Venus Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Exploring Your Social Side

  • The natal sextile between Venus and Neptune is suggestive of a romantic person, someone with a gentle and affectionate demeanor.
  • Be mindful of the Venus sextile Neptune transit because, although this is a great time for exploring your creativity, you are a little too idealistic for your own good.
  • The planet Venus’ position in a chart reveals one’s divine feminine energy and their eye for beauty.
  • The sextile astrological placement points towards areas of talent and expertise, and can offer clues as to where in life opportunities could arise for an individual.
  • Neptune is the planet that influences our subconscious mind, our dreams and fantasies, our imagination and connections to spirituality.
  • Celebrities: Joan Crawford, Justin Bieber, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, King Louis XVI of France, Amal Clooney, Jeremy Irons.
  • Transit dates: 22 March 2020, 23 January 2021, 02 May 2021, 30 November 2021, 05 January 2022, 24 February 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus sextile Neptune Natal

With the Venus sextile Neptune aspect in the natal chart, people are drawn towards those with a clairvoyant, supernatural as well as refined nature and look for a perfect romantic relationship.

Their sympathy and comprehension draw in individuals who look to help and bolster them. These people are smooth, inventive, sentimental, delicate, profound and kind to other people, regardless of whether disillusioned.

They have a sharp, masterful creative ability, particularly in music or any kind of profoundly up-lifting craftsmanship.

These people have their faith and aspirations strongly influenced by their religious beliefs. They frequently depend too intensely on the benevolence and help of others- – these individuals should change their languid frame of mind.

Their solid intuition causes them to be the perfect fixer-uppers. They are magnificent in the administration field; however, they don’t enjoy hard work, especially not combined with routine.

Romantic and passionate endeavors are of utter importance to people that have Venus sextile Neptune in their birth chart.

The perfect candidate for them would be someone to equal their passion, kind and gentle nature as well as their good looks. Connecting on an emotional and intellectual level is as important as physical chemistry.

Such individuals have an affinity for art, be it music or visual art. To this avail, they also hold beauty in high esteem. They appreciate the aesthetic in life, and as such will go to great lengths to bring their idea of beauty into the world.

This is shown in the way they carry themselves, the way they care for themselves and their house as well as its aspect.

These people will often be seen dressed with a taste that is highly above average in fashion and their homes will always be neat and beautifully decorated. All of these are a must for these people to enjoy life and feel good in their skin.

These people are emotionally highly sensitive and shy away from anything that smells of chaos or trouble. As such, their compassionate and loving heart is well suited for large scale endeavours meant to help those in need.

Their heart goes to the people and they detest it when misfortune befalls others. A tool for this purpose, provided to them by their intellectual and emotional affinity would be their insightful minds.

Their almost supernatural clairvoyance will greatly aid them in their activities. Their balanced and prosperous nature will surely grant them equilibrium and tranquility in life.

Venus sextile Neptune Transit

This transit is more than perfect for dating as your expanded attractive appeal will most likely draw in a delicate and mindful individual, who might, in fact, be your chosen one, to spend the fairy tale love life with.

This is also an adequate period for looking for garments, beautifying products, and adornments both for yourself and your home or anything that would add extravagance to your world. Your originality likewise makes this a perfect time to explore your artistic side.

Seeing as how Neptune is a planet governing pictures, movies and mostly anything visual, this period is adequate for indulging in your artistic side. Who knows, maybe a great movie might come out of this and you’ll make it big in Hollywood.

On the off chance that you are experiencing a lack of confidence, flaunting alone in the mirror might be good exercise and practice for gaining it.

Towards this end, you can also explore your social side and go out with friends more often, watching a movie at the cinema, and overall doing anything outside of the grasp of solitude is well advised.

After all, how can you express your sensitive, loving nature to the world if you’re going to lock yourself up in your room due to insecurities. It’s high time to start working towards your goal to aid others.

This period is also perfect for adding to your religious experiences and expanding your spirituality which will in turn further develop your amazing insight.

Your joy comes from the people around you. As such, understanding others, experiencing care and compassion for them and spending time with them will be beneficial to you.

It will help you grow as a person and expand your horizons. You feel best when you develop your imaginative nature and use it for the greater good and so engaging in humanitarian or religious activities will do you most good.

This period is perfect to further deepen your connection with your inner self and your emotions. Feelings you might have for others will feel amplified and more meaningful.

This, tied with your insight will aid you in better understanding those around you as well as creating and solidifying relationships, especially the ones more romantically inclined and so you might even find your soul mate.

Matters of the mind will also be paramount. By this, you should understand that your imagination and overall frame of mind will be highly important and as such, you should look into sharpening them as much as possible.

This will bring your clairvoyance to a whole different level which will amplify your understanding and comprehension of the world.

You’ll be able to uncover things that others can’t even dream up with their imagination, let alone see them or understand them. Whether this is from a psychological or supernatural perspective is solely dependent on you.

Because of the abundance of creativity and the need to use it, you might find it more than difficult to concentrate on matters of seriousness like work.

Anything that has nothing to do with expressing yourself in beneficial and inventive ways is a no go for you during this period.

Your emotional sensitivity makes things go even better in this department seeing as how your imagination works best when you’re in tune with yourself and the world.

This also means that getting along with the ones around you will have a more colourful impact both and yourself and on them. It’s the perfect time span for lending a listening ear and a lending hand for those in need.

Who knows, you might even create new bonds or deepen already existing relationships in the process. In the same way, others might come to your aid as well, inspired by your thoughtful and caring personality, they themselves might help others well.

Seeing as how emphasized your social aptitude is, you might want to try advertising your goals and projects to those that can make them happen or aid you.

Any business or financial endeavour is bound to become fruitful during this period, so make sure to take advantage of the situation as much as possible but at the same time remember to stay truthful in the methods you use to convince others.

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