexual and possessing a highly-developed sense of what love is.

These natives can convince anyone of anything and want to be liked by others, not to mention they’re able to make their loved ones happy with their affection and their romantic ways.

It’s very likely for them to get married later in life and to not have too many children and live freely. In case the mentioned conjunction in their birth chart is afflicted somehow, they may seek a lot into themselves and ignore others when doing it, but they possess enough charm to make things good again after being too selfish.

The Sun conjunct Venus in their birth chart is indicating they’re very loving and eager to enjoy their popularity. According to the sign placements in their birth chart, they’re friendly and true seekers of love.

Those born during the Sun conjunct Venus transit are adaptable and a pleasure to be around, not to mention sensual, which means they may not want to act before getting the approval of others and need a lot of affection from both their friends and lovers.

Furthermore, they possess a very artistic spirit and a developed a sense of aesthetics, meaning they love looking attractive to others. Big romantics, they’re not that good when it comes to the mundane, also too eager to please.

In love with art and beautiful things, they’re talented musicians and could even work as candy and chocolate-makers. When Venus is the one dominating in their birth chart, they’re sweet, friendly and very generous.

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit

During the Sun conjunct Venus transit, people are friendlier than usual, which means they can easily form friendships and start new relationships that can bring only good things into their life.

Because Venus is also the ruler of money, many may attract a lot of financial luck and beautiful people for as long as it’s in conjunction with the Sun. Venus is known as a planet of procrastination and indulgence as well, but when the Sun is in conjunction with it, things can be different.

This aspect is famous for making people want to party more, but they should be careful and not exaggerate having fun for as long as it’s happening. While it’s taking place, people may struggle more to get noticed, no matter what they may be doing.

More than this, they’ll try hard to pursue their passions and pleasures. Capable of great unity and playing the peacemaker role, they can easily determine what should be done to put together the pieces of this puzzle so-called life. Those of them who didn’t find contentment in the past will be able to have more fun.

All the peace and harmony they’ll create during this transit will last for a lifetime, so they should take advantage of this period in which they’re feeling more lovable and are only seeking to be comfortable.

People should leave responsibilities aside and just enjoy some sweet moments by eating some sweets or having fun with their friends. Their piled-up emotions will be expressed for as long as the influence of this aspect will last, making it perfect for cuddles and sweet talks.

Beauty will be more noticeable and creative minds will get to do more amazing things, not to mention they’ll enjoy art more than ever.

This transit that takes place once a month should be taken advantage of to the fullest because many will have more fun than usual. Those with authority will be perceived better and everyone should just get out of their corner and spend some time with friends.

Senses should be pleased and good feelings dealt with because there will be positive influences coming from the Universe into their romantic and social life.

The Sun conjunct Venus transit is known as a beneficial one because it’s putting people in contact with those who can draw their attention and earn their sympathy.

Many will enjoy some graceful emotions during it, which means they may over-indulge in pleasure and seek for happiness in places too far away. However, they’ll feel good living in the moment and staying all the time positive.

The society will be kinder and more sincere with them, so they’ll make many friends, not to mention they’ll gain many benefits from what others are offering them.

This influence is truly splendid, especially when it comes to cultivating feelings and having emotions of a higher nature. Love will be everywhere because natives of all signs are more sociable and can make others come out of their shells.

When it comes to business, meetings will be favored because many will look to share the sweet energies they’re feeling. People will help one another relax and show their creative side more than often because they’d be inspired.

The Sun conjunct Venus transit is good for making changes and dressing up unusually. For as long as everyone is feeling very good and sweet, it won’t be any problem for them to spice up their life.

Therefore, lovers should send flowers and spend their time with the people they love the most because all the small details and pleasures of life will be favored.

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