Taurus in 4th House: Caring for Loved Ones


While other signs might be rather practical as far as home goes, the Taurus is more interested in the beauty of surroundings, luxury, and comfort. For the last-mentioned sign, the place of domicile is for recharging, feeling safe and being free from stress.

Taurus on the Fourth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Talkative, autonomous and courageous;
  • Negatives: Jealous and deceitful;
  • Advice: Try to avoid forcing your own desires and likes on those around you;
  • Celebrities: Cheryl Cole, Carrie Fisher, José Mourinho, Dakota Johnson, John Legend.

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Caring for their loved ones

People born with Taurus in the 4th House can collect personal and beautiful things, so their home can have many items that are making them happy. While this is a wonderful thing, they need to give less importance to the materialistic side of life, even if the items they have are evoking many memories and can be of great value.

These people have a desire for luxury, so they’re investing a lot in their home, making it look as nice as possible. They love their family in a motherly manner, so they’re doing everything in their power to make sure they’re good.

This is why they need a home where to rest and their body to feel like it’s getting what it needs. When it comes to living their life, these people are stable and not open to making changes. Therefore, things are usually just happening to them. Their conduct can depend a lot on what’s happening in their surroundings.

When it comes to the foundation of their private life, this is about their ways of providing for their loved ones and the place they call home. It’s also about how their place of residence is providing back for them.

Most of the time, natives born with Taurus in 4th House are looking to offer their loved ones a stable and secure environment. They can feel at home when surrounded by safety and feeling secure.

More than this, they may want to keep around the things that remind them of their childhood. Some of them can even resist the desire to make any change in their home environment, just because they don’t want anything to be different.

When it comes to karma and reincarnation, the 4th House is all about the influence natives have on others. The aura of each person represents the home from a personal point of view.

Those who deal with the metaphysical world know the aura has can affect them in great ways, from what their thoughts, to their actions and what’s supposed to influence their energy field.

Habits are very important for them

A 4th House Taurus individual can be of great help for those who don’t have a purpose in life because this sign is giving them their magnetism, aggressive behavior and a type of open personality that can be very helpful when it comes to helping others.

Relying on what’s happening in the present is something serious, so natives born with Taurus in 4th House understand this because they’re practical and pragmatic.

When not having enough resources, they can feel uncomfortable because security and reliability are very important to them. When traveling to their either real or spiritual home, they want to feel comfortable and to relax.

They feel the safest where they can just be free of stress. When all alone, they can be very lazy and indulge, but this is just the way they’re expressing their need for pleasure.

Their most private life is all about sensuality and pleasure, so they’re big gourmands who want to possess many things. When someone is interrupting them from obtaining what they want, they can become very angry and unsettled.

Their habits are the most important to them, together with their family. Ever since childhood, these natives have always been ready for something steady and secure.

Their relatives know them to be dependable, patient and always ready to make an effort. Besides, they also know them to be stubborn, but this is how they’re showing that anyone can rely on them.

Individuals born with Taurus in the Fourth House are aware of what they love and give value to. They need to honor what they enjoy the most and stick to everything they believe in.

People born with Taurus in Fourth House can help others find their direction and purpose in life. They possess amazing magnetism and are a little bit aggressive when trying to help others. Their negative trait is that they’re so forceful when trying to give a hand that they’re forcing their loved ones to follow a certain direction and to do what they say.

For this reason, they need to understand their ways shouldn’t be forced upon others and that they’re not the only ones who know the truth. Another thing they need to watch is their temper because this can be accentuated, not to mention it can create unbalanced reactions from their immediate surroundings.

Since Venus is the planet ruling over Taurus, natives with this sign in the Fourth House need harmony in everything they’re doing, all alone or together with others. Venus can bring harmony anywhere where there isn’t. This is one of the best influences the sign of Taurus in the 4th House has.

What they’re standing up in life for

The lesson people with this placement need to learn is about how they can have peace of mind and live in a harmonious environment.

Their parents and close relatives should protect them from their enemies and what’s threatening them in the visible world. If there is for their beliefs to materialize and for them to hold on tightly to what they have, they need to overcome difficulties and to be aware of everything.

When it comes to where they’re standing in life, they can change according to the realities. This means they need to consider all the circumstances that are bringing some reforms into their life and focus on what’s happening in their outside world.

A 4th House Taurus individual loves taking care of his or her home and having a domestic routine. Their parents have most likely influenced natives with this placement in a great way and they’re living on their old folks’ teachings when adults too.

These people love their surroundings and are always looking to provide their relatives with what they need. They love saving money and having many possessions, this being the reason why many of them are big collectors.

Most of them have been cared for by their parents more than others. While they may have been brought up in a strict environment, they still feel comfortable and satisfied with what they’ve been offered at home.

If Venus or the Moon are in challenging positions in their birth chart, they can feel like there are some emotional debts they need to pay, also that they’re guilty of something, as well incompetent.

Most of the time, Taurus in 4th House is a warm placement that’s making people see the beauty of the world, also one that provides people everything they need to be practical and to obtain materials gains.

People born with Taurus in 4th House admire elegance in their surroundings, so they’re spending almost all of their money on decorating. They love art and good music, not to mention their home is the place where they can be motherly and good providers for their family.

The Taurus in their 4th House is indicating they should be aware of the influence they’re having over others and even life as it is. To be put differently, the Taurus in their birth chart is expressing itself prominently, no matter if positively or negatively.

Therefore, natives born with Taurus in the 4th House need to be careful about how they’re expressing their consciousness because their influence can have a great impact on others.

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