Moon Square Venus Natal and Transit: Staying Out of Trouble

  • Someone with a natal Moon Venus square is quick to take on board any responsibilities that a romantic connection brings with it.
  • When the Moon square Venus transit takes place, we find it really hard to be motivated, even by the actions we like doing.
  • In astrology, the Moon drives our deepest feelings, the fine tuning of our personality and temperament.
  • A square aspect occurs when the two planets are ninety degrees apart and generates a very strong energy, as each governing body fights for its effects to prevail.
  • In astrology, Venus govern romance and hedonistic pleasures, as well as every form of beauty in the world.
  • Celebrities: George H W Bush, John F Kennedy, Princess Diana of Wales, Sam Cooke, Charles Dickens, George Lucas, Greta Garbo, Paul McCartney.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Venus Natal

People who were born during the Moon square Venus transit are most of the time struggling to satisfy their need to be loved and given affection. What they want the most from life is a balanced relationship without any drama. A loyal, supportive and nurturing partner would have them feeling emotionally stable.

These natives are sociable, popular, charismatic and good-looking. They seem to have a good eye for beauty and a wish for simplicity, comfort, and luxury as they want to be surrounded by the finest things.

Those having the Moon square Venus transit in their birth chart measure their life success according to their closest relationships and the amount of devotion they’re receiving from their loved ones.

They can do what seems impossible when looking for their soulmate or if living in an unhappy marriage. In the last case, they can just fill the emptiness in their love life by having many affairs, but still feel unloved.

Most of them likely have a large group of friends and too many admirers, even if very ignorant concerning others’ needs when looking to enjoy pleasure.

They need that euphoria to arrive as soon as the endorphins are starting to kick in. It’s normal for them to not care about anything and to be greedy, even uninterested in how much they’re wasting.

The Moon square Venus aspect in their birth chart indicates they’re attracted to developing very close emotional connections and enjoy the responsibilities these are bringing. They may have been raised in a certain way and went through some things that convinced them they should never admit anything regarding their feelings.

The square aspect between the Moon and Venus in their natal chart doesn’t make them resent companionship. On the contrary, they tend to get together with people, but with those who aren’t in any way compatible with them.

It would be better for them to keep their independence for a while, at least until they’ve started to understand all people have their different motives of which they’re always very aware.

Before they’re blindly committing to someone, these natives need to understand a thing or two about what some emotions are transmitting.

They tend to live in an illusory world, which can affect their social life, especially when they’re misunderstanding the degree of sincerity in others’ words and actions. They may miss seeing real motivations and misjudge many of their friends.

This also because they don’t know themselves that much either, so before trying to understand others, they should just have a look at their actions and reactions. This would be very helpful for them to avoid faulty relationships.

Analyzing what type of people are coming their way and the relationships developed with these individuals, they can get to expose some of their hidden behaviors and desires, becoming more knowledgeable regarding what their unconscious is asking of them when it comes to the interactions with others.

Since they’re refusing to admit their deepest feelings, it’s only normal for them to also have hidden fears. For example, they can be terrified of losing their freedom, of how others can influence their emotions or how love requires them to go through many transformations.

As soon as someone is starting to demand things of them and to impose his or her own will, they begin to rebel and to act completely different from what the other is expecting of them.

Their insecurities and worst fears may have them behaving in a contradictory way and after can generate conflicts in relationships that would have progressed nicely for them otherwise.

While sometimes having good reasons for feeling this way, this is also how they’re reacting to fears hidden deep inside their mind or some personal issues they haven’t got a chance to fix.

This reaction of theirs is most of the time negative and the cause for many heartbreaks, not to mention it makes them more bitter and sarcastic when thinking of any intimate connection.

The Moon square Venus transit in their birth chart is also known to make these natives more self-indulgent and sensual.

They’re more emotional and sensitive than others, which means they need to be with someone very romantic. While not very good at expressing their emotions, their marriage may be troublesome.

More than this, it’s very likely for them to encounter many financial and domestic problems because they seem to never care about how much they’re spending.

People born during the Moon square Venus transit are usually giving their affection to just about anyone and can trust their partner too much, which means many will take advantage of them.

They may have problems getting married and have their wedding delayed, most likely because their parents have objected to what partner they’ve chosen.

Emotionally stressed when very little and some of them having an unhappy bond with their mother, they tend to be moody, erratic, over-indulgent and irresponsible when adults.

While popular, they can be rude to hide the fact that they’re very shy. Not possessing a very sound judgment, they also tend to offer more love than they’re receiving and to pay for their partner’s karmic debts.

Because they’re prone to suffer from the inferiority complex, many of them want to all the time be in the center of attention.

The women born during the Moon square Venus aspect are more fragile when it comes to their health and very likely to get a divorce.

Moon square Venus Transit

During the Moon square Venus aspect, people can be more easily pleased than usually if loved and being given affection. They may get to feel friendlier, truly romantic, sexy and more sensitive than other times.

However, they can also have many changing moods, be more self-indulgent and uncaring. In case their love life is in trouble, they may feel very sad and lonelier than ever.

This transit is known to make everyone think motivation is hard to find and that going to work is one of the most difficult things they have to do. They would feel much better having fun and meeting with their friends.

One of the good relationships in their life may cause them to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but they can easily solve this issue by investing some extra effort in pleasing their partner and making some compromises for the sake of harmony.

Those relationships that aren’t usually making them happy would end up suffering from dishonesty and lacking respect.

It would be a good idea for natives of all signs to not seek intimacy with strangers during this transit as their standards would be low and they’d be careless than usual. On the bright side, this period is known to bring about stronger connections with the past, so it’s favorable for reviving old friendships.

More than this, it elevates artistic abilities, so many are suggested to do something creative or just enjoy art in museums and galleries.

As far as its influence on relationships goes, these may be stormy for the period of this aspect because everyone is moody and not serious.

However, the next day, things are usually back to normal. It can be challenging to start new love stories while the Moon is in a square with Venus, but not at all impossible. However, for this to happen, many tests regarding devotion, love, and respect would have to be taken and passed.

This transit can’t really be called favorable because it’s known to bring about a lot of trouble for the emotions of all natives, putting disappointment in their way or causing them to argue with their loved ones. During it, many may feel like there’s something wrong about their commitments, not to mention they’d have many problems with their domestic life.

Furthermore, this placement of the Moon and Venus is famous for bringing about financial problems.

It’s not beneficial for socializing either, especially since people would fret in the presence of others or whenever facing adversity. If they’d allow anything personal to upset them, they’d become even more sensitive and easy to hurt.

Everyone must be very careful when dealing with the opposite sex while the Moon is in a square with Venus, and they also shouldn’t get attached to people who are very far from their ideals.

In case they didn’t receive all the love they deserved in one of their past relationships, they may think the romance they’ve just started is going to be just the same, but only during this transit.

Furthermore, at the same period, many may think they’ll never find love. Others will become more needy and possessive, which will not be at all to the liking of their other half.

It’s suggested for natives of all signs to allow a few days to pass before and after this aspect, especially if they want to regain their confidence and to hope again.

They wouldn’t solve anything if they’d cling to their partner or force themselves to date as these actions would only have them pushing away their lover and becoming repulsive.

For this reason, the Moon square Venus transit is good for staying at home and being creative.

It’s a good period for souls to be nourished and for allowing the Universe to take charge. Love would still be out there and reappear after the transit is gone, so there’s no need for anyone to lose hope.

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