Sun Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit: Being in Control of Your Destiny

  • With a Sun Uranus conjunction in your natal chart, you are inclined towards helping others, whether with your money or simply with your time.
  • The Sun conjunct Uranus transit prompts people to be more attentive to the consequences of their actions.
  • The Sun plays a vital role in any birth chart, identifying with aspects of one’s personality, hidden character and will to succeed.
  • The conjunct aspect adds a new dimension to the planets involved, which are placed in close proximity, in the same zodiac sign, their energies being blended.
  • The planet Uranus is that of the revolutionaries, reformers and inventors.
  • Celebrities: Catherine Zeta Jones, Cilla Black, Willem Dafoe, Louis Pasteur, Rudy Giuliani, Angela Merkel, Meryl Streep, Omar Sharif, Jerry Lewis.
  • Transit dates: 26 April 2020, 30 April 2021, 05 May 2022, 09 May 2023, 13 May 2024, 17 May 2025, 22 May 2026, 27 May 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun conjunct Uranus Natal

People born during the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect are dealing with rapid changes too often, no matter if in their personal or social life. They’re also rebellious and always looking to go against traditions, any authoritative figure and the norms imposed by society.

These natives seem to possess a mind that’s ahead of its time, becoming rebellious when others are unable to understand them or when looking to make any change in their life. If they had to deal with fate twits as young children, they may have felt anxious and very upset.

For this reason, it’s possible for them to be involved in many accidents when little, to move town and to change their jobs very often when older.

The Sun conjunct Uranus transit in their birth chart is indicating they possess this personal and strong desire to help others in their endeavors.

When very young, even children, they may have had to stand up for themselves and their best qualities, opposing their fathers more often than their siblings, if they had any.

This can cause them to become alienated from their family and friends, making the relationship with their father to seem like it’s working against keeping every part of their personality untouched.

Being more aware of themselves and their image, these natives seem to know where they belong in the Universe. They seem to do everything very naturally, so it’s unlikely for them to be involved in accidents or to be shocked by anything.

In case they need to make any decision and everything agrees with them, it would be better for natives born during the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect to not be aware they’re the ones in charge.

It’s not that they’ll struggle to do the opposite of what’s best for them, they’ll only feel like they lost control over their faith is lost, not to mention they tend to be a little bit harsh when having to decide on important things.

People born during the Sun conjunct Uranus are not known as empathetic and soft, but this doesn’t mean they won’t make considerable efforts for others. They seem to be great reformers, able to understand any outcast member of the society.

They can gain insight by dreaming or meditating, even by simply closing their eyes. Having a strong intuition, they can avoid any danger and become true geniuses in their field of work, which could be anything from science to literature and astrology.

They may experience sudden health problems and have muscle twitches for no organic reason whatsoever.

Those born during the Sun conjunct Uranus transit are original in their way of thinking and the way they’re acting, seeming to exude power and to possess an uncommon genius.

Individualistic and very willful, they can become arrogant or too stubborn when allowed to take things to the extreme. Wanting to be independent, they may encounter problems with their relationships and divorce as soon after they got married.

They possess strong intuition and magnetism that can’t be seen in others, but many are seeing them as too impulsive and soft, others as unusual and unreliable. These people are often head investigators and researchers, especially in the field of natural sciences.

The women born under this transit may be too masculine. Regardless of their gender, they’ll all question traditions and act in the most individualistic manner ever.

True rebels, this doesn’t mean they’re looking to break every rule in any book, they’re just questioning many norms, especially those that aren’t making any sense for them. These natives simply hate routine and can be better at telling others what to do rather than at executing orders.

They’d never put labels on people and can be very hurt when their loved ones are trying to do this to them. While most of the time thinking progressively, they can also be very stubborn.

Wanting excitement, they can accept change for what it is, which means they’re open-minded, but not when it comes to personal matters. Sometimes, they can be too stubborn to do things in no different way than their own, not to mention they’re resentful towards anyone who’s trying to stop them from expressing their will.

Sun conjunct Uranus Transit

During the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect, change is the main word of order. It can happen to natives of all signs in the zodiac, making them want to improve and the society.

People are rebellious when the Sun is in conjunction with Uranus, which means they should expect others to turn their backs on them when they’re going against traditions and society’s norms.

They seem to live in the future, not to mention they can rebel when others don’t understand them or they want to make some changes in their life.

Their fate may get twisted ever since they’re very young and this can cause them a lot of anxiety. The Sun conjunct Uranus transit is giving people a strong individual need to have a mission in life and to help others.

This means their family relationships may have been alienated and that they’re worrying too much and could continue to be unable to get closer to their father.

During the Sun conjunct Uranus transit, people don’t want to oppose others, they just have a feeling they’re the ones in control of their destiny.

This transit is not famous for making anyone empathetic or too soft, but wanting to help others, which indicates they’re most of the time successful reformers and a well-developed interest in outcasts.

During this period, many may feel empathetic when having to deal with other natives, especially those who were oppressed by the Father Saturn.

The more comfortable with their individuality, the more they can outshine others and launch new visionary trends into society, not to mention they have great ideas on how to revolutionize many old concepts, things that can make some of them famous.

Many will become more insightful after having vivid dreams and meditating more in their privacy. They’ll likely receive a lot of information from the Universe for as long as the Sun is in conjunction with Uranus.

Their intuition will be heightened, not to mention they’ll be geniuses at everything they’ll try to do. They could even try the occult sciences if they’d be feeling like it. Their health problems will appear suddenly and be quick, but at least they’ll pass as fast as they’ve started.

They’d be only original in their way of thinking and behavior, also impulsive and stronger than usual, not to mention some people will be seen as geniuses by others.

People are more individualistic and willful during this period, but they shouldn’t be allowed to become extreme because this would only make them more arrogant than usually. They’ll need independence, which can bother their relationship or marriage.

Their intuition and magnetism will obviously make many natives with these qualities more attractive, but also more sensible and exaggeratedly impulsive. In the meantime, others will probably see them as unusual and unreliable. At least most of them would be good at investigating, whether in the scientific or law-enforcement fields.

It’s normal for all natives in the zodiac to question traditions during the Sun conjunct Uranus transit, especially the more individualistic they can be.

Rebellion will be normal to take place during this time as well, but this doesn’t suggest anyone would want to break any tradition or rule, however, they’d question them, especially those they can’t understand.

Many people will be resentful towards routine and function better alone as they’d know what to do without stressing too much. Integrity will be the word of the day, and no one will want to answer to others, only to themselves.

No one will judge and feel offended. While having a progressive mindset, their stubbornness will sometimes bother.

Excitement will come their day and they’ll easily accept change as their mind would be open. When it comes to their personal ambitions, they would be able to stand by their ideas and not want to deal with those who are pushing them towards doing what they don’t want to do.

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