Cancer in 6th House: A Nurturing Personality


Those having Cancer in their 6th House tend to emotionally attach themselves to their work. Besides, they tend to be more worried about their profession than about their personal life. Many of them are likely involved with charity work.

In case they’re not happy with the environment at their workplace, they can become mentally and even physically sick. Because they can understand what their employees want, they’re great supervisors.

Cancer on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Vivacious, resourceful and loving;
  • Negatives: Disorganized and controlling;
  • Advice: Don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you and alter your decision making;
  • Celebrities: Abraham Lincoln, Ian Somerhalder, Janis Joplin, Shia LaBeouf, Jane Fonda.

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Ideal in times of need

People born with Cancer in the Sixth House are good at helping others but can become rather emotional at their workplace. As said before, they may care more about this than of anything else. In case they don’t have a stable job, their physical health can be greatly impacted.

The women with this placement in their birth chart should pay attention to their stomach and breasts. All these natives care a lot about their colleagues and aren’t domineering as bosses. Many of them are working from home, where they can make money with their family and partner.

Their moods can greatly influence their days, not to mention they can become too emotional with their routines, just because they’re looking to have comfort by having a steady life.

In other words, when things aren’t going their way, these natives can become upset. Stress can truly impact them, so they need to keep being happy about the smallest things in life.

These natives love routine, so they could do the same thing every day, for years. Because they have a motherly nature and they care, their ideal job is one in which they’re helping others. Those of them who have a scientific mind can choose to become doctors, whereas those more sociable may decide to be teachers.

This is because they’re sensitive when it comes to children, as well as animals. These people don’t mind dealing with the routine of raising children and pets, but they can become upset when others aren’t taking them seriously for what they are doing.

Because they easily stress, they can immediately get sick, even if not for too long. When in bed with a disease, their mind may want to transmit they aren’t feeling well from an emotional point of view. If having a cold, they should do their best to tend to themselves.

More than this, Sixth House Cancers are true nurturers. They can immediately play the doctor because they can comfort anyone who feels down. These natives tend to gather around where there’s a lot of activity, so they can be very involved with what’s happening in their community.

When it comes to their everyday activities, they can be nostalgic about some long-gone times. They may want to get their youth back by having an exercise routine and eating healthy. As far as what they’re doing in their everyday life, they can still remember what they used to do in their childhood.

Everything in their daily routine can be as it used to be when they were young or the way their role models used to act.

Conscientious and focused

These natives are doing this because they’re feeling relaxed and more comfortable with patterns they already know about. They love being part of the collective, so they may not want to work alone.

At work, their colleagues are being seen as members of their family. They can’t tolerate tensions at their job. When working in teams, most of the time feel like they own the group they’re a part of.

Cancer is the sign with the strongest emotions in the zodiac. People with it in the 6th House tend to have emotions instead of physical experiences, no matter if it’s about a headache or a pain in their back.

If they aren’t feeling fulfilled with their work, they can become emotionally disturbed, which can as well cause them physical pain and even to get sick. For this reason, they should pay a lot of attention to how they’re spending their time.

More than this, it’s important for them to have people they can share their feelings when it comes to work because they can’t just bottle things up. When doing their duty in their conscientious manner, they can feel like everything is stable, just as they want it to, as sudden changes can have them too agitated.

Their health can be affected by their changes in moods, this being the reason why they complain about stomach pains. As far as the attitude people born with Cancer in 6th House have towards their instruments of work, this can be strange.

These natives can take a long time getting used to their instruments of work, but as soon as accepting these as being their parts, they can no longer give up on what they have anymore. They should dedicate themselves completely to their work because this is important for them and they need to do their duty.

When not able to cope with life, natives born with Cancer in Sixth House can still defeat, even if this can make them feel inferior from a professional point of view. If disillusioned about their forces, these Cancers can end up being indifferent to the efforts of others, losing their purpose in life and ending up being dishonest.

At least success at work can influence them to have a high emotional state. The 6th House is all about the public, whereas the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and the same public, as well.

When Cancer is in the Sixth House in some charts, it’s making people want to service others and to make the world a better place. People with this placement are as amazing as nurses.

However, they need to learn what objectivity means and to stay away from their partner’s problems or health issues. They can do this by being more compassionate and tolerant, until realizing every experience is meant to make them more knowledgeable.

Being in tune with their bodies

The 6th House is directly opposing the 12th one or compassion, meaning a 6th House Cancer individual can find his or her balance with the help of the Twelfth House.

These individuals should be compassionate and not emotional when servicing others. There wouldn’t be any point for them to be discriminating. As far as their health goes, they understand the messages their body us sending and can be very suspicious about them.

Feeling good when equilibrated, their most important organs need to be kept healthy. When feeling good, they perceive the world surrounding them more optimistically. They shouldn’t allow their feelings to become too much because this can turn them into negative characters.

In case these natives want their body to no longer destroy itself, they need to work more on themselves and to resists negativity. Some of them can spend too much time focusing on a career, which can make them unhappy. If they want to love their job, they need to get emotionally involved.

The person born with Cancer in the 6th House doesn’t mind having subordinate roles, but she or she has very high hopes to become rich, even if not expressing their wishes very often.

These people are amazing doctors and dietitians. They should pay a lot of attention to their digestion. When it comes to their generosity, they simply love giving to those in need.

Cancer in Sixth House is linking strong emotions with the foundation of the House of health and work. More than this, it represents what happens in the unconscious and leads to practical solutions to problems.

It can offer a connection between what people are reasoning and practicality, making them want families and to follow routine. Natives with this placement see what they have to do around the house as their responsibilities, but can’t necessarily enjoy these tasks.

As soon as happy with domestic life, they can discover great qualities in themselves and have a healthy life at home. This is the only way for them to feel good about themselves and their families.

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