Leo in 7th House: A Karmic Responsibility


Individuals born with Leo in 7th House have leadership abilities that shine bright even in their relationships. When it comes to marriage, they’re as organized and good at managing their time, just like they are in their profession.

These people don’t have a problem accepting themselves because they’re simply okay with who they are. However, they may struggle when having to balance their behavior with the one of those in their surroundings.

Leo on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Adventurous, persistent and curious;
  • Negatives: Withdrawn and deceitful;
  • Advice: Be generous with your time and share with those who need a helping hand;
  • Celebrities: Abraham Lincoln, Janis Lyn Joplin, Shia LaBeouf, Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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A karmic responsibility

Leo in the Seventh house people like being around those who have a big personality, but when around individuals who are quiet and more reserved, they’re a true force of nature. This is why, when they’re in a group of this kind, they should use all of their energy to offer their support to others.

Seventh House Leos want a strong partner who’s allowing them to be the stars. They tend to go for lovers who like them for who they are both inside and outside. It’s very likely for them to be in control of their relationships because they’re responsible. These natives are great intellectuals who are looking to gain more knowledge in life.

Also independent, they can’t be suppressed. On the other hand, they keep their romances alive and strong, even when wanting to be freer than ever. A 7th House Leo individual wants to come up with new laws and to put conditions.

Natives with this placement can, on their own, give people in their group different roles. However, they don’t mind giving a hand when they have to. It can be difficult for some of them to enlighten others, especially if they have a partner who’s very strong and doesn’t agree with what they are doing.

Therefore, they need to share their life with equals and to leave some room for them and their other half to shine together.

The 7th House is the one of partnership, but the Leo sign can influence people to not admit others have rights as well, including in partnerships. This is because Leo is domineering.

When it comes to being married, natives born with Leo in the Seventh House want to rule, to make all kinds of decisions and to plan. It can take them a while before they’re considering their loved ones’ opinions.

This specific placement for the Leo is giving people ways to express themselves metaphysically. Those who have it can be one with the Universe and know how to integrate the Cosmos into their life.

They’re also humble and at the same time proud, which are also traits of the Leo. It can be said they’re proud because they know each small detail is contributing to the Universe and abides is laws.

Keeping up with those around

The person born with Leo in the 7th House needs to see him or herself as part of life on Earth. By direct reaction with the 1st House, they can identify themselves in the microcosmic environment, by reflecting the macrocosm. This means the macrocosm is reflected in them, and the other way around.

The Seventh House is giving people with Leo here the opportunity to prove they’re amazing leaders and that they’re good at having good partnerships.

Since Libra is the natural occupier of the 7th House, they may have problems expressing their individuality because the specific Leo ego could be suppressed by the mind of the collective.

Natives born with Leo in the 7th House may get married to domineering people, even if they prefer equality and mutual respect. In their romantic relationship, they may struggle to have control as well. It’s not unlikely for them to often have conflicts with their lover.

They usually marry for love, but many of them decide to choose their partner according to his or her position in society or wealth. They have knowledge about what mutual understanding is and are loyal, so their marriage is usually a happy one.

More than this, they prefer to be rather intellectual and to let their spouse take care of the practical matters. These natives usually attract business and romantic partners who have power and a good life because they don’t mind being dominated.

At the same time, they want their freedom, so they’re not allowing to become suppressed. Their connection with their other half is usually full of love and they’re allowing their partner to work.

These natives often don’t know how confident and interesting they can be. They love surrounding themselves with people who have a great personality and believe in themselves.

At the same time, they can become egotistical and look too much for the affection of their loved ones, just because they’re self-absorbed. If they’d take a look within themselves, they would notice how easy it can be for them to enter partnerships while still having the sense of Self and being confident.

Individuals born with Leo in the Seventh House have a powerful influence through their personality, so their connections with others are usually dominated by them.

More than this, they’re feeling secure when they have an influence, as well entertained. They want all of their connections with others to be fun. However, when this is not happening, they can be very dramatic and turn everything into theater.

When heartbroken, their ego gets hurt and they’re becoming angry. Every disappointment in their life is making them stronger and better people when it comes to their dealings with others. Therefore, any breakup can boost their confidence.

When spouses, these natives are very in love and wanting to have their place in life, next to their partner.

A lover of romance and passion

As far as enemies go, they can get angry about them, but at least they can detach themselves enough to introspect and to gather the forces they need to be more decisive and open.

Usually, their opponents are noble and direct, but they seem to them strong and terrifying, as well as insisting. The main idea for them is to keep their enthusiasm and to be connected to their force.

Besides, they need to find all of their hidden energy and to use it against those who are attacking them.

In romantic relationships, 7th House Leos can be quite domineering, even to the point of being condescending, as they’re using all of their power and confidence to protect their loved ones.

They need to believe in themselves when it comes to personal matters and of life since they can be vulnerable and even depressive when things aren’t going the way they want them to. Those of them who have a more developed character are full of energy and the most reliable spouses. In marriage, they tend to take all the weight on their shoulders.

They expect their partner to be loyal and obedient, so it can be difficult for them to make compromises at home. Because they want someone strong into their life, many problems can appear in their life, as well because they’re not ready to make any concession.

Natives born with Leo in the Seventh House should have a partner with a big heart and who thinks logically. They need someone to offer them true love and to be approving. Loving romantic evenings, the ladies with this position in their birth chart majestically carry themselves and are intelligent.

Their relationships are all about identifying where the middle ground is and how to agree with others instead of making useless compromises that are extreme and against what others may want. The challenge of the sign Leo is to be one with the rest of the people.

Because this is great interacting with the Ascendant in the sign of Aquarius, the person born with Leo in 7th House needs to be innovative, unusual and different.

Natives with this placement need partners who believe in themselves and don’t take anything personally because this way, they can discover how to function in tandem with those who don’t seem to have too much logic and are rather stubborn.

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