Sun Sextile Moon Natal and Transit: Developing Strong Bonds

  • With a Sun Moon sextile in your natal chart, you can confidently charm many people and should work in collaboration with others.
  • When the Sun sextile Moon transit takes place, there are greater chances for strong romantic bonds to be built on mutual love and respect.
  • The Sun energizes the entire zodiac chart, its energy being a rather forceful and creative one.
  • The sextile aspect is an astrological placement that emanates happy vibes and promotes a general state of fulfilment and cheer in one’s life.
  • In astrology, the Moon is responsible with how we manifest our emotions, how we control our mood swings and how domestic and nurturing we are.
  • Celebrities: Britney Spears, J Edgar Hoover, Lewis Carroll, Angelina Jolie, Venus Williams, Galileo Galilei, Indira Gandhi, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Kennedy.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun Sextile Moon Natal

People with the Sun Sextile Moon in their birth chart are fun, charming, friendly, attractive and popular because they can express themselves in an easy way. Their creative mind gives them an enthusiasm and a spark no one else seems to have.

This planetary aspect at their birth is famous for bringing them more energy and determination, also a lust for life and success.

These natives possess strong intuition and many of them are known for their impressive psychic abilities. Furthermore, the same sextile indicates they’re going to succeed in life and not have too many regrets.

They’ll learn every lesson from their own experiences and not become depressed when dealing with failure. Positive about their own future, they won’t give up without a fight, especially if their parents have taught them to be this way.

Their emotions and determination will work hand in hand with each other, helping them to be balanced and moderate. Not at all confused by any of the messages they received as children, they’ll know their purpose in life as adults and be more balanced than others.

Lots of the natives born during the Sun Sextile Moon aspect are popular because they know how to balance their relationships and to be at peace with others.

They want to interact with as many people as possible and can charm anyone to really like them. Because they inspire a sense of stability and are confident, others will come to them for advice and for a talk. They’ll be relaxed and in a good disposition each time when meeting their friends.

These natives will have many doors opening in their life, so it’s suggested for them to take advantage of any new opportunity coming their way.

Every step they’ll take in order to make their lives better will bring them more and more success. Being calm and balanced, they’ll immediately make new friends and have harmonious relationships with others.

Because they’re very good at collaborating and can get along very well with many, it’s easy for them to achieve success when working in teams. Their down-to-earth attitude and steady nature will have all of their collaborators appreciating them.

The balanced mind and strong sense of justice they’re possessing from the Sun Sextile Moon aspect are suggesting they’ve most likely have had a very happy childhood.

If featuring some bad aspects between other planets in their chart, this sextile will come to make things even and to help them succeed in spite of the hostile planetary placements present at their birth.

If their Moon and Sun happen to be in a very good aspect, they may be terrified of conflict and avoid arguments as much as possible.

It’s very likely they’ll need reassurance that they’re being loved in order for them to feel at peace and for things between them and their loved ones to remain balanced.

Having the tendency to accept too much coming from others, they should receive encouragement to question some things and to not take life for granted. Their levels of energy are usually high and not alternating.

They’re not necessarily looking to get things done with hardship if some other aspects in their chart are not making them be like this, but they can endure many difficulties, regardless of how their birth chart is looking like.

Furthermore, they’re less prone to have ups and downs in life, as it happens with those with difficult aspects between the Moon and the Sun.

Even if focused on many different objectives and goals, their emotional needs will continue to be balanced. However, they can be too tolerant when it comes to the flaws of others and when being crossed.

Willful, these natives are expecting to obtain what they want in life because their desires are never in conflict with each other or with the circumstances at any given moment.

It’s very likely for their partner to complain about the fact that they’re complacent, but the easygoing attitude they’re adopting is, in fact, working to their advantage.

Sun Sextile Moon Transit

During the Sun Sextile Moon transit, people are more balanced and happier with the way their life is going. If some of their loved ones happen to be upset and agitated, they won’t accept to deal with any drama or to act in the same way.

This aspect is favorable for assessing personal relationships and solving some of the problems with others because all natives are more able to see things from more than one perspective and in a fair way during it.

This period is very good for developing strong bonds based on mutual love and respect. Many will get along very well with younger people, not to mention they’ll be more sincere, considerate, attentive and tolerant.

They’ll make sure every lesson in their life has been learned and that they’re not repeating some of their past mistakes.

They may need to become more practical and focused on taking action, especially those of them who are more relaxed because this period is very beneficial for achieving great things through hard work.

Some may not be at all willing to take on challenges and the chances meant to make them develop more, which means they’ll fail when it comes to unlocking their real potential.

The Sun Sextile Moon transit is very good for people to discover their natural talents, so it’s suggested for many to take advantage of any opportunity meant to make them evolve.

Their creativity and feelings should be focused on achieving success and creating good circumstances for themselves.

The Sun Sextile Moon aspect is also very good for combining matters of professional and personal nature. Business people may notice their associates are warmer than usual, so friendships at work may get to develop more during this transit.

Others will get the chance to do what they love the most in life and to feel very good about their career. Their goals will be balanced and working perfectly with the actions they’re taking.

Natives of all signs will be more at peace with themselves and get along very well with members of the opposite sex.

Those of them who are keeping a cool mask will, in fact, become happier to socialize with others. They’ll want for their connections to be emotional and profound. The more they’ll interact with friends and business partners, the more fulfilled they’ll get to feel.

All people will have enough confidence and many resources to start new projects, to make friends and to work in teams. Their courage will be taken as an example by those trying to achieve some goals of their own.

The same Sun Sextile Moon transit is good for intimacy and sharing feelings with the partner, as a matter of fact, for social contacts of any kind because all natives are more balanced as far as their instincts, emotions and habits are going.

They’ll not have a single inner conflict and only focus on what they need to get done. Feeling confident and being more optimistic than usual, they may discover that many doors are open for their life to become more successful.

Others will want to give them a hand, not to mention luck will follow them everywhere, especially if they’ll start a new project during this period of time.

Their childhood memories and relationships with their parents will be remembered in a positive manner, which means negativity will have no place in their life while this sextile is happening.

They’ll do their best to have only balanced connections with their loved ones, no matter if these people are their parents, drinking buddies or their children and wife.

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