Moon Trine Mars Natal and Transit: Looking for Attention Everywhere

  • The natal Moon Mars trine suggests you are very confident in your powers and your will becomes even stronger with age.
  • During the Moon trine Mars transit, you are meant to control your impulses if you don’t want to end up in some tricky situations.
  • In astrology, the Moon is responsible with our emotional attachments in life, our desires and domestic life.
  • The trine aspect occurs when the two planets are 120 degrees apart and is usually considered a soft and beneficial astrological placement.
  • In astrology, Mars gives an idea of where we channel our energies, how impulsive or aggressive we are and how much drive to succeed we have.
  • Celebrities: Matt Damon, Jose Maria Carreras, Renée Zellweger, John F Kennedy, Dean Martin, Laurence Olivier, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Justin Bieber, John Lennon, Robin Williams, Luciano Pavarotti, Barbara Walters.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon trine Mars Natal

Those having the Moon trine Mars aspect in their birth chart love to overreact, not to mention it’s easy to make them angry and they’re always releasing the passion inside their heart when having to share what they might be feeling.

As far as love goes, it would be a good idea for them to find a partner who’s also ready to express himself or herself no matter what.

They should pay attention and not become very feisty because this would be the only way for them to enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling domestic life. They may go through many emotional changes as far as their relationships are going, but this won’t make them feel in any way restricted.

These natives should express their feelings each time they’re getting a chance. There are many ways to discuss emotions without being aggressive and erratic. The drama and profound feelings they’re usually having will always have others falling in love with them and their sensuality.

The Moon is the ruler of the public, whereas Mars is also the planet of sex, which means natives born during the trine between these two celestial bodies are very likely to become sex symbols or the most attractive persons at any gathering. The same Moon is also the ruler of women and the symbol of motherhood.

This means those having it in trine with Mars in their birth chart are usually very affected by anything their mother is doing or saying, many of them having problems with the woman who raised them and needing to talk with a therapist when adults.

The same aspect makes them more emotional and likely to develop psychic abilities. These natives seem to have a very rich imagination, also enough energy to take action and to make their dreams come true.

When having to do something, they’re usually investing more than physical efforts because they want their feelings to work constructively. Usually getting along well with everyone, these people know how to be assertive and to use their force without ever being abusive or aggressive.

Having a lot of confidence in both themselves and their surroundings, they’re rarely assuming that others may want to betray them.

When fighting for what’s right, they’re doing it in a fair way that’s making everyone happy. Therefore, they’re not taking sides when their loved ones are arguing with one another.

Their courage, sincerity, assertiveness, positive energy and quickness when having to take action will always be appreciated.

Known to not have problems with their health, those born during the Moon trine Mars transit can also easily recuperate after any disease.

While fighting for justice and equality, they still tend to only do what their heart desires. Their subconscious seems to influence their actions, this being the reason why they’re so intense when it comes to their own emotions, but also in control of what they’re feeling.

These natives have an amazing ability to back their imagination up with actions, so the more they’re doing what goes through their minds, the more inspired they’re starting to become.

They seem to get along especially well with women and possess a powerful psychic energy. When angered, they should just meditate and breathe, after which they can start with a set of difficult gym exercises because this can regulate their energy and make it safe for others to be in their presence.

These people’s nature is telling them to act first and to ask questions afterward. When feeling threatened, they’re becoming too sensitive, making it easy for others to play with their emotions.

As soon as starting to feel the rush of any moment, they need to remain aware of any consequence their hurried actions could have.

Moon trine Mars Transit

During the Moon trine Mars aspect, the anger of all natives in the zodiac is starting to surface, so everyone should pay attention to not hurt others. Any emotional pain will be felt physically as well, especially for those having problems at home.

There’s also the danger for many to take unnecessary risks or to act out of impulse. In spite of this, they shouldn’t hold their anger or frustrations bottled up inside, especially when interacting with women, even if some ladies are making them feel uncomfortable with their own emotions.

The Moon trine Mars aspect is beneficial for those who can control their impulses because they’ll be more passionate during it, and if able to control themselves, they’ll become a force of nature and be capable of working most effectively with their senses, depending on how evolved they are as human beings at that moment.

This trine is known to give people what their mind needs to make their dreams come true, so it’s suggested to be ambitious during it as there’s a good chance for success and prosperity.

Therefore, those who are feeling like taking action while the Moon is in trine with Mars should go ahead and do whatever they want. It’s a good period for attending classes and treating the loved ones right.

More adventurous individuals are very advantaged by this transit because the assertiveness and energy it brings are not making them in any way aggressive or nasty. Many will get the attention of those they’re in love with because they’d be feeling incredible and right on point about anything.

While in the mood for love, they won’t be needy, attaining a perfect balance for interacting with new people. Those who aren’t feeling very positive this period should just go outside and do something.

This will make their energy levels to rise, not to mention how getting together with their loved ones can open their eyes to many things about the people they’re meeting with.

Since this aspect is perfect for interaction, natives of all signs should just take advantage of it and meet with the most important persons in their life.

Furthermore, it’s also a good occasion for traveling and expanding, for making plans and taking care of any personal issue. Many people will have more liberal opinions and feel free to courageously do what their spirit is telling them.

The energies flowing through everyone will bring about a feeling of security, but people will still have to keep their enthusiasm under control.

Using their force to do good is a very good idea for many during this transit, but they must be careful to not act on impulse and to get too excited about everything because Mars’s influence needs to be focused in the right direction for it to bring about many benefits.

A way for people to handle their anger when the Moon is in trine with Mars is to have control over their frustrations. If someone is saying something nasty about them, they shouldn’t just respond in the same way and continue to keep their cool.

Apart from what was mentioned, the Moon trine Mars transit is known to bring about burns, cuts, and injuries in the kitchen for those who are more emotional and unable to control their feelings.

More than this, it is a period for being more courageous, but they shouldn’t hurry to do anything if feeling threatened by others from an emotional point of view.

Instead, this could be a day in which everyone is doing what they want, because they’re in the mood for action, for starting new projects and going on dates, or just for having a little bit of fun. Group activities are suggested, even for those looking to have only one-on-one times with their loved ones.

Many will notice their libido and levels of energy are increased during this transit, so they should do what makes them truly happy.

When it comes to working, natives of all signs must work on the projects they’re feeling the most attracted to because their superiors will really appreciate their efforts.

If free to meet with their friends, they should just do something entertaining and physically demanding like a sport as their competitiveness would be very healthy, not to mention they’d get to feel very good having their body challenged. Working out, hiking, cycling or jogging are highly suggested activities for this period.

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